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7 Benefits Of Baby Shampoo For Adults

Baby shampoo is a product specifically for babies, because baby shampoo contains very few chemicals which are of course very good for sensitive skin and hair of babies.

But did you know that baby shampoo is very useful for adult life? Because there are still so many people who don't know about this. And therefore here I will explain about what are the benefits of baby shampoo in adult life.

Benefits Of Baby Shampoo For Adults

Here are some of the benefits of baby shampoo that are useful for adult life that you should know.

1. Able to Clean Make Up

Make-up is used to beautify the face of a woman and man, so that it looks more confident and will also display an aura that is more pleasing to the eye. Making up itself can be in the form of powder, BB Cream, Lipstick etc.

It turns out that cleaning make-up using baby shampoo is very safe because the chemical content contained in this baby shampoo is very little, and also this baby shampoo has anti-stinging properties in sensitive areas in the face area so it is very good to use on facial skin.

It is very easy to use a make-up cleanser using baby shampoo, namely by mixing enough baby shampoo in warm water and then applying it to the face where there is make-up slowly using a tissue or cotton ball.

2. To Clean the Stove

The stove is a cooking tool that gets dirty very quickly, oil stains or black stains are sometimes very much on the stove. It turns out that cleaning the stove using baby shampoo is very effective for removing stubborn stains on the stove area.

The method is quite easy, namely by preparing enough water and then mixing baby shampoo in the water, after that scrub the stove area, especially in very dirty areas, using a sponge gently until clean.

3. Eliminate Foot Odor
The next benefit of baby shampoo is to remove odors in the foot area. Besides being able to get rid of odor on the feet, it turns out that baby shampoo is also able to maximize the skin of the feet.

The method is also very easy, just coat the feet using baby shampoo evenly, then wrap the feet using socks. Do it this way at night before bedtime, when in the morning you can wash your smeared feet using baby shampoo and see the results.

4. Cleaning the Make Up Tool

Besides being able to clean make-up without causing pain in certain areas of the face. It turns out that baby shampoo is also capable of cleaning several make up tools such as brushes, combs, brushes etc.

The method is very simple, namely by preparing warm water and immediately pouring enough baby shampoo and soaking some makeup tools that need to be washed. When soaking, do some rubbing on the make up tool slowly and until it's clean.

Do not worry if it is not clean, because washing make-up tools using baby shampoo is very effective for cleaning makeup tools thoroughly.

5. Removing Yellow Stains On White Shirts

Sweat that sticks to white clothes or shirts is very difficult to clean, even though soaking in detergent will not completely remove it. Therefore, using baby shampoo is very effective for removing yellow stains on white clothes.

The trick is easy, namely by pouring enough baby shampoo on areas that have yellow stains, usually in the armpit area. Then scrub with a brush on the area covered with baby shampoo, then let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and see the results.

6. Substitute Cream When Shaving
For those of you who are out of stock of shaving cream, you can replace it with baby shampoo. Shaving the hair on the mustache or underarms using baby shampoo is also very effective.

The trick is to pour baby shampoo on the hands and make a lather on the hands, then apply the foam to the baby shampoo on the areas to be shaved such as mustaches, beards, and armpits. Using baby shampoo as a substitute for shaving cream is very effective, on the other hand, it contains anti-stinging baby shampoo.

7. Smoothing the Troubled Zippers
When a zipper is worn on a jacket or skirt, most people are immediately taken by sewing and replaced with a new one, right? It turns out that this can be done by using baby shampoo. Why can baby shampoo fix it? Because the special content in baby shampoo is able to make metals move again.

How to use it is quite easy, namely by preparing water that is put into a hand sprayer. After that put enough baby shampoo in the container and then spray it on zippers that are worn or choked up. With water spray mixed with baby shampoo, it was able to fix a choked zipper.

Those are some of the benefits of baby shampoo that can be used by adults, so if the baby shampoo is still stock, don't throw it away, it's a shame. Hopefully this article helps and can broaden our insights. Regards