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7 Benefits of Sushi for Body Health

The country is a country that has several unique works such as those that make other countries interested in knowing more about Japan. Some interesting things such as movies, music, clothing, comics and culinary specialties such as sushi.

Know About Sushi

Sushi is a Japanese culinary that is in great demand in other countries such as Indonesia, America etc. What is unique about this food is that it is in the form of small rolled rice using Nori / Wet Seaweed after that in the sushi there are several various side dishes such as raw fish or fresh vegetables.

According to some people in the world, sushi is still a common food even though it uses side dishes that are not cooked at all. According to them, consuming sushi in its natural form is very good for their health.

Benefits of Sushi for Body Health

Now the question that is most frequently asked by some people about sushi is, is consuming sushi in a natural form healthy for the body? Here are some reviews about the benefits of sushi for health.

1. Maintain Weight
Consuming sushi is very effective for maintaining ideal body weight, because if the sugar content in our bodies increases it will cause obesity so that it can reduce the level of our body's activity.

Therefore, adjusting the diet by replacing sushi as a lunch menu can actually help maintain our ideal body weight. Because the calorie content in sushi is fairly low, that's why for those of you who want to keep your body weight ideal, eating sushi can be an alternative for you.

2. Consuming Raw Fish Is Perfect For Diet
The very low calorie content of raw fish is very suitable for those of you who are on a diet program. Besides being able to help keep your weight stable, it turns out that by consuming raw fish in a natural form it can also reduce your weight.

But keep in mind that if you eat raw fish you have to really keep the fish clean so that it doesn't leave dirt that causes toxins to enter the body. Besides adding raw fish stuffing, you can also add stuffing with fresh vegetables such as yellow radish, carrots or others.

3. Increase Muscle Mass
Sushi, which contains raw fish, actually contains a lot of protein, so the function of protein in sushi is to maintain and strengthen muscle mass. The protein content in a sushi set is very effective for shaping the body, and sushi is highly recommended for those of you who are doing Body Building.

And the thing you need to know is that not all fish in sushi have a lot of protein, but there are only a few types of fish that have high protein, such as tuna and fresh salmon. Also avoid sushi containing shrimp and crispy fried fish.

4. Increase Body Energy
Excessive activity can actually drain a lot of energy, but who would have thought that eating sushi which is not that big is able to supply a lot of energy in the body. But you have to eat not just any sushi, but sushi that uses brown rice and covered with nori, so it's not just any sushi.

The combination of brown rice plus raw fish actually helps to increase energy significantly. Moreover, if you add fresh vegetables it will add carbohydrates and other vitamins which are very beneficial for the body, so that the nutrients the body needs are even more complete.

5. Maintain Heart Health
People who often consume fast food are a trigger for heart disease. Unlike the case with people who eat sushi, because the content of raw fish, nori, and fresh vegetables contained in sushi helps balance the number of calories that enter the body.

The content of raw fish in sushi that is not fried or cooked in any way turns out to contain more omega 3 fatty acids which are very good for the body.

In addition to omega 3, it turns out that another benefit of raw fish itself is to maintain the cardiovascular system, whose stability level is very important for the body. So that's why Japanese people tend to have a healthier heart than the hearts of people in other countries, because the majority of Japanese people eat raw fish more often like tuna and salmon.

6. Relieves Arthritis
Sushi itself is sometimes combined with wasabi, now this wasabi is a type of plant that lives in the valley and rivers of Japan. This wasabi has an image that is quite spicy, this is because wasabi contains compounds in the form of antioxidants and isothiocyanates (ITC).

Sushi that is combined with wasabi will cause a spicy sensation that is different from the others, now that's what makes sushi connoisseurs increase their high appetite. In addition to increasing appetite, the spicy sensation produced by wasabi is able to overcome inflammation of the muscles and ligaments in the human body.

7. Source of Vitamins and Minerals
Sushi is a food that contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, it can happen because of several compositions of sushi such as rice, nori which comes from seaweed, fresh fish, and also fresh vegetables that are not cooked, which is why sushi is a source of vitamins and minerals. very good for the body.

Those are some of the benefits of sushi food from Japan that I can write for this occasion, I hope this article can provide insight and benefits for all of us. Especially for those of you who are still afraid to consume sushi as a healthy food intake. Regards