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7 Benefits of Not Wearing Underwear


Using underwear is a must for both men and women. But there are also some of us who rarely or never wear underwear.

For some people who do not wear pants in this case it is a comfort for them. Because when you don't use underwear, the air in and out is higher than those who wear underwear.

Benefits of Not Wearing Underwear

Even though it is quite strange, there are several benefits of not using underwear for both men and women. And on this occasion I will discuss what are the benefits of not wearing underwear, let's take a look at the reviews.

1. Free Flowing Air
The first benefit of not wearing underwear is that the air is released into the genital area. Moreover, if you add underwear made from synthetic, the air is also very difficult to enter and exit.

The benefit of the free air that enters the intimate area is to reduce the risk of moisture in the intimate area, because in that area it is very easy for several diseases to occur such as irritation or ulcers in the intimate area. Therefore, not using panties is able to reduce moisture in the intimate area.

2. Intimate Organs Can Breathe At Night
For some people, maybe they don't wear underwear at night, but for those of you who are not used to not wearing underwear, maybe not using underwear at night can also be a solution.

Like humans, sex organs also need to be free to move, especially at night. This is because the temperature at night is much lower than during the day, and it can make the intimate organs more humid.

3. Not susceptible to bacteria
A woman may not realize that her sex organs are the most exposed to bad bacteria. Especially if they often wear jeans, because these pants are able to move bacteria from outside the sex organs into the sex organs.

Because jeans-based pants should not be used for a long time, this is due to the easy transfer of bad bacteria into the intimate organs through jeans even after bathing.

4. Reducing Fungal Exposure
Fungi are bacteria that are very easy to land anywhere, especially in humid areas. For those of you who often get yeast infections, you can use this method to eliminate the risk of getting fungus on the skin of the intimate organs.

According to research, it turns out that using underwear can cause heat and also increase humidity in the area of ​​the intimate organs. It can increase fungal infection or commonly referred to as Tinea Cruris which can cause very annoying itching. Now this itching sensation is also known as Vaginal Yeast Infection.

5. Reducing the occurrence of friction
When we use underwear, it will certainly make the area of ​​the intimate organs moist, and when it is moist, it will certainly easily irritate the groin skin, especially if you are an athlete or person who often has dense activities, of course it is very dangerous in the groin area.

Do not rule out if the area often occurs in irritation that can cause pus and smells bad. That is a sign if the skin in the groin area has become irritated due to friction of the thighs and also the moisture in the groin skin due to wearing underwear.

6. Avoid from chemicals
When we have just washed our underwear, it will certainly cause the sticking of chemicals contained in detergents. Especially if you add fragrance when soaking your underwear. Of course it is very dangerous if the skin in the area of ​​the intimate organs is always directly exposed to the chemicals that stick to your underwear.

Especially if when you dry it but it doesn't dry completely, of course it will be twice as dangerous if you use it. Therefore, not wearing pants frequently can reduce the risk of being exposed to chemicals directly.

7. Reducing the Risk of Blood Circulation
The use of underwear that is too tight is certainly very annoying, on the other hand it will cause itching and red marks in the groin area. This is because blood circulation is hampered due to the tightness of the underwear that you wear so that it can cause irritation in the intimate area.

Those are some of the benefits of not wearing underwear, even though they are considered trivial and strange, but I feel myself wearing underwear or not. The taste that is given is also very different, in my opinion it is more comfortable not using underwear than wearing them.

But all of that is your birthright, if you want to try it please. Hopefully this article can be useful and also able to broaden our horizons. Regards