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3 Secrets To Speed Up Contractions And Childbirth

Hay mother, surely you can not wait to meet the baby who will come into this world. Well here we will discuss the secrets so that the birth of a mother can be smooth and precise on Estimated Birth Day (HPL). My goal in making this article is that so many mothers who pass through HPL or late, have entered HPL but have not felt a contraction, well here we will discuss all the secrets so that the Estimated Birth Day can be right on target.

So that the estimated day of birth or HPL is right on target, the mother must know several methods that must be done by the mother so that when the HPL is in front of the eyes of the mother has experienced a strong contraction of the baby's sister. And I myself found a way for smooth labor and rapid contractions to be based on information from mothers who have given birth, so hopefully this article can be a reference for mothers so that when they want to enter HPL they will experience contractions and give birth to cute babies.

1. Pineapple

Pineapple is a fruit that should be avoided when young pregnant, because the meat in pineapple is very hot and certainly very dangerous if consumed in young pregnant women. But never crossed the mind if the ripe pineapple turned out to be able to facilitate the contraction of pregnant women who have entered the Estimated Birth Day (HPL). For example, HPL on the 27th and the mother has not felt anything, the mother may consume pineapple on the 25-27, but not too much mother, because this pineapple is very hot, and try not young pineapple, because this can be very dangerous.

When you have eaten pineapple try to connect with your husband, the goal is that the baby's path can be a little more lax. Oh yes, forget, try when eating pineapple do not exceed half yes mother.

2. Durian Fruit

Durian fruit is also actually a fruit that must be avoided when pregnant or when entering the first and second trimesters. But this method turned out to be very effective to lure the fetus to contract immediately. This method is a tip from my aunt first, and this way I give to all mothers to be used as a reference.

How to consume it is also very easy mother, but when eating durian try at night, and when you eat durian try not too much yes mother. Try also when after eating durian fruit directly related to the husband.

3. Coconut Oil

This coconut oil is a local wisdom of Javanese soil, coconut oil was often used for Javanese women who are pregnant. The term in the land of Java is "ngenlentik" or fruit making coconut oil and consume it.

To make coconut oil, there are ways, especially Mother, not just any coconut. The way to do it is enough to find a coconut whose stalk contains one coconut, so most one stalk contains many coconuts. Mother must find a stalk containing only one fruit.

This method is commonly used by the Javanese community to accelerate the delivery of mothers who are pregnant. Well it turns out this tradition is still used today.

How do mothers already know what makes fast contractions, all that I write, I take directly from the speakers mothers who have had labor smoothly. Hopefully this article can help mothers to accelerate labor and contractions yes mother. Regards