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10 Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise To Improve Body Health at Home

10 Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise To Improve Body Health at Home

Exercising is one way to make the body healthy both physically and mentally. Besides that, exercising is the most effective way to sweat out, when the sweat starts to come out, it will coincide with the release of toxins and viruses in the body. In addition, now there is one type of sport that is trending among the public, namely anaerobic exercise.

Know About Anaerobic Exercise

Maybe most of us are much more familiar with aerobic exercise than anaerobic exercise. However, you should know that aerobic and anaerobic are two different types of exercise, but on the other hand these two sports have the same benefits.

Anaerobic exercise is a sport that requires fast movement so that the body will feel tired quickly. Therefore, doing anaerobic exercise should not take a long time, because if you are forced to continue to do so, it will cause very dangerous injuries.

Despite having a fast and short rhythm and movement, doing anaerobic exercise has quite maximum results. Some of the sports that are included in the anaerobic exercise category such as Sprinting, Weight Lifting, Jumping Rope, Push Up, etc.

Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise

Anaerobic exercise does not really need oxygen and energy, but this sport only requires a lot of glycogen stored in the muscles. To answer all curiosity about the benefits of anaerobic exercise I will explain it.

1. Increase Muscle Strength
The benefit that I think dominates the most is increasing muscle strength. Because many do anaerobic exercise to build cool body muscles, and this is perfect for those of you who are doing Bodybuilding.

2. Reducing Exposure to Osteoporosis
Doing anaerobic exercise regularly, even if only for a short time, is certainly very useful for solidifying the bones so that the risk of developing osteoporosis at young and old age is much lower.

3. Suitable For Maintaining Weight
Just like if you are doing Bodybuilding, doing anaerobic exercise is of course also able to keep your weight stable and in control.

4. Increase the Body's Metabolic System
Doing regular exercise is known to improve health and also the body's metabolic system so that if someone does exercise regularly, they are certainly not susceptible to disease.

5. Make The Body Always Fresh And Fit
Doing anaerobic exercise that has high intensity does make the body tire quickly, although if you do anaerobic exercise regularly, over time your body will be able to overcome fatigue. So that by doing so, the body will gradually become fresh and fit.

6. Improve Heart Health
Doing anaerobic exercise at least two to three times a week, but if it is not possible because of busy work or other activities at least once a week on weekends.

Because doing anaerobic exercise is indirectly able to improve heart health naturally. Besides that, it is also very effective in overcoming several heart diseases such as strokes and heart attacks.

7. Stabilizing Blood Sugar Levels
High enough blood sugar is one of the reasons a person is able to develop diseases such as diabetes. Besides being able to make the heart healthy, doing anaerobic exercise is also able to control blood sugar to keep it stable.

8. Overcoming Stress
Most people may not really know that doing regular exercise is also able to deal with stress and also improve feelings of chaos. Because exercising is certainly able to convey some feelings of heart through anaerobic exercise media.

9. Suitable for those of you who are busy
If doing aerobic exercise is able to get maximum health results, it is different from anaerobic exercise which is only done two to three weeks a week or maybe even once a week.

Doing anaerobic exercise regularly even for a while, but it is able to get results equivalent to aerobic exercise. That's why I recommend anaerobic exercise as a sport for those of you who are busy.

10. Can be done at home
Doing sports at home is the safest way to do it, especially in the condition of the Covid19 pandemic. Apart from being able to reduce the risk of being exposed to the corona virus, exercising at home is also able to avoid free radicals.

Some anaerobic exercises that can be done indoors, such as lifting a barbell while walking, or jumping rope beside the pool. Besides being safe, this method still gets lots of benefits.

Things To Look For Before Doing Anaerobic 

When you are going to do anaerobic exercise, of course there are a number of things that you need to pay attention to before doing this type of exercise. Because this type of anaerbic exercise has a high enough intensity, so for those of you who are just trying, I suggest knowing some of these things.

- Because anaerobic exercise is one type of exercise that has high intensity, I suggest not doing it for a long time, because it can cause injury to the muscles.

- Before doing anaerobic exercise or other types of sports, I suggest warming up first, so that it can relax the muscles in the body so as to reduce the occurrence of injury.

- It is not recommended for those of you who have just eaten large amounts of doing anaerobic exercise. Because things like these can cause disorders of the digestive system and cause dizziness and vomiting. Therefore, if you have just eaten, even though in large or small quantities, it is advisable to wait some time first.

Those are some of the benefits of anaerobic exercise that I can explain. Between aerobic or anaerobic exercise, of course, has different benefits. If aerobic exercise is more useful for losing weight quickly. However, anaerobic exercise is more focused on those of you who already have an ideal body but want to stabilize your weight and build muscle. Regards