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19 Benefits of Banana Skin Which Are Very Important for the Body

Banana peels are organic waste that we often encounter, sometimes banana peels are often ignored by most people. Because not many people know what the benefits of banana peels are. 

It turns out that after investigating the many nutritional content contained in banana peels, it is not surprising that some people consume banana peels as some treatments and treatments, and some of the ingredients in banana peels, namely:

  1. Potassium
  2. Essential Amino Acids
  3. Fiber
  4. Single Unsaturated Fat
  5. Vitamins B6 and B12
  6. Iron
  7. Phosphorus
  8. Magnesium
  9. Manganese
  10. Vitamin C
  11. Vitamin E

Benefits of Banana Skin Which Are Very Important for the Body

Well, it turns out that there is a lot of content in banana peels, so for those of you who don't know this, don't throw the banana peels away, it's a shame because there are so many nutrients that we can take in it. Now here are some of the benefits of banana peels that you should know.

1. As a Natural Face Mask
It turns out that making a natural mask from banana peels turns out to be very effective for keeping the skin glowing. The way to make it is quite easy, first wash it thoroughly then grind it until it is smooth then stick it on the face for a few minutes then rinse with clean water, do this method regularly to get perfect results.

2. Make Meat Softer When Processed
When we are processing meat, of course, when we want the meat to be tender evenly, but it does not reduce the taste of the meat, we also have to know how to make the meat tender quickly without having to boil it for a long time.

Now by using banana peels, it turns out to be very effective in making the texture of the meat that we grab evenly soft, the method is quite easy, namely by placing the banana peel then placing the meat on the banana skin then flush with water and boil the meat.

3. Reducing Itching Until Inflammation
It turns out that using banana peels is very effective for treating itching to reduce inflammation when the skin is exposed to insect bites. This has been proven by great researchers in Thailand who only rubbed banana peels on areas bitten by insects was very effective in reducing itching due to insect bites.

4. As a Natural Cholesterol Lowering
Maybe some of us have tried various drugs that can lower cholesterol, but it's not a cure that is only the annoying side effects that are obtained. Relax, don't worry, by consuming banana peels regularly if you have trouble getting juice, it can reduce cholesterol levels in your body, it's all because the fiber content in banana peels is very much, so it is very effective in lowering cholesterol.

5. Overcoming Depression
Depression is a state where your feelings or moods are in turmoil, whether it's because of whatever it is. Banana peels which contain fiber and potassium which are very soluble are very effective in increasing serotonin levels so that they can help improve people's moods.

6. Provides a sense of comfort while sleeping

Insomnia or so-called Insomnia is a dangerous disease that can damage human internal organs. Therefore, humans have to sleep at least 8 hours a day so as not to suffer from internal disease, by consuming banana peels regularly turns out to be very effective in overcoming insomnia, this is because banana peels contain tryptophan compounds which play an important role in overcoming sleep problems.

7. As a Powerful Diet Friend
The content of Vitamin C and also high fiber is very effective to be your loyal friends when doing a diet. Because the fiber in banana peels can tighten the skin, plus Vitamin C which can maintain a stable and ideal body weight.

8. Maintain Eye Health
The lutein content in banana peels turns out to be very suitable for preventing cataracts in the eyes, by consuming banana peels regularly can reduce the number of contracting cataracts in old age. On the other hand, banana peels can also help keep the eyes healthy and clear if you consume them regularly.

9. Smooth Bowel Movements
There is no need to take drugs if natural remedies like banana peels can still work. Besides the banana huah that can launch bowel movements, it turns out that banana peels are also very effective for smooth bowel movements and of course it is also very suitable for cleaning your digestive system.

10. Increase the Immune System
Processing banana peels and consuming them regularly turns out to be very effective in increasing the immune system in the body so that it doesn't get sick easily, it is all because of the large amount of vitamins and minerals in banana peels.

11. Improve Hair Health
Grind the banana peel until it is smooth and then apply it evenly to the hair which is also good for making hair smoother and softer, do this method regularly before shampooing.

12. Reduce Headaches

Headache is a very disturbing disease, especially when you are working, it makes your activities disturbed. The fix is ​​quite easy by grinding the banana peel finely and then placing it on the forehead.

13. Dry Wounds And Bruises

Banana peels that are finely ground are also very effective for healing wounds and bruises on the skin, the method is quite easy, namely by rubbing it on the skin of the wound and then rinsing with water. For bruises, just apply it to the bruised skin then wait overnight and then the next morning rinse with clean water.

14. Brighten the face

The content of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and also high fiber is also very effective for brightening the face and also whitening the skin on the face. The method is quite easy by rubbing banana peels on the face at night then rinsing with clean water in the morning.

15. Overcoming Acne On Facial Skin

The content of Vitamins B6 & B12, Magnesium, Phosphorus Vitamin E and Vitamin C is also able to overcome and eliminate acne lodged in facial skin. The method is also very easy and simple, namely by rubbing the banana skin of Padang face slowly then let it stand for 30 minutes then rinse with clean water.

16. Keeping Teeth Healthy
The content of manganese and magnesium contained in banana peels is very effective in killing bacteria that nest in the teeth. Banana peels are also an alternative medium for those of you who have yellow teeth.

The method is also very easy by rubbing the banana peel on your teeth regularly then rinsing with water, then wash again using toothpaste.

17. Reducing Panda's Eyes
Using a special mask for the eyes turns out to be very effective for dealing with panda eyes, the way is to simply grind a banana peel with aloe vera added, then apply it to the area around the eyes and wait for 30 minutes to rinse with clean water.

18. Treating Wrinkles On The Face
Banana peel that is finely ground and then mixed with egg yolk is very suitable for removing wrinkles on the face, by applying it to the face and waiting for 5-10 minutes then rinse with clean water.

19. Build Strong Body Muscles
According to research by a team of experts by consuming banana peels regularly, it turns out to be able to form strong body muscles, because banana peels can affect carbohydrate metabolism in the body.

Those are some of the benefits of banana peels that you need to know, there are quite a lot of benefits, right? So try starting from now on to always consume banana peels regularly to get the benefits of banana peels, hopefully this article can help you gain insight. Regards