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9 Benefits of Black Madras Rice High in Nutrients for the Body

Purple rice or commonly referred to as black madras is a variant of rice that has dark purple stems, this type of rice comes from Japan. Varieties of this type of rice are very different from rice types such as Inpari, IR, Local Varieties etc.

Know About Black Madras (Black Rice)

Black madras were first cultivated in Madras, India. This type of rice is a cross between Indian Black Rice and Basmati. After that, black madras rice developed rapidly in Japan and Korea as a very healthy type of rice.

The uniqueness of this type of rice is that it grows green like rice in general, but when the rice is 40 days old, the leaves which initially turn green turn dark purple. For the harvest period and also the form of care for black madras rice, the type of rice is the same as for the type of rice in general.

Benefits of Black Madras (Black Rice)

Black madras are characterized by dark purple stems, almost black, the leaves stand upright, the grains of this black madras type of rice are shiny green. This rice can grow on plains as high as 20 meters to 1000 meters above sea level. For this rice height ranges from 75 to 110 centimeters, black madras rice plants are also not easily broken, in contrast to other types of rice. The resulting rice has a tasteless and not so fluffier taste. However, black madras rice has several advantages and advantages as follows.

- Black madras rice is the only type of rice that has higher resistance compared to other types of rice against various types of pests. The resistance of this type of rice to attack reaches the biotype stage 2.

- Black madras rice is also very easy to grow because of its resistance to various types of pests, especially grasshoppers because they are reluctant to eat it because of its different aroma and color. Bird pests also do not attack this type of rice because it has dark purple leaves. Even rats do not want to go near this type of rice.

- The advantage of purple rice is its relatively low cost of fertilization, so it is very profitable for farmers. Because black madras rice only uses 75% of the fertilizer that is usually used in ordinary rice.

- One of the benefits of purple rice or black madras is the low content of fructose-type sugar but contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B12 which are very good for body health.

Benefits of Black Madras Rice (Purple Rice)
Black madras rice has actually been widely grown in several tropical countries, but currently there are some countries that may not grow this type of rice, because according to them black madras rice is not superior to other types of rice, besides black madras rice is not fluffier like rice in general. Although it has several disadvantages, black madras rice has many benefits as follows.

1. High in Carbohydrates
Black madras rice is one type of rice that has a very high carbohydrate content, so this type of rice is very effective for increasing energy sources. In addition, the content of vitamins and minerals in black madras rice can balance the metabolic system in the human body.

2. As Ornamental Plants
Not only flowers or other types of plants that can be used as ornamental plants. Black madras rice (Padi Ungu) is also commonly used as an ornamental plant on the home page.

In some countries, many also use this type of rice as an ornamental plant. According to them, black madras rice has its own uniqueness whether in the stems, leaves and pulp.

3. High in antioxidants
The content of Vitamin A and also Vitamin C in black madras rice is very high, both of these vitamins play an important role to become natural antioxidants that can ward off free radicals. In addition, black madras rice contains fiber which can prevent colon cancer and colorectal cancer.

4. Contains Rice Oil
When black madras rice is processed into rice, it will produce rice which contains oil which is very good for the health of the body, especially it can reduce levels of bad cholesterol which is very dangerous for the health of the body.

5. Can Be Used As A Mask
Not only ordinary rice can be used as a mask, it turns out that black madras rice can also be processed into natural face masks. In addition, the benefits of using a black madras rice mask are exfoliating dead skin, brightening the skin, and overcoming inflammation of the skin.

6. Increase Endurance
Maintaining the immune system is one of everyone's duties, because if the immune system is properly maintained, the person will not be susceptible to various diseases.

Black madras rice contains Phenolic, Flavonoid Compounds, Vitamin C and Vitamin A which are very useful for getting rid of viruses and bacteria that many enter the human body.

7. Good for consumption of diabetes sufferers
For people who have a history of diabetes or even people who have this disease, of course they should not consume foods that have a high level of sweetness, because it can trigger blood sugar to rise.

Black madras rice has a low amylase content so it is suitable for consumption for diabetics. In addition, the glycemic content in rice is also very low, so it is very safe for consumption for obese sufferers.

8. High in fiber
The fiber content in black madras rice is very high, so it is very good for the digestive system. So for those of you who have problems with the digestive system, you can consume this type of rice. In addition, the high fiber content makes the stomach fuller than usual.

The benefits of black madras rice are indeed very many, but currently many are disappointed when planting this type of rice because according to those who have planted it, the yields are not as much as rice in general and also the rice is not tasty when eaten. Regards