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Facts and Benefits of Pandan Leaves for Natural Beauty

Pandan leaves are already very well known by mothers as a natural dye that has a very appetizing aroma. But actually there are also some benefits of pandan leaves which are often used for facial skin beauty care naturally.

Benefits of Pandan Leaves for Natural Beauty

 Get to know about pandan leaves

Pandan leaves are often found in several countries that have tropical climates. Even pandan leaves are often used as a complement to a culinary spice because it has a very distinctive aroma.

Like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and even India, they use pandan leaves as a natural coloring and culinary spice. In addition, some mothers also use pandan leaves when making rice, because according to them the rice cooked using pandan leaves has a fragrant aroma that can increase appetite.

Benefits of Pandan Leaves for Girls

Besides having very important benefits in culinary form, it turns out that pandan leaves also have benefits as natural beauty, and I suggest that some women use pandan leaves for beauty treatments.

1. High Antioxidant Content
Free radicals are the biggest enemy for women who are doing skin care, especially facial skin. Because free radicals can cause premature aging such as fine lines, saggy skin or dry skin.

That is the reason why women are advised to consume foods that are high in antioxidants. Such as pandan leaves which have high antioxidants which are known as a youthful herb suitable for consumption for women of all ages.

2. Overcoming Pain When Coming Months
Experiencing pain during menstruation is something that is often felt by every woman. Pain when menstruation usually occurs on the first and second day. In fact, there are also many women who are willing to consume pain relieving drinks when menstruating, but to no avail.

Even though by consuming boiled water of pandan leaves when the month comes to completion, it turns out to be able to overcome and prevent pain during menstruation without causing side effects.

3. As a Natural Detox
Maintaining a healthy body from toxins and viruses is our own obligation, because maintaining good health is certainly able to make the body the most beautiful from toxins and viruses.

Consuming pandan leaves by taking the boiled water is very effective in removing toxins in the body. In addition, the antioxidant content in pandan leaves also helps protect the body from free radicals.

4. Keeps Skin Moisture
Having dry skin is a problem that is often experienced by both men and women. Especially when summer comes, of course using a skin moisturizing lotion has become a habit for people with dry skin.

Besides that, dry skin is also a big problem for women, because when facial skin becomes dry it can make it damaged and dull. For the fix, it is enough to use pandan leaves as an alternative.

Using pandan leaf moisture is certainly very good for keeping the skin, especially facial skin, to keep it moist. Because pandan leaves contain oil which is believed to keep the skin moisturised for a long time.

5. Makes Skin Smoother
Besides being able to treat dry skin, it turns out that using pandanus leaf water vapor is very effective for making facial skin smoother. This is because the moisture that enters the skin pores slowly cleanses the skin and also shrinks the pores on the facial skin. With shrinking facial pores, of course this makes facial skin smoother.

6. Can To Remove Blackheads
Having blackheads on the part of the nose is of course very disturbing to the appearance of the body, to get rid of it of course there is no need to use a mask of several chemicals that have side effects.

Using a pandan leaf mask can also be a solution to get rid of blackheads naturally. The way to make it is also very easy, namely by smoothing the pandan leaves very thick and rubbing it on the part that has blackheads.

If you want maximum results, of course you can also add honey and olive oil to the pandan leaf mask. Do this method regularly in order to get optimal results.

7. Removing Dead Skin Cells
Besides being able to be used as a blackhead cleansing mask, it turns out that pandan leaves can also be used as a body scrub. Although currently there are many beauty products such as body scrubs using pandan leaves extract, what's wrong with making your own body scrub.

Moreover, using a body scrub using pandan leaves is very proven to be able to remove dead skin cells. Because if dead skin cells accumulate in the pores of your face, of course it can cause many problems for your face.

8. To Improve Hair Health
Having healthy hair is a dream for every woman, because if you have healthy hair, it will indirectly make your hair look shinier and more beautiful.

To make hair healthier, the method is quite easy, namely by massaging the hair and head using boiled water from pandan leaves that has been left on overnight.

This method has been very proven because many women have done this method and the results are very satisfying if done regularly. In addition, this method does not cause side effects for its users.

9. Anti Dandruff
Getting rid of dandruff is certainly very easy to do, but there are still many who don't know this method. To get rid of dandruff you just need to smooth the pandan leaves.

When the pandan leaves are completely smooth, apply to the hair thoroughly. If you have waited a while for the panda leaf mask to dry a little, then rinse it off with clean water.

10. Prevents Hair Fall
Apart from making hair healthy and dandruff free, it turns out that pandan leaves can also treat hair loss. Especially for some mothers who have just given birth, usually often experience hair loss problems. By using pandan leaves, it can also treat hair loss naturally.

11. As a Beauty Product
Because it has so many benefits, many manufacturers use pandan leaf extract as a variety of natural beauty products. Because indeed the results given are very satisfying and also do not cause side effects, and are suitable for various skin types.

12. Made As Aromatherapy
Besides being often used for several beauty products, it turns out that pandan leaves can also be used as aromatherapy oil. Because pandan leaf oil is believed to have a fragrant aroma and is proven to be able to calm the mind and relieve stress.

Those are the benefits of pandan leaves which I can explain on this occasion, keep in mind that when you are going to use panda leaves, try to always wash them until they are completely clean so as not to cause new problems for you. Because using natural ingredients can be fatal if the level of cleanliness is not maintained. Regards