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7 Benefits Of Nona Fruit For The Face To Stay Beautiful Naturally

Nona fruit or Lady fruit

Lady fruit or Nona Fruit is a fruit that is still in the same family as srikaya and soursop fruit. And many even think that this lady's fruit is srikaya fruit, because the shape and texture have the same shape.

What Lady Fruit or Nona Fruit?

This nona fruit has a Latin name, namely (Annona Reticulata), in contrast to the Latin-named soursop fruit (Annona Muricate) and srikaya fruit (Annona Squamosa). This nona fruit is one of the fruits that are very rare or rare, but there are also some people who still plant this nona fruit in their yard.

Some people may be very unfamiliar with the nona fruit, because it is a very rare existence. But there are also some people who call this lady a red srikaya fruit, because of the red skin shape.

Benefits Of Nona Fruit For The Face

Besides that, the nona fruit also has a lot of benefits that we can get, especially for beauty and facial health. Now here I will discuss a few of the benefits of the nona fruit, especially for beauty and facial skin health, let's look at some of the explanations.

1. Contains High Vitamin C
The content of Vitamin C in this nona fruit is fairly high, but many of us think that Vitamin C is only useful as a canker sore medicine or treating bleeding gums.

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that is very effective for maintaining healthy skin, especially facial skin. And there are even some people who take Vitamin C injections so that their facial skin or body looks pure white.

In addition, the Vitamin C content in this nona fruit turns out to play an important role in optimizing the amount of collagen that enters the body, so it's no wonder that this nona fruit is called the beauty fruit.

2. Optimizing the amount of collagen
Collagen is a nutrient that can make skin firmer, whiter and cleaner and also able to make skin glow. Therefore, the function of collagen in the nona fruit is able to keep the skin moisturised.

When we get older, premature aging, such as the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles on the face area are certainly very disturbing appearance so that it can reduce self-confidence. Because when we get older, our bodies are also quite difficult to produce collagen perfectly.

Therefore, consuming this nona fruit regularly is able to optimize the collagen content that the body needs, this is because the vitamin C content in this lady fruit is quite high.

3. High in Antioxidants
Like other fruits that contain antioxidants, now this nona fruit also contains natural antioxidants which are very useful for the skin. As well as overcoming premature aging, overcoming free radicals, and overcoming cancer of the skin.

4. Brighten Facial Skin
As I explained earlier, if you want bright facial skin, you certainly need maximum facial care. By consuming the nona fruit regularly, it is certainly able to make facial skin always moist.
If facial skin is always moist, facial skin will automatically be clean, and with regular cleaning of facial skin, it will indirectly make facial skin brighter.

The high content of Vitamin C in this nona fruit certainly plays an active role in brightening the skin, because the Vitamin C content in this nona fruit is able to optimize the amount of collagen in the body so that it can keep the body and facial skin awake.

5. High in Vitamin E
Apart from containing Vitamin C which is quite high, it turns out that this nona fruit also contains quite high Vitamin E. Maybe all of you also already know what are the benefits of Vitamin E for the skin.

Vitamin E is very useful for maintaining and maintaining the skin. So don't be surprised if a lot of skin beauty products use basic ingredients in the form of Vitamin E.

Nona fruit which contains Vitamin E is certainly very useful for skin health, especially facial skin, because with the presence of Vitamin E contained in the nona fruit, it turns out to be effective in preventing premature aging such as wrinkles on the face or black spots on the face.

6. Maintain Skin From Within
Nona fruit contains Vitamin E and Vitamin C which can treat the skin from within. Because most women prefer to care for their skin from the outside, such as using a moisturizer, day and night cream, softener, etc.

Therefore, consuming nona fruits that contain high nutrients can certainly treat and also protect the skin from within. Like if you consume fruit regularly, then you indirectly also take part in maintaining and caring for the skin from within.

7. Protects From Skin Infections
The skin is an area that is prone to infections ranging from fungi, or other bacteria. This is due to pollution or bacteria that stick to the skin area, especially facial skin.

To overcome this, it is enough to use the nona fruit as a natural remedy. The method is quite easy, namely by applying the nona fruit that has been mixed with salt, and wait a few minutes then wash it with clean water.

The antibacterial content in the nona fruit and also salt is very effective for maintaining and also caring for the skin naturally, so that the skin is not always exposed to some chemicals.

Those are some of the benefits of the nona fruit for skin health and beauty, especially facial skin naturally. Even though this nona fruit is already rare, the benefits we can get are so many. Hopefully this article can be useful and can also add insight to all of us. Regards