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9 Benefits Potato Skin That Is Good for Hair

Benefits Potato Skin That Is Good for Hair

Basically, many people think that potato skin is just rubbish that must be removed, but who would have thought that this potato skin was very good for hair health. In addition to being very good for hair health, it turns out that the potato skin also makes your hair stronger, so your hair does not fall out easily.

Benefits Potato Skin That Is Good for Hair

Potatoes are a tuber whose meat is consumed by humans as a form of food that is rich in benefits, but it never occurred to me if the skin was also very many benefits. Therefore here will explore thoroughly about the 9 benefits of potato peels for health and hair strength.

1. Overcoming White Hair
Gray hair or white hair indeed makes us insecure when the gray hair is seen in our hair. The hair itself is also caused by mutually changing shampoo or indeed damaged skin cells. But don't worry, because by using this potato skin, your gray matter will be finished soon. The trick is to simply boil some of the potato skins using 2 cups of water, if the potato skin is quite a lot you can use 3 cups of water, wait until it boils and then when it boils you can brush your hair using a brush. Do this method routinely with a matter of days your gray hair problems will soon be finished.

2. Growing Bald Hair
Hair less dense? or have a hair botakan? Usually up front, don't worry because by using this potato skin, you can make the bald in your head grow thick again. The method is quite simple, just destroy the whole potatoes, then boil until boiling, after boiling the potato water filter into a glass, then put 1 egg and add 1 tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk. If you have stirred until blended, then rubbed with a bald head, do not forget to give a little head massage. Do this method as high as 2-3 times yes in order to get maximum results.

3. Enlarge the Hair
Your hair is sparse? do not panic because by using the boiled water of potato skin which I have revealed in number 1 earlier it was also able to flash hair that is sparse. Because the content of Vitamin B on potato skin turns out to be very good for hair extension, on the other hand this B vitamin is also very good for healthy skin.

4. Healthy for Hair
The content of this potato skin boiled water turned out to be very good for hair roots, if your hair often falls out it turns out using potato skin cooking water turned out to be very effective for strengthening hair roots.

5. Overcoming Hair Loss

This is an important issue for women, right? This hair loss is very annoying, already using several brands of shampoo, it still falls out, but take it easy here is the tips. Boil the potato skin, then strain the cooking water before but don't forget to add the aloe vera gel, stir until smooth, then rub on the hair then wait 15 minutes, do it 3-4 times a month so you get perfect results.

6. Overcoming limp and dry hair

Dry and limp hair turns out to be able to make your hair branched, and it turns out that potato skin can also be a solution for dry and limp hair. Because the content of potato skin contains good nutrition for hair, and makes your hair more moist and not dry, the way to use the first method, do it regularly to get perfect results.

7. Make Hair More Shiny

Want to go to the salon so that your hair shiny but there is no funds yet? Already use a simple way, the way is quite easy to mash the potatoes evenly then boil the water, wait until it boils and continue to strain the water. Add 1 egg and one spoonful of sweetened condensed milk, stir until smooth, apply to the hair evenly, wait 10-15 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Do this way 3-4 times a month then see the results.

8. Rich in Vitamins the Hair Needs
Potatoes are a tuber rich in nutrients and vitamins, not only good for the body it turns out that potatoes are also very good for providing nutrients and vitamins to the hair. The content of nutrients and vitamins in hair includes Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Iron and Zinc, all the contents in potatoes are also very good for hair. Moreover, iron and zinc are able to repair damage to hair cells.

9. As a Substitute for Shampoo
Besides being able to repair and nourish hair, it turns out that the boiled water of this potato skin is also a shampoo that is rich in nutrients and natural vitamins without preservatives.

That's 9 benefits of potato skins that you should know, because there are still many people out there who consider that potato skins to be organic waste, but hopefully with this article we can take the positive side of the benefits of potato skins. Hopefully this article helps all of you. Regards