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Benefits and How To Do Calorie Breaks For a Healthy Body

Calorie pause is an activity where the goal is to remove toxins that are in the human body. When you are on a calorie break, there are a number of things that you must obey, such as you can only consume water while doing water.

Benefits and How To Do Calorie Breaks For a Healthy Body

How to Pause Calories

Even though you need calories for your body, taking a calorie break is really needed. For example, when you take a 24 hour calorie break, at that time you cannot consume food or drinks other than plain water.

If you want to take a calorie break for 48 hours or 2 full days then the rules are the same. According to some experts on health, it turns out that taking a calorie break really helps optimize the performance of the body's organs.

Many have felt the effects of taking a calorie break for 6 months. They said that their health greatly improved after taking a calorie break.

Benefits of pause calorie for the body

Taking a calorie break is one way to repair damaged nerve cells or nerve cells that are not working optimally and indirectly replace some nerve cells that are much healthier.

Doing a calorie pause is done at least within 24 hours, because when you pause calories it will stimulate hormones that can grow new nerve cells needed by the body.

When the hormone is stimulated to make new nerve cells, it will automatically repair nerve cells that are damaged or dead. If the body is routinely infused with calories, of course this will not stimulate the hormone to produce new nerve cells so that some old nerve cells continue to work.

This is often encountered by adults who have indeed entered the age of 50 years and over. According to the observations of several experts, those who do not take a calorie break actually have slow body functions and are not working optimally.

This happens because the body does not produce new nerve cells so that the human body continues to use the old nerve cells. That is the reason why taking a calorie break is needed by the body, because there are many benefits of a calorie break for the human body, as follows.

1. Always renew all nerve cells that are damaged or dead so that all organs of the body continue to work optimally.

2. Able to remove all toxins and viruses that land in the human body. Besides that, taking a calorie break is also good for kidney health, preventing hypertension, and also keeping cholesterol stable.

3. Freeing the digestive tract from various diseases or toxins so that the body remains in a healthy and fit condition.

4. Increase the immune system so that when a virus or poison enters the body it can be immediately detained before entering the body.

5. Able to cure several diseases in the body by taking a calorie break.

6. Generating vitality in the human body so that it makes it easier for humans to move smoothly.

7. Maximize the performance of the healing system so that people who often take a long calorie break have the chance to recover faster.

Rules Before Doing Calorie Break

Keep in mind that to get the benefits of taking a calorie break, of course there are a number of things that need to be considered so that the benefits can be felt by the body. Some people who have taken a calorie break will not get results if their bodies still contain pathogens.

Therefore you need to rid the body of various pathogens so that you can get satisfying results. To get rid of pathogens in the body you need to consume old coconut fruit raw. You need to consume 1/4 of a grain per day, according to the statement of Mr. Adi Nugroho from Klaten, Indonesia that can cure many diseases with this method.

Consuming Old Coconut before taking a calorie break within one month you can find out some of the effects. Like a way of knowing the body to react or not by checking the smell of fart. When the smell of your fart still smells, it proves that your body still contains pathogens and you can't take a calorie break.

Keep consuming old coconut fruit until the smell of your fart really doesn't smell anymore. When it doesn't smell, you can start a calorie pause for 24 hours to 48 hours first.

Things to Look For Before Consuming Old Raw Coconut

- Always choose the old coconut type that has just been peeled off the skin
- Do not scratch the most basic coconut skin
- Drink the water in the coconut, then split the old coconut into 4 parts
- Eat one part of the split coconut once a day, then save the remaining 3 parts in the refrigerator.
- You can consume coconut in any way you like, whether it's grated or eaten immediately
- You can consume a little at a time or finish it immediately, the important thing is that one part must be finished within a day
- In essence, the old coconut you eat must be completely raw, meaning that it is not processed in various ways.

As long as you consume old coconut raw, you will experience a detox release in your body. It is able to remove some of the toxins lodged in your body.

Hopefully, by taking a calorie break you can feel the positive benefits so that if you have a disease you can recover by taking regular calorie breaks. Regards