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Facts of Consuming Ambon Banana for People with Stomach Acid

When you grow up having high levels of stomach acid, of course it can cause several problems such as frequent flatulence, bad breath, etc. Several things are caused by high stomach acid, of course it really makes the body uncomfortable when doing activities or work.

Gastric acid can rise because it is caused by several unhealthy lifestyles such as frequent consumption of high fat foods, frequent drinking of alcoholic beverages, and also smoking excessively.

To deal with stomach acid naturally is by consuming bananas regularly. However, not all types of banana can overcome stomach acid disease, but only Ambon banana can.

Why only bananas? Because bananas contain nutrients that can reduce stomach acid levels. In addition, there are still a lot of nutritional content from Ambon banana which turns out to have many benefits such as.

1. Lowering Stomach Acid Levels
Consuming ambon bananas regularly turns out to be very effective in reducing stomach acid production to keep it stable. A special substance in Ambon banana is an antacid substance.

Actually, stomach acid is needed by the body, especially to smooth the digestive system and also to accelerate the absorption of Vitamin B12. However, too much stomach acid production is very dangerous.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to consume Ambon banana regularly in order to prevent stomach acid, consuming Ambon banana can also reduce the production of stomach acid in the body.

2. Has a Perfect pH
The pH content of Ambon banana is very different from other types of bananas. Ambon banana contains 5-6, this amount is ideal for the human body that has high stomach acid.

Consuming Ambon bananas regularly is certainly very useful to ease the production of stomach acid in the body. But don't consume Ambon banana excessively, besides that you also have to consume lots of water so that the decrease in stomach acid in the body can be maximized.

3. Smooth Digestive System
Acid reflux sufferers greatly affect their digestive system. There are so many disorders that exist in the digestive system when stomach acid recurs.

To deal with high stomach acid, of course it can be prevented by consuming Ambon banana. The fiber content in Ambon banana is very high so that it can smooth the digestive system.

4. Keeping The Fluid In The Body Stable
The body contains fluids that play an important role in the body's metabolic system, which is why consuming more water can balance the metabolic system in the body.

But when stomach acid increases, the fluid in the body becomes unstable, causing disruption of the metabolic system in the human body.

To prevent this from happening, eat Ambon banana to balance the amount of fluid in the body. Like other types of bananas, Ambon banana also has a high potassium content.

The benefits of potassium in Ambon banana are to balance the amount of fluid in the body. So that when the amount of fluid becomes stable, the body's metabolic system will run smoothly again.

5. Improve Oral Health
When stomach acid recurs, it greatly affects the health of your mouth. Because when stomach acid rises, it can cause bad breath which is very annoying.

Therefore consuming Ambon banana can also be a solution, because Ambon banana has a high Vitamin C content, different from other types of bananas. Besides that, bananas also have a sweet taste so they are very effective in reducing problems for your tongue too.

6. Able to Become a Source of Energy
Besides having the benefit of preventing stomach acid from rising, it turns out that there are a lot of vitamins and minerals in Ambon banana, its function is to increase stamina in the body when on the move.

Perhaps many are wondering why most people who are going to do strenuous exercise consume Pisanv Ambon first? Because Ambon banana also provides new energy so that it makes the body not easily tired.

7. Become a Source of Electrolytes
Some people who do not know that Ambon banana contains electrolytes, most of them choose to consume berotonik drinks so that their bodies do not tire easily.

Because when the body lacks electrolytes when stomach acid is high, it can cause the body to become very tired. Therefore, to prevent the body from feeling weak and tired, of course you can consume Ambon bananas.

Ambon banana contains sodium and potassium which are believed to be natural electrolyte sources. So when you experience weakness when stomach acid recurs, it can be prevented by consuming Ambon banana.

Although consuming Ambon banana when stomach acid is high can be prevented, there are some people who are allergic to Ambon banana, so for those of you who have a history of allergies you should switch to other foods that can prevent stomach acid.

Because if it is continued, the fear is not cured but will increase stomach acid, and of course this is very dangerous for those who have a history of stomach acid disease. Regards