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Called Natural Anti Cancer : 5 Benefits of Dried Lizard Meat for Natural Treatment

Lizards are one of the animals that are often found in the house. Because they can definitely be found on the walls of the house or the roof of the house. But there are also some myths that if a lizard falls, it is a bad sign.

5 Benefits of Dried Lizard Meat for Natural Treatment

Benefits of Lizards for Human Life

Perhaps many are wondering if it is true that lizards have benefits for human life? There must be, only you don't know what the benefits are, that's why here I will try to explain some of the benefits.

- Insect Eaters
Although lizards are in the reptile category, most of the main food of these lizards is insects that can fly. Especially during the rainy season, mosquitoes are everywhere. With the presence of lizards it will help kill mosquitoes, because mosquitoes are the favorite food of lizards.

- Protects Clothing Eaten by Termites
Termites are also one of the favorite foods of lizards, with the presence of lizards it can overcome termite pests that often bother humans, whether it is eating money or even clothes.

- As Pet Food
Lizards are animals that have a high content of nutrients such as protein, which is why many people recommend giving lizard meat to your pets to keep them healthy.

Benefits of Lizard Meat for Health

It turns out that after tracing it, white lizard meat is often used as a variety of herbal medicines. Because there are so many important ingredients in the lizard meat that it can treat several diseases.

1. Treating Asthma
Maybe this is familiar to Chinese people, because many Tabibs use lizard meat as a treatment for asthma. Treating asthma has been done since ancient times, so this has become a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.

In addition, Chinese medicine still uses several reptiles such as lizards as a medium for treating asthma. But calm down, for those of you who are disgusted, now there is dried lizard meat in capsules.

2. Overcoming Skin Diseases
Lizards are indeed considered disgusting animals, because they have a very strange skin shape. But apart from being disgusting, Chinese people have used lizard meat as a medium for treating skin diseases such as itching caused by allergies.

3. Overcoming Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are a disease that most people probably don't want to admit to, because for him having hemorrhoids is a shame that must be maintained. But never thought that by consuming dry white lizard meat, it could treat hemorrhoids.

Many countries in China have used dry white lizard meat to treat and treat this hemorrhoid disease. So that those with this disease can recover optimally.

4. Smooth Digestive System
The digestive system is one of the most important organs for the body. Because in a good digestive system it will produce health in the body. Because the health of the body also depends on a healthy and smooth digestive system.

Treating and also smoothing the digestive system has certainly become a tradition passed down from generation to generation by Chinese society. Because most of the traditional medicines that are able to smoothen the digestive system are made from dried lizard meat.

5. Able to Treat Cancer
According to the case studies that I received recently, there are many studies that say that white lizard meat is able to treat cancer. Because they mention that the content of dry white lizard meat contains a lot of protein.

The high protein in dried lizard meat is able to regenerate or restore cells damaged by cancer or the effects after therapy. The cells that are slowly damaged will recover, so that people with cancer will be cured. That is why consuming a supplement made from dried white lizard meat is able to treat and also prevent cancer.

Those are some of the benefits of dried lizard meat for natural treatment, indeed the treatment using dried lizard meat in the form of supplements or tablets may have been produced by several traditional medicine manufacturers, so you don't need to worry if you experience some of the diseases that I just described. You just have to look for some of your subscription drugstores and look for supplements or tablets made from dried lizard meat.

How to Overcome Too Much Lizard Population in the House

But for those of you who are not comfortable with the large lizard population in your house. Sometimes many feel amused or disgusted when they see a lizard around the room, which is why I also give some tips to deal with the lizard population in the house.

- Using sticky traps is the most effective and environmentally friendly thing, although it is considered cruel because the lizard will die slowly but this method is quite effective in reducing the lizard population.

- Spraying insecticide can also be an alternative to repel lizards, because when you spray this medicine the lizards in the room will leave. But sometimes this method can fail because when you don't spray the medicinal liquid anymore, the lizard will usually come back.

- Hanging onions or garlic in every corner of the room, because lizards have a very sharp sense of smell, so they do not like the smell of garlic or onion. Now this method is also quite effective even though it is quite complicated to do it.

Those are some tips for dealing with annoying lizard populations. You can do one of the three tips that I provide, but you can also experiment on your own to overcome the lizard population. Hopefully the benefits of lizard meat that I have described can be useful and also the tips I give can be useful for all of us. Regards