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10 Benefits of Mackerel Fish for Children During Growth

10 Benefits of Mackerel Fish for Children During Growth

According to research that eating fish in children twice a week has a higher level of intelligence than children who eat fish once a month.

It is very fortunate for a country that has oceans, because with it the production of fresh fish is able to meet market needs. But don't worry, for countries that don't have oceans, nowadays it is common to export and import fresh fish that can be consumed.

One of the most popular types of fish, especially children, is mackerel fish, because this fish has a delicious and delicious taste when served properly, besides that fish has a lot of nutritional content.

Know about mackerel fish

Bloated fish or commonly called mackerel fish is a type of sea water fish that is very popular with parents and children. Usually this fish is processed with spicy spices to give the image a delicious, savory and delicious taste.

This mackerel fish has a Latin name, namely Chub Mackerels. Mackerel fish is also still in the same family as tuna, tuna and mackerel fish. However, the difference in size of this fish is much smaller than that of the fish. But even though this mackerel fish is smaller in stature, it has a lot of nutrients.

Benefits of Mackerel Fish for Children

This mackerel fish is found in Southeast Asian waters. This fish has special nutrition, which is high in omega 3 compared to salmon. Therefore this mackerel fish is very good for children who are still in their infancy.

1. Contains Omega 3 And Omega 6 High
The omega 3 content in mackerel fish is somewhat higher than the famous salmon. In addition, the omega 6 content in mackerel fish serves to prevent diabetes from an early age.

2. Healthy Heart
The heart is an important organ in the body, maintaining heart health is not only done when you enter old age, but maintaining heart health must be done from the age of children.

Because heart disease is a disease that is very dangerous and also deadly. Therefore, consuming mackerel fish that contains phosphorus and potassium is able to maintain maximum heart health.

3. Has Anti-Inflammatory Substances
When they were children, they were certainly very susceptible to inflammatory diseases, besides that when they were small, of course they were more active in their activities. By consuming mackerel fish, it can overcome inflammatory diseases in children and adults.

This is because mackerel fish has anti-inflammatory substances that are trusted to treat inflammatory diseases in children and adults.

4. Maintain the Immune System
Children may be very susceptible to illness, because their curiosity makes them not understand what is dangerous or not. If your child often experiences diseases, it could be that their immune system is not optimal.

By consuming mackerel fish regularly or twice a week can improve and also maintain the immune system so that children are not susceptible to disease.

5. Increase Brain Development
The content of omega 3 in mackerel fish is certainly very helpful for optimizing and also improving brain development in children. Because when I was a child, of course not only was the body experiencing development, but the brain also experienced development along with the child's body.

6. Increase Intelligence in Children
The content of omega 3 in mackerel fish not only serves to optimize brain development, but omega 3 in mackerel fish is also useful for improving children's cognitive abilities by optimizing the nervous system.

7. Contains High Phosphorus
Phosphorus is a nutrient that functions to care for human bones and teeth, if humans are deficient in phosphorus, bones and teeth will be brittle easily. This mackerel fish has a high enough phosphorus content so that it is able to maintain and also treat teeth and bones.

In addition to the high phosphorus content in mackerel, it turns out that mackerel fish also contains calcium and potassium which are also very good for maintaining healthy bones and teeth.

8. Rich in Protein
When you are still a child, you certainly need calcium to support bone growth in the body. In addition, children are also required to consume lots of protein.

Bloated fish also has a high enough protein content so that it is able to meet the protein needs of children. The protein itself functions to maintain their muscle mass while they are experiencing growth.

9. It Has A Delicious And Delicious Taste
Not only does it contain the nutrients that children need during their growing up, but the taste provided by this mackerel fish is very tasty and also delicious. Because there are also some children who do not like consuming freshwater fish or saltwater fish.

Maybe by giving mackerel fish can also be a solution so that children want to eat fish. So that nutritional needs such as Omega 3, Omega 6, Protein, etc. can be fulfilled.

10. May be consumed by pregnant women
Who says pregnant women should not consume mackerel fish? In fact, it is highly recommended. Because mackerel fish contains omega 3 which is very healthy for the fetus in the mother's womb.

Lack of Sea Fish

Mackerel fish is one of the marine fish that parents must be aware of, besides having many benefits, there are several things that should be understood before consuming fish from the sea.

- Sea fish are very susceptible to exposure to a chemical called mercury. So when you consume fish from the sea, try to always wash it clean. So that if the fish is exposed to mercury, it is minimized.

- At the age of being a child, of course they are very vulnerable to allergies, especially if the child has never consumed sea fish, of course it is of great concern. When a child consumes sea fish, whether it's mackerel or something else, if they experience itching, shortness of breath, etc. It is a sign that your child is allergic to sea fish.

- Mackerel fish is one type of fish that is very good for consumption, but the thing to know is that you still meet your nutritional needs by consuming green vegetables, so that the nutrition provided is balanced.

Those are some of the benefits of mackerel for children during their growing up, hopefully this article can be an insight for all of us. Regards