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Nutrition and Benefits of Chayote Juice For Natural Health

Pumpkin fruit is often consumed by some Indonesian citizens as lodeh, tamarind or even stir fry. Because this pumpkin has an image of a delicious and savory taste when it is made into a side dish. In addition, pumpkin is low in calories so it is very good for those of you who are on a diet program.

Nutrition and Benefits of Chayote Juice For Natural Health

Know About Chayote

Chayote is a plant originating from Thailand, and is widespread in several tropical areas in Southeast Asia, for example. Chayote is a type of vine plant so when you plant chayote, of course you need a rope or wood as a propagation place.

Chayote is one type of vegetable that has a Latin name, namely Sechium Edule, besides that chayote is still in the same family as Cucurbitaceae. Chayote has a shape like a pear and is green, has a hard texture, usually there are many small spines around the skin of the chayote, but some chayote do not have it.

Nutritional content of Chayote

Chayote has a high fiber content, but besides that there are many more nutrients that are very good for the health of the body.

  • Antioxidants
  • Manganese
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Phosphor
  • Copper
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Folic acid
  • Flavonoid Acids

Benefits of Chayote for Health

Chayote is not only delicious as a food, especially using coconut milk. But if you want the complete nutrition in the chayote, of course you need to process it properly so that the nutritional content in the chayote is maintained.

Like consuming the squash juice, of course, it can provide unchanging nutrition. The method is quite easy, namely to taste the chayote, then split it into two parts, then rub the two parts to remove the white sap in the chayote.

After that remove the chayote seeds that are in the middle of the chayote, then wash them again until they are completely clean and free of sap. After that, grate the chayote and squeeze the dregs and strain the chayote juice, then drink the juice. This method is very effective for maintaining the nutrients in the chayote, and for its benefits as follows.

1. Can Lower Cholesterol
Consuming fatty foods can certainly make fat accumulate in the body so that it is not good for the health of the body. In addition, the accumulated fat will become bad cholesterol which can invite various diseases.

By consuming boiled chayote water or chayote juice, it turns out to be very effective for getting rid of bad cholesterol in the body. By consuming it like that, the chayote does not contain calories.

2. Able to Overcome Hypertension
Did you know that hypertension or high blood pressure is a dangerous disease, apart from causing a stroke, high blood pressure also causes heart attacks and results in death.

Chayote contains Magnesium which can lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In addition, the zinc content in chayote also helps to lower high blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of stroke.

3. Overcoming Premature Aging
Premature aging is a disease that is often experienced by many women who often work outside the room. Due to frequent exposure to UV rays of the sun, free radicals, pollution to dust causes facial skin to have fine lines, wrinkles to saggy skin.

That is why the antioxidant content is needed by women. Because by consuming chayote juice, you can overcome premature aging if you consume it regularly. In addition, the water content in chayote is also proven to be able to moisturize the skin and prevent dry skin.

4. Overcoming Constipation
The fiber content in chayote is very high, so it is able to overcome several problems in your digestive system. Consuming chayote juice is effective for dealing with constipation, difficulty defecating, etc.

5. Become a Source of Alternative Energy
The content of potassium or usually functions as increasing stamina in your body, so when you consume chayote juice, you will not tire easily when doing excessive activities.

In addition, chayote has a high fiber content which functions to control blood sugar to keep it stable. That is why consuming chayote juice is much better than processing chayote as food.

6. Able to Prevent Cancer
Cancer is a disease that is very deadly, this disease can occur because the body is exposed to free radicals that grow cancer cells in the human body.

Chayote contains antioxidants that function as free radical scavengers that grow cancer cells in the body. So for those of you who often work outside the room, I recommend that you always consume chayote juice to get the antioxidant content.

7. Suitable for consumption when dieting
When you are doing a weight loss program or what is commonly called a diet, of course you need to consume food or drinks that do not make you gain weight. Chayote has a very low calorie count, so it is very safe to eat when you are on a diet.

In addition, the fiber content in one chayote contains 3.5 grams, this amount is sufficient for about 14% of the fiber needs of the human body. So when you are doing a diet program, of course consuming high fiber foods is also very good for the digestive system of the body.

8. Overcoming Diabetes
When the body produces insulin not optimally, of course it is able to make carbohydrate, fat, protein levels and the metabolic system. Chayote contains antioxidants that are assisted by Vitamin C which can fight problems that can cause oxidative stress which can lead to diabetes and increase problems for people with diabetes.

Consuming pumpkin juice in the past is certainly very good for the health of the body, but there is something you need to know that when you consume pumpkin juice ago, of course it must be accompanied by adequate exercise, consuming healthy food and adequate rest so that the benefits of the pumpkin juice can be felt. maximally. Regards