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Natural Beauty With Black Rose : Benefits and Nutrition for Facial Skin

Roses are one type of flower that is very liked by many people. Roses have five types, namely red roses, yellow roses, white roses, pink roses and black roses. But on this occasion I will try to explain a little about the benefits of black roses for natural beauty and health.

Natural Beauty With Black Rose: Benefits and Nutrition for Facial Skin

Get to know about black roses

The rose plant actually originated from the Eastern European Continent which spread widely to China, the Middle East and even today the rose plant has spread throughout the world.

For dark red roses, many call it a black rose, although for physical form it is not black, but this type of rose has a dark red color.

Why is the red rose color dark? Because it can happen due to lack of exposure to sunlight, so it causes anthocyanin levels to accumulate, so the rose plant cannot oxidize.

In addition, the temperature is cold enough to cause roses to be slow to decompose metabolic reactions so that the color of the roses does not fade easily.

Where can black roses be found?

Black roses are one type of flower that is rarely found, aka rare, because this flower is very difficult to plant and also how to care for it. Black roses can live in areas with cold temperatures with little exposure to sunlight, besides this flower also requires high rainfall.

Not only in forests, now black roses can be found in Turkey, to be more precise in the Halfeti region. The location is very good for planting black roses, because the location is next to the Euphrates river which greatly affects the growth of these black roses.

Roses only bloom twice in a year, namely in spring and autumn, besides that the time needed is relatively shorter, which is only 15 days, because when summer comes the black color of black roses will fade.

Many don't know the benefits of black roses, because most people only know that this flower is a symbol of sadness. Even though this flower is very good for those of you who are doing beauty treatments.

1. As an antiseptic
The uniqueness of black roses can be a natural antiseptic that can heal wounds. Because roses have always been believed to be able to reduce bleeding, because all types of roses have anti-bacterial properties so they can prevent infection from wounds exposed to bacteria or germs.

2. Source of Antioxidants
Black roses contain vitamins and other nutrients that can be used as a high source of antioxidants. Especially the content of Vitamin C and Vitamin E which are widely used as beauty products.

Because antioxidants are believed to be able to ward off free radicals which are of course very dangerous for the skin, especially facial skin, because they can cause premature aging. In addition, there are a lot of beauty products made from black rose flower extract.

3. Smooth Menstruation
It turns out that black roses have been widely used by people to launch menstruation, because roses contain hormones that trigger menstruation. Besides that, other benefits of black roses are also very useful for reducing pain, nausea and fatigue when menstruating.

4. To Calm Heart
Roses actually have a distinctive aroma and are very fragrant, this flower is also very suitable to be used as a mind soothing relaxation. In addition, black roses can also be used as aromatherapy ingredients found in rose essential oil. Because according to research rose flower oil can also be used as an antidepressant.

5. Throat medicine
The benefits of black roses are also able to soothe the throat, because black roses contain antioxidants and antibacterials which also function to treat sore throats and infections that occur in the throat.

6. Good For Digestion
In addition, other benefits of this flower are to help smooth the digestive system, and get rid of bad bacteria that are in the stomach, besides that the content of black roses also functions to maintain the mucosa in the stomach. Even though it has the function of maintaining health for the stomach, it turns out that black roses are also believed to be a natural smoothing medicine for stomach problems.

7. Natural Remedy for Urinary Tract Infection
Urinary tract infections usually occur in the urinary tract causing discomfort when urinating. This is due to the presence of bacteria or other problems in the urinary tract, which can lead to infection. Black rose flower extract is also often used as a urinary tract infection drug.

8. Increase the Immune System
The high content of antioxidants and also Vitamin C in black roses is very good for boosting the immune system. Because the combination of these two nutrients, apart from being able to ward off free radicals, is often used to boost the immune system.

9. Keeps Skin Moisture
Irritation and premature aging are skin problems caused by dry skin. To maintain skin moisture, of course you usually use beauty products that contain lots of chemicals, but even using black roses is actually enough to increase skin moisture.

10. Prevent Inflammation
Black roses have anti-inflammatory properties which are very good for preventing inflammation of the body, especially on your facial skin. The trick is to use black rose water which is also able to treat acne on your facial skin.

The benefits of black roses are numerous and of course very good for your facial skin care to make it look more naturally beautiful. Black roses can also be used as a Toner, Face Mist, Essential Oil and also a natural mask mixture for the face.

Besides being able to be applied directly to your facial skin, there are also several other ways to get the benefits of black roses, for example as tea. Even though this flower is quite rare and there are still a few beauty manufacturers that use the raw materials of this flower, you can still search for some products about black roses online so that you can still get the benefits of this flower. Regards