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10 Tips for Treating Sick Children Without Having to See a Doctor

Everyone, this time I will discuss 10 tips that parents rarely do when their child is sick. Why do I want to discuss this? Because in my opinion most parents today are too overprotective of their children, how can that be? Yes, imagine a little warm body that the midwife immediately brought. Even though not all young children are bland against the medicine given by the midwife, therefore I will give a few tips for mothers so they don't panic when their child is sick.

Okay, before we go on, I want to advise that this method is a local wisdom culture that is rarely used by some parents, even though this method is quite effective and effective in curing a child's illness so that your little one is not always dependent on drugs, but if this method does not go away produce results immediately take your child to the nearest hospital or health center.

1. Fever
To deal with fever, the method is quite easy, namely by compressing warm water on your child's forehead with a thin cloth. Then coat your little one's body with onion slices, or it can be mixed with eucalyptus oil or the like, then give honey mixed with young coconut water.

2. Colds And Nasal Congestion
Inhale hot water that has been dripped with telon oil or eucalyptus oil. After that, keep your room moist and don't forget to turn off the air conditioner for a while, then prepare hot water that has been dripped with telon oil in the corner of your little room.

3. Cough
For coughs, mothers can give them lime plus honey or star fruit flowers plus honey or kencur juice plus honey or soy sauce plus lime juice.

4. Sore throat
When your little one has a sore throat, it makes it difficult for him to eat, because the throat hurts when swallowing food. But to treat it is quite easy for older children, namely simply gargling with warm water that is given a little salt, because salt itself is very effective for killing germs and also preventing inflammation. The second way, namely drinking warm water mixed with lime juice is also very effective for treating sore throats due to inflammation.

5. Diarrhea
When children are suffering from diarrhea, they are required to drink lots of water, the goal is to replace lost fluids. To treat it, it is enough to give guava leaf shoots which are very effective for treating diarrhea. If the child refuses, the mother can also add honey to reduce the original taste of the guava leaves.

6. Thrush
Thrush is a disease caused by germs that nest in the mouth and also a lack of Vitamin C in children. To cure it, give it a collision of saga leaves then drop a drop of honey, then stick it on the little sprue.

7. Worms
Worms is a common disease experienced by children, and some people prefer to consume deworming medicine for children, even though there are natural medicines that can treat intestinal worms. Petai is a natural remedy for worms, the sulfur and tannin content in petai is very effective in eradicating intestinal worms and getting rid of worms in little one's stool

8. Wounds
Whether it's a cut due to a sharp object or falling from a bicycle or something else, the way to treat it is also very easy, namely by applying natural honey to the wound. Besides being rich in nutrients, it turns out that honey is also very effective to be used as a disinfectant.

9. Ulcers
To deal with boils, the method is quite easy, namely by grinding or finely grinding prickly spinach leaves and adding honey. When the boil is dry, apply egg white plus honey so that the skin can return to normal.

10. Children have difficulty eating
To overcome children who have difficulty eating, the method is quite easy, give the ginger juice plus honey. Because this herb is very effective in stimulating appetite in children.

Maybe those are some treatment tips that are rarely done by parents on children. Hopefully this article can help all mothers to deal with diseases in children, hopefully get well soon. Regards