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8 Foods That Can Launch Breast Fast

Breast milk is a drink and food that is needed by a baby, therefore when the milk does not come out or a little comes out, mothers must be alert and nervous. Because if the breast milk does not come out, the only way is to replace it with formula milk. Yes, I think formula is good for babies, but it would be even better if the baby was given breast milk.

Now on this occasion I will share tips about some foods that can make your mother's milk come out a lot, so that your little one doesn't need to be fed formula milk. 

The tips that I give to this mother are not medicines, but herbal foods that have become local wisdom in an area, here are some foods that you should eat if you want your milk to come out smoothly and a lot.

1. Katuk leaves

Katuk leaves are traditional leaves which are still believed to be breastfeeding-promoting plants. These leaves are very rare to find in lowlands. Katuk leaves themselves are often extracted into breastmilk-smoothing drugs that we often find at the nearest pharmacy around the mother's house. Katuk leaves themselves do not have any side effects, and the unique thing about this plant is that the benefits are very fast.

2. Cassava leaves

So here what we mean is cassava leaves that have stems, not those that propagate, mother. Cassava leaves are still very easy to find in rural areas, because local people still often consume cassava leaves as vegetables. Well, this cassava leaf turns out to be very effective in launching breast milk, yes, although the benefits are not as fast as the katuk leaves, this cassava leaf can also be an alternative as a breast milk facilitator, oh yes, this cassava leaf can also make breast milk fresher, so that the little one becomes good for drink your breast milk.

3. Collar tiger flower

We often find collar tiger flowers at flower sellers for funerals, besides being believed to nourish the uterus, it turns out that collar tiger flowers are also very effective for smoothing breast milk. The way to consume it is not to eat it, mother, but chop it and then soak it in boiled water, then squeeze it out and drink the feeling water, don't forget to add honey or sugar to make it taste fresher.

4. Leaves Luntas / Beluntas

Leaf luntas or so-called beluntas in some areas is also able to launch breast milk, a plant that is usually used as a fence is also very effective to smooth and make breast milk fresher. This plant is also tricky to find, but this plant can still be found.

5. Papaya Leaves

Who likes to eat papaya leaves? Surely most of them do not like these leaves, yes, even though they are very bitter, these leaves are also able to stimulate the breasts so that breast milk comes out quickly.

6. Marning

Marning is a snack that we often find in the market or supermarket around our homes, this corn-based snack is also very effective for smoothing and simultaneously increasing the breast milk content, this food can also be an alternative if some of the food I give earlier could not be found around the mother's house.

7. Boiled cassava

Who doesn't like boiled cassava? Most definitely like it, right? So I explain this cassava is not the one that propagates, mother, but the one with the tree. This boiled cassava can also be used as an alternative if the mother's milk does not come out, because boiled cassava is a food of local wisdom that is still consumed today.

8. Corn Rice

Actually this is the same as the content of marning, but here I also provide a solution if the mother doesn't like marning as a solution to smoothen breast milk.

Hopefully this article can be useful, and hopefully your mother's milk can come out quickly so that your little one is not familiar with formula milk. Because giving breast milk to your little one also reduces the risk of developing breast cancer in mothers. Regards