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17 Benefits of Black Seed for Natural Health

Black Seeds

Entering a modern world, of course, several health products have also entered human hands. Some modern medicine is certainly in great demand by most people, but there are also some people who still use traditional medicine whose benefits are still proven. Like Black Seed or black cumin which is beneficial for the health of the human body.

Know About Black Seed or Black Cumin

Black Seed or commonly known as black cumin has started to be popular among the public. Because Black Seed is believed to be able to provide benefits for health.

This Black Seed comes from a flower plant called Nigellia Sativa which comes from the Middle East and India.

Based on the country of origin, Habbatussauda is not a natural health medicine, but it is used as a food flavoring and also a preservative in food.

Benefits of Black Seed for Natural Health

Ibnu Sina is a well-known Islamic scientist who is also able to find various types of medicine. According to his research that the drugs he found made of natural ingredients he wrote in a journal entitled Canon Of Medicine.

According to the writing in his journal that he also mentioned some of the benefits of Black Seed or black cumin which turned out to have many benefits, well here I will discuss a few of the benefits of Black Seed for health, and here are some of the reviews.

1. Reducing High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure or commonly called hypertension is a dangerous disease, if blood pressure increases rapidly it will certainly cause rupture of blood vessels and can also cause a stroke.

Therefore, consuming Black Seed regularly turns out to be very effective in overcoming high blood pressure, so that it can optimize blood pressure in the body.

2. Improve the quality of semen / sperm
For those of you who are doing a pregnancy program, there is nothing wrong with consuming Black Seed regularly, because according to research that Black Seed can improve sperm quality in a man effectively.

3. Overcoming Type 1 Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease that can affect both parents and teenagers. This disease is caused by the large amount of sugar in human blood, therefore consuming Black Seed regularly can overcome type 1 diabetes optimally.

4. Contains Anti-Cancer Substances
Cancer is a disease that is very dangerous. This disease is also indiscriminate, this disease can attack parents or adolescents.

The content of compounds contained in Black Seed is proven to stimulate the growth of healthy cells in the human body, so that it indirectly makes the human immune system increase and besides that it is able to kill cancer cells that will enter the body.

5. Reducing Asthma Symptoms
Asthma is a disease that is not easily cured but can still be controlled, according to research that people who consume Black Seed regularly are able to reduce the risk of recurring asthma.

6. Overcoming Obesity
Besides being beneficial for diet, it turns out that consuming Black Seed regularly is very effective in overcoming obesity naturally.

7. Maintain Healthy Skin
Black Seed has long been believed to be able to treat all skin diseases including rashes on the skin. And besides that, nowadays many are making beauty products using Black Seed oil or black cumin which is useful for getting rid of acne.

8. Contains Anti-Inflammatory
Black Seed is known to have a compound called Anti-Inflammatory or Anti-Inflammatory, so that if you consume Black Seed regularly it can overcome dangerous diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, etc.

9. Overcoming Allergies
Allergies are diseases that can be triggered by several reasons, such as food, animals, or heredity. This allergy also takes many forms, such as itching accompanied by heat, chills, etc. Therefore, consuming Black Seed can be a first aid solution to dealing with allergies.

10. Maintain Heart Health
Besides being able to deal with high blood pressure, it turns out that another benefit of consuming Black Seed regularly is being able to keep the heart healthy, besides that consuming black seed is also able to reduce heart attacks and strokes.

11. Reducing Recurrence of Epilepsy
Epilepsy is a disease of neurological disorders to the brain and also disorders of blood flow to the brain. This disease is very easy to attack the sufferer, some of the symptoms when the disease recurs is like convulsions so that they are unconscious.

Until now this disease has not found a cure to cure it, but this disease can still be controlled. Therefore, consuming black seed regularly is proven to be very effective in reducing the recurrence of epilepsy.

12. Increase Immunity
According to the medical opinion, if someone consumes black seed or black cumin on a regular basis, it turns out to be able to increase the immune system by up to 72%, this is very far from people who consume immune system-strengthening drugs which can only increase 7%.

13. Improve Memory
It turns out that according to medical black seed contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 which is of course very good for the nervous system and also brain development, consuming black seed regularly turns out to be very effective in improving one's memory, so it is not easy to forget.

14. Able to Neutralize Poisons
Consuming black seed is also very effective in neutralizing toxins in the body, because habatussauda has natural detoxes such as saponins. This compound is believed to be able to neutralize so that it can clean toxins in the body.

15. Overcoming Insomnia
Difficulty sleeping or commonly called insomnia is a disease that can affect adults and even today many teenagers are already suffering from insomnia.

Using black seed as therapy is very trusted to treat insomnia. Because black seed has compounds called saponins which function to affect the nervous system so that you sleep more soundly and comfortably.

16. Smooth Digestive System
If you have difficulty defecating, constipation or some problems in your digestive system, maybe consuming black seed can be a solution.

Because black seed contains Volative and Essential Oil which is believed to regulate and optimize the digestive system, because Volative and also essential oils have been believed by Indians to be very good for the digestive system.

17. Launched Mother's Milk
When a mother has just given birth, she certainly wants a lot of milk to come out so that the nutritional needs of the baby can be optimally fulfilled.

Therefore consuming black seed after and after childbirth is certainly very effective for breastfeeding. In addition, the nutritional content in black seed or black cumin is needed by a nursing mother and her baby.

Those are some of the benefits of black cumin or commonly called black seed. Indeed, many have made health products made from black seed. Because indeed the nutritional content in it is very beneficial for the human body.

Therefore, do not hesitate to consume black seed regularly, because regularly consuming Habatussauda is very good for your health. Hopefully this article can be useful and can add to our insight. Regards