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8 Benefits of Marlin Fish For Healthy Body

8 Benefits of Marlin Fish

Many people wonder whether only fish in small and medium form have many benefits? So what about fish in a large category like this marlin? Does this marlin have many benefits, especially for the health of the human body? Relax, I will try to explain everything about the benefits of this marlin.

Know About Marlin Fish

Marlin fish is one type of fish that has a shape like sailfish and swordfish, because the three fish both have sharp snouts, besides that the three types of fish have the ability to swim super fast.

In addition, this fish is one of the prey targets in fishing activities. Even though this marlin has a body weight of up to 170 kilograms, imagine how heavy this marlin is. In addition, this fish also has a body length of 170 centimeters and can even reach 300 centimeters or the equivalent of 3 meters.

Marlin fish can also be found in several Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Atlantic Ocean. This fish has physical characteristics, such as a nose with spots on it, and often appears on water surfaces and deep seas with warm water temperatures.

The main diet of this marlin is quite surprising such as dolphins, cero fish, mullets, squid and other small fish. Besides that, marlin fish also really like man-made bait, that is the reason why marlin fish are very easy to fish, but very difficult to beat because these marlin fish have great strength.

Even during a rainstorm, don't ever expect to catch this marlin, because during a storm it is much more difficult to get this marlin. Marlin fish is also included in the category The Highly Migratory Species Devision (HMS) or commonly referred to as fish with high migration rates. Marlin also has several types such as:

  • Black Marlin Fish (Makaira Indica)
  • Blue Marlin Fish (Makaira Nigrican)
  • White Marlin Fish (Tetrapturus Albidus)
  • Todak Fish (Swordfish / Xiphias Galduys Linnaeus)

Benefits of Marlin Fish for Body Health

After getting to know about marlin, I will try to explain some of the benefits of marlin for body health, here are some of the benefits of marlin.

1. Have Vitamin A
Vitamin A is a vitamin which is certainly very good for eye health, besides consuming marlin fish regularly can indirectly improve eye health. Vitamin A in marlin can certainly be found in the liver oil section of fish which is very good for regular consumption.

2. Have Vitamin D
Vitamin D is a type of vitamin that is very useful for healthy bones and teeth. Consuming marlin fish certainly has a positive impact on our bodies, because consuming marlin regularly is able to meet the needs of calcium, phosphorus and also vitamin D which are very good for bones and teeth.

3. Have Calcium
Everyone certainly needs adequate calcium intake, such as children who are growing, women who are pregnant or even women who are breastfeeding. The three of them are examples of people who need a lot of calcium.

Because if the three of them are deficient in calcium, it will result in several factors such as brittle bones, brittle bones or frequent muscle spasms. Therefore, by consuming marlin fish regularly, of course the calcium the body needs will be fulfilled.

In addition, the calcium content in marlin fish is able to burn fat in the body, so this fish is suitable for dieting. In addition, marlin fish is also able to remove fat and suppress appetite.

4. Has Omega 3
The benefits of marlin fish are the content of omega 3 fatty acids, which are very much needed by the body. Because the omega 3 fatty acids in marlin fish are able to optimize the growth of brain cells in fetuses and babies, besides that, omega 3 in marlin fish is also able to increase the immune system so that it doesn't get sick easily.

In addition, consuming marlin fish regularly is certainly able to prevent degerative diseases that can cause heart attack or stroke caused by clots in blood vessels by bad fats which are often consumed by high fat foods.

5. Preventing convulsions
The phosphorus content in marlin is fairly stable, not too low nor too high, this is what makes marlin fish able to prevent seizures.

Because if a person consumes foods that contain too much phosphorus, what happens is calcium will be bound by phosphate ions, resulting in too high a phosphorus content in the body and can cause seizures.

6. Has Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin B Complex is a very good vitamin for hair health. Consuming marlin fish regularly is certainly able to nourish hair that has problems such as hair loss, dull hair and dry skin.

7. Optimizing Blood Circulation
As you have pointed out, not only does marlin fish have many benefits, but other parts of this marlin fish also have important benefits for the body. Like the head of the marlin fish, especially the blue marlin eye which contains polysaccharides which are useful for controlling blood flow and preventing blockages.

8. Contains Iron
What you need to know is that the iron content in marlin fish is much different from the iron content in general such as nuts, etc. Because the iron content in marlin is much more easily absorbed by the body, that's what makes marlin fish special. The iron content in marlin is believed to be able to prevent anemia.

There are quite a lot of benefits of marlin that I can explain on this occasion, but what you need to know is that marlin is included in the marine fish category where marine fish are very easily exposed to mercury.

Therefore, before consuming sea fish, it is expected to wash it cleanly, in order to avoid the dangers of mercury. Because mercury is very dangerous for humans, especially for pregnant women. Regards