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10 Benefits of Tongue Sole Fish Rich and High in Nutrients

Fish is a food that has a lot of nutrients that are very good for the health of the body. Moreover, the nutrients contained in the tongue fish or mucus fish, which do have a lot of benefits.

10 Benefits of Tongue Sole Fish

Know About Tongue Fish

Tongue fish or lendra fish is one type of fish that is often hunted by large traders for the needs of star-rated restaurants. This fish has the Latin name Cynoglossus Lingua, this tongue fish is still a Catfish in the Cynoglossidae family.

This fish is flat and only has two eyes on the left side, so it looks like one-sided fish. This fish is very much hunted by fishermen, because small tongue fish is usually used for salted fish, but for medium size it is more used for side dishes, besides that for large sizes, many are exported to several countries of China, Singapore and Japan.

Tongue fish has the largest size up to 66 centimeters, although most are only half or medium which is often found, but this tongue fish can be found in estuaries or shallow waters in tropical and subtropical areas.

The physical characteristics that are more prominent than this fish are the brownish red body color and there is an eye on the left side of the body. In addition, this tongue fish has gill covers, scribbled scales, and has many fins on the back, abdomen, tail and bottom.

Ingredients of Tongue Fish

As we know that aloe fish has many nutrients contained in it, but for those of you who don't understand, I will try to explain. In 100 grams of fish meat this tongue contains:

  • Calories 100Kcal
  • 16 grams of protein
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B Complex
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  • Calcium
  • Phosphor
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Iodine
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium

Benefits of Tongue Sole Fish for Body Health

Those are some of the nutrients contained in this fish, and now I will explain some of the benefits of tongue fish for the health of the human body.

1. Has Omega 3
Aloe fish is believed to contain omega 3 which is very good for the body. Dull hair and skin are the result of a diet that is low in fat so that the body lacks nutrients.

Therefore, the role of omega 3 in luidah fish is to keep the skin and hair healthy and shiny. Because the fat content in omega 3 is included in the type of good fat.

2. Increase Fertility In Men
Eating tongue fish regularly is also very nutritious to improve the quality of sperm produced by a man. In addition, consuming aloe fish is also able to make a man's body fitter.

3. Rich in Vitamin B
The content of vitamin B in tongue fish is very important for maintaining red blood cells, maintaining the body's metabolic system, increasing the immune system so that it is not susceptible to disease, and also maintaining healthy skin.

4. Preventing Obesity
Consuming tongue fish regularly turns out to be able to prevent obesity in humans, because the content of omega 3 fatty acids is able to stimulate the leptin hormone to the maximum.

The benefits of the hormone Lempin are that it can help maintain the body's metabolism, low in calories and be able to lose weight and the food that enters the human body.

5. Increase the Immune System
Every human being must have an immune system, but everyone has a different immune system. The benefit of the immune system is to protect the human body from foreign objects that can cause disease in humans.

Consuming tongue fish regularly can provide nutrients to humans such as nutrients and vitamins so that the immune system in humans can increase and are not susceptible to disease.

6. Lowering Triglyceride Levels
Triglycerides are the main formulation of animal fats present in the human bloodstream, and indicate the amount of fat the body will process. If you consume aloe fish at least twice a week it can balance your triglyceride levels and also reduce animal fat levels.

7. Prevent Hypertension
Hypertension or so-called high blood pressure can cause excessive headaches. The omega 3 content in tongue fish helps lower blood pressure and also keeps blood flow working optimally.

8. Increasing the Quality of the Hormone Insulin
For those of you who have diabetes, you should start now to consume tongue fish regularly, because of the high content of omega 3 fatty acids. Besides being able to prevent obesity and optimize body weight, the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids in aloe fish can improve the quality of the insulin hormone in the human body.

9. Has Vitamin A and Vitamin C
Vitamin A is a very good vitamin for eye health. On the other hand, the benefits of the two vitamins are maintaining the immune system which is the main key to the immune system and skin health.

10. Has Calcium And Iron
No wonder someone needs calcium intake that is different from other people. Some people who need a lot of calcium intake, among others, are pregnant women, breastfeeding women and for children during growing up.

If a person lacks calcium in the body, they will experience several factors such as brittle bones, brittle bones, and imperfect muscle formation so that muscle spasms often occur.

Consuming tongue fish is a type of fish that is very rich in benefits, besides that tongue fish is also easy to process in various ways. Besides that, aloe fish also has a delicious and savory taste image so that it is good for all ages to eat. Regards