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15 Benefits of Beef Tongue, High in Protein But Low in Fat

Cows are one type of animal that has extraordinary meat benefits. However, most people only process the meat, even though there is one of the beef organs that has very high benefits if consumed in the right portion. The tongue part of a cow is one of the organs of a cow that has a high protein content but is low in fat.

15 Benefits of Beef Tongue, High in Protein But Low in Fat

Nutritional Content of Beef Tongue

Compared to beef, it turns out that the iron content in beef tongue actually contains 3 times more than beef. In addition, there is also Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C which is quite high on the tongue of a cow.

In addition, beef tongue has a very high protein content but strangely the fat or calorie content is very low, so for those of you who have a history of cholesterol disease, it is certainly very safe when consuming cow tongue.

In addition, beef tongue also has a mineral content that is not inferior to beef, the mineral content in beef tongue is Potassium, Magnesium, Selenium and also Calcium.

Benefits of Beef Tongue for Body Health

On the tongue of a cow, maybe there are still many of us who have never consumed it, because on average, we still doubt the benefits of consuming cow tongue. That's why here I will discuss the benefits of cow tongue for health.

1. Contains High Protein
Did you know that the protein content in beef tongue has 3 times more than beef. Every 100 grams of beef tongue contains 15 grams of protein, this amount turns out to be 30% sufficient for protein in your body.

2. Low Fat
When you are doing a diet program or even keeping your weight in balance, you can consume beef tongue as a side dish. Because compared to other parts of the cow, beef tongue has a very low fat content so it is very safe to eat when you are on a diet or keep your weight from gaining again.

3. Contains High Iron
Iron is one type of nutrient found in cow tongue, the iron content in beef tongue is also very high so it is very good for the health of the body. The benefit of iron itself is to prevent anemia or anemia.

If you have blood deficiency problems, you don't need to take blood-boosting drugs that contain chemicals, you just need to consume beef tongue regularly, of course anemia can be overcome.

At 100 grams of beef tongue, it turns out to be very good to meet the daily needs of iron up to 16%. Indeed, with a content like that if you consume it regularly and in a reasonable amount, you will indirectly be free from anemia.

4. Contains Vitamin C
Beef tongue also contains Vitamin C, so it's not just fruit. Vitamij C itself also functions to maintain endurance and also prevents canker sores, bleeding gums, etc.

5. Contains High Vitamin B12
Not only is it high in iron, beef tongue also contains Vitamin B12 which functions to optimize nerve performance. So that if Vitamin B12 and iron are combined, the health of the body is better maintained.

6. Becoming a Mineral Source
Not only the nutrients in beef tongue, it turns out that there are also some mineral content in cow tongue such as Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and Selenium which are needed by the human body.

7. Contains High Calories
When you have just done enough activity, of course the energy intake in the body will quickly run out. To overcome all that you need to consume foods that contain high calories.

In the beef tongue, it also contains high calories so it is very good for providing fast energy intake. Because the beef tongue is the most effective source of energy to restore energy.

8. Increase Immunity
Maintaining the immune system is one of our obligations so that we are not susceptible to disease. Because if you get sick too often, it can interfere with your concentration when on the move.

The beef tongue contains zinc and also Vitamin C which is very good for increasing the immune system in the body. So that if your immune system is good, it will not be susceptible to various diseases.

9. Accelerate the Healing Process
When you are sick, of course only the immune system is working hard at that time. That's why when you are sick, having an immune system that works optimally is one of the keys to a fast recovery.

If you consume beef tongue when sick, of course it can optimize the performance of the immune system so that the healing process when you are sick will take place faster.

10. Optimizing the Nervous System
The beef tongue contains Vitamin B12 which is believed to be able to optimize the performance of the nervous system. In addition, Vitamin B12 is also able to prevent various neurological diseases related to cell degeneration.

11. Safe for consumption for diabetes sufferers
The beef tongue does not contain carbohydrates so it is very safe when consumed for those of you who have diabetes. In addition, consuming beef tongue regularly with a reasonable portion is certainly very good for diabetics. Because diabetics certainly need fast protein and calorie intake.

12. Contains Omega 3 and Omega 6
The content of Omega 3 and Omega 6 can usually be found in marine fish, because indeed most people only know that the content is only obtained from types of marine fish.

Even though the beef tongue also contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 which are very good for brain development, especially for the brains of children who are still growing. Although the content is not as much as in sea fish, consuming beef tongue can be an alternative if you are bored with sea fish.

13. Contains No Carbohydrates
When you are doing weight loss, of course you should not eat foods that have carbohydrates. But on the other hand, you also have to consume foods that are high in phosphine so that the nutritional needs in your body remain balanced.

14. Optimizing Red Blood Cell Production
Anemia is a disease caused by a lack of red blood cells in the body. Therefore, someone who experiences this disease is required to consume foods that contain iron.

The beef tongue contains iron and vitamin B12 which functions to optimize the production of red blood cells, so that those of you who experience this disease can be overcome naturally.

The Dangers of Consuming Excessive Beef Tongue

Beef tongue does have a lot of benefits for the health of the body, but there are things you need to know that something excessive will certainly be bad for the health of the body. And here are some of the negative sides if you consume beef tongue excessively.

- Although beef tongue does not contain carbohydrates, what you need to know is that beef tongue has high cholesterol content so it is not recommended to consume cow tongue for cholesterol sufferers.

- Although diabetics are allowed to consume beef tongue, it is highly recommended for people with Type 2 diabetes to consume too much cow tongue.

- It is very important to know the type of beef tongue you consume, if it comes from local cows raised by farmers and given green grass food, of course, its health is not in doubt. However, if the cow's tongue comes from a cow that is given a supplement then you need to be aware of it.

Even though beef tongue has a lot of nutritional content, of course when processing it it also has to be good and correct. Besides that you also shouldn't consume too much so that the benefits don't turn into bad news for your health. Regards