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5 Benefits of Maintaining Cleanliness in the Workspace

Work is an activity that must be done by a man, and there are also some women who work to make ends meet. Work room or workplace is a place where all day long he does activities.

Some of us are sometimes lazy to tidy up our workplaces, but there are also some of us who are happier and relieved to see that their work space is clean and tidy.

Benefits of Maintaining Cleanliness in the Workspace

But have you ever thought that cleaning and tidying up the workplace has several benefits? If not here, I will explain some of the benefits of cleaning and tidying up the workplace, let's look at some of the explanations.

1. Disease is not easy to come
The first benefit is that disease does not come easily. There are several things that affect our comfort when we are at work. These include dust or dirt on tables, chairs, computers and other furniture in the room.
This can be a distraction and a reason for employee discomfort while working.

Therefore, unclean work space can lead to diseases such as coughs, flu, respiratory problems and diarrhea.

In general, the furniture in the office room has so much bacteria and more than bacteria in the toilet. Why is that? Here's the explanation.

Office employees usually leave home clean. But it is possible that on their way they carry a thousand germs or bacteria such as vehicle fumes, dust and others.

If the state of the work furniture is dirty, employee morale can decrease and it can even affect the employee's mood or mood to be bad.

Therefore, if the condition of the office room and the furniture in it is clean besides being protected from many diseases, it can also make the employee's mood better and the employees will also be more enthusiastic. This will increase work productivity better.

2. Affecting the comfort of office employees
The next benefit is that clean workspace and furniture also affect the comfort of the employees as well as their morale.

The first thing we can do to keep the workspace clean is to wash our hands before entering the room and before handling the furniture in the room.

Furthermore, if there are employees who want to eat lunch at the office and buy food from outside, they must keep the room and office desks clean. If necessary, a separate dining table can be provided for employees so that cleanliness is maintained.

3. Improve the mood of the employees
Next is the cleanliness of the room and the work environment which can affect the employee's mood at work. A room that is dirty, messy and not kept clean can reduce the morale and even motivation of employees to work. Even if the room is dirty, it can make you feel lazy, tired, and even tired. Therefore it is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the environment and office workspace.

4. Maintain an effective work system
Furthermore, namely maintaining the cleanliness of the environment and work space can maintain the work system starting from employee morale to employee communication and socialization to remain effective every day.

When the work space is clean, it will be easier for employees to apply the work system that has been agreed upon. Likewise, if the condition of the room is dirty it will be difficult to ask employees to follow the work system that has been implemented.

Cleanliness that supports employee productivity can be a measure of employee comfort while working. In fact, facilities can also be provided to relax the employees so that they are not easily stressed and remain enthusiastic at work.

5. Maintaining a better working relationship between employees
In a clean and healthy room and work environment, it can also improve work relations between employees and superiors.
Communication and comfort between employees can also run smoothly between positions and divisions of the company itself. Even a dirty and dirty workplace can affect the relationship between employees and leaders.

It can even trigger employee laziness to go to work because cleanliness is not maintained and can interfere with employee performance which affects the development of the company.

Those are some of the benefits of maintaining cleanliness in the workplace, there is nothing wrong if the room where you work is clean because in my personal opinion the cleanliness of a room can affect a person's mood, be it employees or bosses.

Hopefully this article can be a reference for all of us to always keep clean, because environmental cleanliness will create a healthy atmosphere. Regards