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Benefits Galangal For Joint Pain and Inflammation

Galangal plants are one of the plants that are very easy to grow, even though it takes 1-2 years to be able to harvest them, but planting galangal plants does not cost anything.

This plant is also commonly used as traditional medicine by most Indonesian citizens. Because indeed the galangal plant has many important benefits for the human body. Besides being able to be consumed, it turns out that this galangal plant can also be used for external use such as liniment.

Benefits Galangal For Joint Pain and Inflammation

Know About Galangal Plants

Perhaps many of us are still confused about the difference between Ginger, galangal, Galangal, and Turmeric. Like galangal, which at first glance looks very similar to ginger, but in terms of aroma, the difference is visible.

Galangal itself has a stronger aroma than ginger. In addition, galangal also has a Latin name, namely Kaempferia Galanga L. In Indonesia, it is very easy to find this plant, because it is very easy to grow galangal.

Benefits of Galangal To Overcome Joint Pain

Talking about the benefits of kencur for health, it turns out that kencur has long been trusted to be able to overcome joint pain problems, that's why here I will discuss a little about the benefits of galangal.

1. Contains Anti-Inflammatory Compounds
The most important benefit of galangal is the anti-inflation content which is believed to treat inflammation in the body. The inflammation itself can cause irritating pain in the joints.

To treat joint pain due to inflammation, of course, only using finely ground galangal can solve the problem. The trick is to finely mash galangal then apply it to the painful part.

Besides being able to overcome the problem of joint pain, it is also able to reduce pain caused by joint pain. In addition, consuming galangal can also overcome inflammation when you are coughing.

2. Prevent Swelling
When there is joint pain caused by inflammation it is usually accompanied by swelling in the area that is experiencing pain. To prevent swelling, of course only using galangal can be overcome.

Besides being able to reduce the risk of getting swelling when joint pain turns out to be applying finely ground galangal can also be used to treat sprained feet or hands.

3. Overcoming Pain in Joints
When you feel pain, of course, there are several factors that cause this to happen, such as the buildup of toxins in the joints, gout or other causes. Of course most people prefer to go to the doctor instead of using natural ingredients.

Even though using galangal can treat pain in the joints. The method is also very easy, namely by mashing the galangal finely and then applying it to the painful area.

When the painful joint is applied with galangal, there will be a warm sensation that absorbs into the joint and will gradually relieve the annoying pain.

But even though the pain you feel is gone, of course you still need to heal the source of the pain so that the pain can be treated perfectly.

4. Contains High Antioxidants
Besides being able to treat pain in the joints, it turns out that galangal also contains very high antioxidants so that it is able to maintain the body's immune system so that it is not susceptible to disease.

Then what is the relationship between joint pain and endurance? So when your immune system is maintained, your body will automatically be in good shape, and that is what prevents joint pain from inflammation.

5. Preventing osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis is a disease that attacks the joints and bones. According to health experts, some people who experience the disease will be given drugs containing galangal extracts.

Because most medical say that galangal extract can treat osteoarthritis. In addition, when the disease recurs, it can overcome the pain caused by this disease. Kencur extract can also treat osteoarthritis relapses.

With the passage of time and also the rapid development of technology, of course there are many medical media for pain relief such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Even though the drug cannot be used for a long time, because if you consume the drug too often, it will certainly threaten the health of the kidneys.

The Cause Of Pain In The Joints

Actually it is very important to use galangal either in extracts or external use, but even though it is like that, of course you must know the cause of joint pain, so that the disease does not recur continuously. Actually there are several factors that influence the causes of joint pain, which are as follows.

- If you have a history of gout it could be joint pain that you feel as a result of the uric acid itself.

- In addition to uric acid, you may have a history of rheumatism so that you experience joint pain.

- There is a buildup of toxins in the joints so that over time it can cause pain in the joints.

- Vitamin B deficiency, especially for parents aged 40 years and over, needs to be considered so that joint pain does not appear.

When using galangal for external and internal medicinal media does not work, try to consult a doctor immediately so that the source of the problem can be found, so that it can be handled carefully. Regards