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7 Benefits of Salted Fish for Pregnant and Fetus Women

Salted fish or ordinary Javanese people call it grind, balur and anchovies turned out to have many benefits. Sometimes people use this salted fish for side dishes or sometimes also use it as a super delicious chili sauce. Because it tastes delicious a lot of people who initially did not like the type of fish when eating salted fish is like. Because indeed the image of taste given by this salted fish is truly extraordinary.

But have you ever thought that salted fish is also very good for pregnant women and their fetuses ?? Because of the abundance of nutrients in this salted fish, it turns out that this salted fish is suitable for consumption for mothers who are pregnant, ciee .... congratulations, mother. Okay here are some benefits of salted fish for pregnant women.

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1. Rich in Protein
Salted fish is a source of protein, and this protein is useful to help the growth of organs in the fetus yes, yes, although the protein content in salted fish is not too much like other foods, but salted fish can be a solution for mothers who do not like fishy-smelling foods.

2. Increase Blood Production In Mother And Baby
This salted fish also contains iron which is very good also of course for the mother and the fetus, because iron is useful to stimulate trobosit in the blood so that it will increase the blood content in the mother and the prospective child yes.

3. Reducing the Risk of Miscarriage
Hopefully this will not happen to the mother yes, aaaamiiin, because waiting for a child is indeed a time that is dreamed of by all mothers, therefore consuming salted fish also helps reduce the risk of miscarriage. Iron deficiency is the biggest threat for pregnant women, because if the lack of iron makes a lot of health problems especially for this little child candidate mother, so multiply iron by consuming this salted fish.

4. Providing Brain Nutrition to the Fetus
The content of iodine in salted fish is very much because this salted fish uses salt which is certainly also a lot, iodine deficiency in the fetus is making the brain in the future a little stunted. For this reason, mothers should increase their consumption of foods that have a lot of iodine such as salted fish so that their baby candidates can be smart.

5. Prevent Babies Born With Low Weight
It turns out that iodine content in salted fish is able to prevent babies born underweight and premature, because basically pregnant women need 220 micrograms per day so that the fetus in the mother's stomach gets enough iodine and can be born normally and smoothly.

6. Increase Thyroid Hormone
The benefit of thyroid hormone is to regulate the metabolism of the body and fetus, if the thyroid hormone is sufficient to eat the growth and development of the fetus will be perfect. And if the metabolism in the body of the mother smoothly, the mother and the prospective baby will also be healthy.

7. Give Calcium to the Fetus
Calcium is beneficial for the growth of cells and bones in the fetus, so the role of calcium for the fetus is very large, because if calcium intake in the fetus is fulfilled then bone formation in the fetus will be formed perfectly.

Those are some of the benefits of salted fish for pregnant women, in addition to the rich benefits of nutrients that are good for mothers and fetuses, salted fish can also be an economical food for mothers. But do not consume too much salted fish, yes even though the nutrient content is not too much like other foods but consuming too much salted fish is not good for pregnant women and fetuses, so consume only as necessary, mother. Hopefully this article is useful. Regards