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[Rare Wood] 9 Benefits of Bajakah Wood as Anti Cancer

Bajakah wood is a wood that is said to be considered mystical by the people of Kalimantan or Borneo Province. In addition, the large number of trees being cut down on the island for farming makes this steel very rare.

9 Benefits of Bajakah Wood as Anti Cancer

But on the other hand, there were 3 students from SMAN 2 Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan who made a study on this Bajakah wood. The results of the research were able to make the country of origin proud, namely Indonesia in the World Invention Olympic (WHO) competition in Seoul, South Korea in July 2019 yesterday.

In addition, the research conducted by 3 students was able to provide fresh air for cancer sufferers. Because according to research conducted steel wood is not only able to inhibit cancer cells but can also cure cancer.

Know About Bajakah Wood

According to the Dayak community, the Bajakah wood is already known as a hereditary traditional medicine that is able to cure diseases, but until now there is still no news from the Dayak community regarding this Bajakah wood.

Happy news emerged when students from SMAN Palangkaraya conducted a research on Bajakah wood which had quite surprising results. According to several studies after SMAN Palangkaraya students mentioned that Bajakah wood does have a great chance of curing cancer, this is because there is a substance that functions as an anti-cancer in the steel.

Benefits of Bajakah Wood for Cancer Patients

Even though steel wood has not been carried out any higher research so that some people are still in doubt. But what you need to know is that some researchers have said that steel has great potential to cure cancer and other diseases.

1. Has High Antioxidants
One of the important results of research on steel wood is its very high antioxidant content. Because only steel has a very high antioxidant content compared to the others. The benefits of antioxidants from steel are very important, which is able to kill cancer cells, so it is not surprising that steel can treat cancer.

2. Has Anti-Cancer Compounds
What you need to know is that not only antioxidants can kill cancer cells. The antioxidant content in steel is not a reference, but there are several other compounds that become a reference that steel wood can treat cancer.

Some of the compounds in Bajakah wood are believed to be anti-cancer, such as Saponins, Tannins, Alconoids, Terpenoids to Pitu Gimia Cells which are known as anti-cancer compounds. However, more research is needed to ensure its effectiveness.

3. Able to Inhibit and Kill Cancer Cells
Something that strengthens why steel is able to inhibit and also be able to kill cancer cells is a study by students from SMAN Palangkaraya who injected tumor-growing compounds in mice.

The next step is to provide Bajakah wood extract. And the results are quite satisfying, namely steel wood is not only able to inhibit cancer cells but also be able to cure these small animals.

4. Accelerate Healing Time
In addition, Bajakah wood is also able to accelerate the healing process, because several other studies state that this Bajakah wood variety contains active compounds such as tannins, flavonoids, saponins and felonics.

Some of these compounds are known to be able to accelerate the wound healing process by maximizing the performance of new cell regeneration so that they are able to close wounds quickly.

5. Contains Anti-Bacterial
Bajakah wood not only has active compounds that can heal wounds but in steel it also has anti-bacterial compounds. The water content in Bajakah wood contains anti-bacterial compounds that can treat diseases caused by bacteria such as diarrhea.

6. Smooth Regeneration of Cells in the Body
For cancer patients, of course, they experience damage to cells in the body, because of the result of therapy or other treatments. So that cancer sufferers must immediately get new cells to replace cells damaged by cancer. That is why steel is believed to be able to treat cancer.

7. Provides Health To The Skin
Besides being able to optimize cell regeneration and also cure cancer, it turns out that Bajakah wood also has a high enough vitamin C content. Vitamin C in Bajakah wood is nutritious for the production of the amount of collagen in the body so it is very good for forming healthy skin. In addition, Vitamin C in steel is also useful for regenerating dead skin cells.

8. Preventing Heart Disease
Heart disease is a very dangerous disease, this disease does not only affect the elderly, but there are several cases where people under 30 years of age can also develop heart disease.

The content of compounds in Bajakah wood such as catechins are compounds that play an active role in curing cancer and are also able to prevent heart disease. In addition, these compounds are also able to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

9. Preventing Obesity
Besides being able to cure cancer and also treat heart disease, catechin compounds in Bajakah wood also play an active role in overcoming obesity.

Although Bajakah wood has been proven to be useful as a cancer drug, this still requires further research. But on the other hand, this has become a bright spot for cancer sufferers, so those who have cancer can give them new hope.

Those are some of the benefits of Bajakah wood from Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Even though this wood is getting scarce, there are some native Kalimantan people who sell a lot of Bajakah wood for those who need the benefits of this steel. Regards