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Delicious But Healthy : 10 Benefits of Turmeric Fish for Body Health and Brain Intelligence

10 Benefits of Turmeric Fish for Body Health

Consuming fish is an important food that must be consumed by humans, especially for children who are still growing. Because sea fish is a food that is very high in Omega 3 and DHA which is very useful for brain development in children.

In addition, parents who often eat fish can reduce the risk of degerative cell disease that can attack the brain, causing senile, Alzheimer's and dementia. Therefore, consuming sea fish, especially turmeric fish, is a menu that must be consumed regularly.

Know About Turmeric Fish

Turmeric fish is one type of fish that is found in the Indonesian oceans, precisely in the Sunda Strait. This fish has a physical form that is very easy to remember, namely the yellow color found on the fins and tail of this turmeric fish.

Maybe that's why this fish is called turmeric fish, because the color of the tail is yellow like a tuber called turmeric. In addition, turmeric fish is one type of fish that has a lot of enthusiasm, because there are indeed several benefits to consuming turmeric fish regularly.

Benefits of Turmeric Fish which are high in iron

Before you consume turmeric fish, of course the first thing you have to know is what are the benefits of this turmeric fish, and here I will explain some of the benefits of turmeric fish for the health of the human body.

1. Improve Heart Health
The important benefit of consuming turmeric fish regularly is the abundance of vitamins and minerals which are very good for heart health. Unlike some of the content of other marine fish, turmeric fish contains fatty acids which are of course very good for the heart.

The content of fatty acids in turmeric fish is able to maintain cardiovascular health, stabilize heart performance and reduce the risk of several diseases caused by disruption of heart performance such as strokes and heart attacks.

2. Stabilizes the Digestive System
The uniqueness of this turmeric fish is its fiber content. This fiber is usually contained in fruits or vegetables, but you can also find fiber content in this turmeric fish.

The benefits of fiber for the body are optimizing the digestive system, preventing infection in the stomach and also promoting bowel movements. So if you have problems regarding the digestive system, maybe turmeric fish can be a solution.

3. Overcoming Hypertension
Hypertension or high blood pressure is a dangerous disease that can affect anyone, young or old. The content of minerals such as iron found in turmeric fish is quite high.

The benefits of iron in turmeric fish are to optimize the circulatory system so that it can prevent hypertension easily. However, there are things you need to know when processing turmeric fish, don't use excess oil.

4. Make the Body Become Fit
For those of you who consume turmeric fish regularly, of course you will have a fit and more powerful body. Because the nutritional content in turmeric fish is also useful for increasing stamina and endurance so that it is not susceptible to disease.

5. Improve Bone And Dental Health
Besides having iron content, turmeric fish also contains phosphorus which is of course very good for healthy bones and teeth. The benefits of phosphorus are actually the same as calcium which can optimize the protection of human bones and teeth.

That is why consuming turmeric fish is very good for children who are still growing, because if the need for phosphorus or calcium is met, it will increase the strength of bones and teeth.

6. Rich in Omega 3 and DHA
Turmeric fish is one type of fish that has high Omega 3 and DHA content because turmeric fish is one of the marine fish. Besides that, the omega 3 benefits found in turmeric fish help to optimize the nervous system and also brain development. So that turmeric fish is highly recommended for children who are in their infancy.

7. Prevent Cholesterol
Turmeric fish is a type of fish that can be consumed by anyone, be it the elderly, young people and even children. Even though this turmeric fish contains cholesterol, it has no effect on cholesterol sufferers.

For someone suffering from cholesterol, it is certainly very difficult to choose some foods that cannot make cholesterol levels rise. However, it is very different from turmeric fish, even though it contains cholesterol, all of that can be balanced by several other nutrients found in this turmeric fish.

This turmeric fish contains enough potassium to treat high cholesterol levels and also treat other cholesterol problems. So that consuming turmeric fish is believed to be safe for people with cholesterol.

8. Good for children growing up
Consuming fish, be it sea fish or freshwater fish, is a must-eat food for children who are still growing. According to research, children who eat fish twice a week certainly have a high enough level of intelligence compared to those who eat fish twice a month or never.

Because there are a lot of nutrients in fish, especially turmeric fish. In addition, the advantage of this turmeric fish is that it is delicious and tastier than fish meat in general, that's why many people consume turmeric fish as a side dish.

9. Overcoming Alzheimer's Disease And Dementia
Turmeric fish is one type of fish that has a lot of nutrients that are very good for brain development. As well as the content of Omega 3 and DHA which is very effective for overcoming Alzheimer's and Dementia.

10. Stabilizing Nervous System Performance
Some studies say that consuming fish, especially turmeric fish, is certainly very good for optimizing the performance of the nervous system, especially in children. So that it is able to make children sleep soundly at night, so that the development of the nervous system runs optimally. So that children who do not have problems sleeping at night certainly have a high level of focus when studying in the morning to evening.

Those are some of the benefits of turmeric fish that I can explain on this occasion, and the things you need to know when processing marine fish are to keep them clean as possible, because basically marine fish can certainly be contaminated by mercury which is obviously very dangerous for children, people. adults and pregnant women. Regards