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7 Benefits Of Plums For Babies

Newborn babies must be given regular breastfeeding, because the breast milk given to babies is very necessary for babies. However, when babies are 6 months to 1 year old babies need complementary foods for breastfeeding, because the aim of complementary foods or solid foods is that babies can decide on breastfeeding at the age of 2 years, and replaced with other foods such as porridge specifically for babies.

MPASI is actually not just plums, but the fruit that is often used as a companion to breast milk is usually a banana, because on the other hand it is easy to get bananas, which are also rich in benefits. But do you know that these plums are very rich in Karbohidrad, usually the giving of plums is given twice a day, whether it's made for juice or made into a mixture of baby porridge.

Benefits of Plums for Babies as solids

So, mom must be asking, why should I suggest the plums? Because of this plum, although the price is quite hefty but this fruit guarantees that the baby will like the taste. But it's not only the taste that babies under one year love, but here are some of the benefits of plums for babies as solid foods.

1. High in antioxidants
Now, the first benefit is that plums are high in antioxidants, and it turns out that the fruit that has the top position which is rich in antioxidants is plums. These antioxidants are useful for maintaining cells in infants and also useful for maintaining the immune system in babies under one year of age will be less susceptible to disease.

2. Contains Vitamin C
The content of Vitamin C in plums is very suitable for babies, especially for babies under one year old. Vitamin C in plums is useful for maintaining the immune system in babies, so that Vitamin C and antioxidants in plums are able to work together to keep babies from getting sick easily.

3. Contains Beta Caroten
Beta Caroten is a very good nutrient for the eyes, beta carotene can also be called Pro Vitamin A, so the content of beta carotene is very good for maintaining eye health in babies.

4. High in fiber
Apart from containing a lot of nutrients in these plums, it turns out that these plums are also rich in fiber which is useful for digestion in babies, especially babies under one year of age. In addition to improving digestion, it turns out that the fiber content in plums is also able to treat constipation in babies.

5. Rich In Calcium
The calcium content in plums turns out to be very much, and of course this plum is able to be a substitute for calcium in baby milk, because there are some babies who are allergic to cow's milk, so that's why this plum juice is very suitable for calcium replacement. milk.

6. Emit Iron Absorption
Iron is a good nutrient for good, because iron is useful for forming red blood cells in babies, so that they are able to help growth in babies. Now the content of Vitamin C in plums is very much, it is very helpful to facilitate and optimize the absorption of iron into the baby's body.

7. Rich in Folic Acid
In babies aged less than one year to three years this turns out to be the time when the brain in these babies is very high developing. Therefore, the content of folic acid in plums aims to control the development of the nervous system and the developing brain perfectly.

How to Process Plum Fruit For Babies Safe

Keep in mind that this mother of plums has a sour taste, but if the taste of these plums is too sour, you should not put it on the baby so that the baby wants to consume this plum.

First, you can blend these plums and then filter the water in these plums, then you can mix them in yogurt or baby pulp so that your baby wants to consume this plum juice.

Second, you can steam or boil these plums as a very good super food, of course, but choose sweet plums. Oh yeah, the purpose of boiling or steaming the plums is so that babies who consume them can be swallowed perfectly, so they don't choke.

Those are some of the benefits of plums for babies that are very suitable for making breastmilk substitutes (solids). If you can be creative, try making complementary foods from a mixture of plums, because these plums are also very suitable as a mixture of solid foods. Hopefully this article is useful and also able to broaden our insights. Regards