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15 Benefits of Star Apple Rare Fruit Rich in Nutrients

Fruit has many benefits for our health, consuming fruit as a snack is a healthy step that many people can take. Like star apple or kenitu fruit, which has many benefits, on the other hand, there are still many who don't know about the benefits of this rare fruit.

15 Benefits of Star Apple

Know About Star Apple Fruit

Before we discuss some of the benefits of star apple fruit, I will explain a little about what star apple fruit is. Star apple fruit is a fruit that comes from the Caribbean. star apple fruit has a Latin name, namely Chryshopyllum Cainito.

Although originating from the Caribbean islands, we have found a lot of tropical areas such as Southeast Asia. Star apple fruit is also still in the Sapotaceae family which means that it is still one family with sapodilla fruit.

Benefits of Star Apple Fruit for Body Health

Star apple fruit is one type of fruit that has a very low calorie level, but on the other hand, the carbohydrate content in this fruit is fairly high, which is why star apple is an alternative energy source. Besides that, kenitu fruit also has many benefits, and here I will try to explain some of the benefits for kenitu.

1. Recommended For Diet Program
If you are doing a diet program, of course you must consume foods that are high in fiber but low in calories. In addition, you also have to meet your carbohydrate needs so you don't get tired.

Star apple fruit is one type of fruit that contains quite high carbohydrates so that it is a substitute for main foods such as rice. In addition, star apple fruit is also very low in calories so it is safe for consumption for those of you who are on a diet.

2. Can be consumed for Diatebes sufferers
Diabetics certainly have several restrictions when consuming food, and the most important prohibition is not eating sweet foods. But unlike the star apple fruit, the star apple fruit has a sweet and fresh taste, however the kenitu fruit can be consumed for diabetics.

3. High in fiber
The fiber contained in kenitu is quite high, and the function of consuming foods that contain fiber is to overcome several problems in the digestive system such as constipation, constipation or other problems. In addition, consuming fruit that contains fiber such as kenitu is also capable of launching bowel movements.

4. Improve Bone Health
Besides being rich in fiber, kenitu also has mineral content which is certainly very good for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. So if you want healthy bones and teeth naturally, you can consume them regularly.

5. Reducing Pain During Menstruation
When experiencing menstruation on the first day, what most women always feel is pain in the lower abdomen. Of course this is very annoying, especially when you are working or studying, it can make your mind chaotic.

According to the experience of some people, consuming for star apple has a compound that turns out to be very effective in reducing pain during menstruation, so you don't need to do compresses on the stomach or even take drugs.

6. Rich in Vitamin C
Who would have thought that Vitamin C was also found in star apple, even though most people know that Vitamin C is only found in oranges. The content of Vitamin C in star apple turns out to play an active role in optimizing the amount of collagen in the body.

7. Smooth Oxygen Distribution
Oxygen is very important for human life, if the distribution of oxygen that works in the body does not run optimally, it will certainly inhibit cell regeneration optimally.

Consuming for star apple regularly is certainly capable of smoothing and also optimizing oxygen distribution, so that cells can regenerate optimally.

8. Maintain Heart Health
Having a healthy heart is everyone's dream, because indeed having a healthy organ is very valuable from anything. To get a healthy heart quality, of course you need to consume food or fruit that is good for your heart health.

Like star apple fruit which is useful for maintaining heart health, the potassium content in star apple serves to keep the heart healthy. In addition, potassium is an important compound that can be found in star apple.

9. Improve Eye Health
Having healthy eyes is very important for everyone, because by having healthy eyes we can use them as much as possible. But did you know that star apple also contains Beta-Carotene which is certainly very good for maintaining eye health.

10. Maintain Body Resistance
Star apple fruit is indeed famous for its high Vitamin C content. The content of Vitamin C and also several other minerals in star apple is believed to be able to increase and also maintain endurance.

11. Reducing the risk of developing Anemia
Anemia or lack of red blood is a disease that can attack adults or young children. This disease can certainly be prevented by consuming foods or fruits that contain iron.

Incidentally, star apple also contains iron which is certainly able to treat anemia. So for those of you who often experience anemia, try to avoid blood-boosting drugs, and replace these drugs with those for use. Apart from being without side effects, this fruit is also very good for health.

12. Has High Antioxidants
Apart from containing vitamins and nutrients which of course play an important role for the health of the body. It turns out that star apple is also a high source of antioxidants. The benefits of antioxidants are to ward off free radicals and also protect the skin from bad UV rays.

13. Being a natural cough medicine
If we talk about traditional cough medicine, of course many people answer soy sauce plus lime. However, many of these drugs do not like it, because it tastes sweet, salty, sour and sour in one.

It turns out that star apple fruit is also one of the traditional medicines that can cure coughs naturally. Many choose to seek treatment using star apple rather than other cough medicines, because according to them consuming star apple as a cough medicine is much better.

14. Overcoming Premature Aging
Premature aging can affect anyone, both young and old, who can experience premature aging. Some types of premature aging include the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles or loose skin.

Premature aging can occur due to exposure to free radicals or exposure to UV rays which cause skin damage. That is why consuming star apple can overcome premature aging and also keep the skin healthy naturally.

15. Has Anti-Bacterial Substances
According to research, kenitu has patent anti-bacterial substances, so this substance is often used for children with diarrhea or other diseases. That is why many people consume star apple as a solution to get rid of bacteria in the body naturally.

Some Things You Need To Know When Eating Star Apple Fruit

Star apple fruit is believed to have many very important benefits for humans. But there are a few things I need to explain before I miss them, because if that happens it will be a health problem.

- For those of you who have just consumed star apple, the thing you need to know is not to continue consuming for kenitu if an allergic reaction occurs. Because we do not know whether we are allergic or not to walnuts.

- Star apple fruit is believed to have very many benefits for health, and even the leaves and seeds also have many benefits. But what you need to know is not to consume the kenitu seeds excessively, because it could be that the star apple seeds contain toxins which are certainly very dangerous for health.

Those are some of the benefits of star apple, which is believed to have many benefits. Actually, this fruit is very easy to find in tropical areas, but this fruit is not as popular as fruits such as apples, grapes, melons, etc. Hopefully this article can add insight to all of us. Regards