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6 Uses of Burlap Fiber for Everyday Life

Most people are probably very familiar with burlap fiber sacks compared to burlap plants. Even though the plants have been widely cultivated in an effort to increase the amount of jute fiber production. But do you know what are the benefits of burlap fiber for everyday life? If you haven't read this article until it's finished.

Get to know the Burlap Plant

The burlap plant has a soft tissue on the outer skin, where the fiber will be used to make jute. This plant has also been cultivated commercially by the people of India and Bangladesh.

Apart from India, it turns out that China and Pakistan are producing and exporting jute fibers to the European continent and some of the largest Asian regions in the world. In addition, the burlap fiber is divided into two colors, namely.

- Yellowish White
If the burlap fiber is yellowish white it is a sign that the fiber is of good quality, but the weakness of this burlap fiber is not very suitable for use as a clothing base material, because it has a rough texture. Usually for burlap fibers like this are used for the base material for mattress bases, curtain bases, and rug bases.

- Reddish black in color
For burlap fiber which is reddish black in color, it is the opposite, which is of lower quality than the previous one. For burlap fibers like this are often used as gunny sacks. Therefore, burlap fiber can be used as any basic material, it is distinguished by its color and quality.

Benefits of Burlap Fiber for Life

Then what are the benefits of burlap fiber? And what can burlap fiber be used for? Relax, here I will discuss important snippets about the uses of burlap fiber for everyday life.

1. As a Material for Making Sacks
Maybe those of you are very familiar with burlap sacks, and most of us don't know the basic ingredients of burlap sacks. Even though the burlap sack is made of low quality burlap plant fibers. In addition, the texture is easily exposed to water and will quickly rot if the place has humid air.

2. The Basic Material of the Tapestry
The rug has a quality product from the middle to the bottom. Using the basic material of burlap fiber is the most effective way, because in addition to having a cheap price, the texture of good quality burlap fiber is very hard, so that when it is knitted it does not shift easily. So the burlap fiber is able to produce a very strong foundation for the rug to be made.

3. As a Cloth for the Mattress
Burlap is also often used as a mattress pad cloth, although it has rough characteristics, many manufacturers use burlap fiber as a mattress base cloth before you cover it with spei. Because if you use the sheet directly it is not very good.

4. As a Seat Cloth
Maybe most people will not think that the fabric for the seat cover uses low-quality burlap fiber. Because the burlap fiber is strong enough to be used as a seat cushion to make it more soft and durable.

Even though it has a cheap price, the resulting quality will be much more durable than the use of tire rubber as a seat cushion. That is why low-quality burlap fiber is not only used as a sack.

5. For the Manufacture of Curtains
Maybe nowadays the curtain is made using not as much burlap fiber as the burlap sack. However, as you know, the manufacture of curtains made from burlap fiber has been produced quite a lot, and is used as a window or door covering to block out excess sunlight.

6. For Making Handycrafts
Besides being able to be used as a curtain or the like, it turns out that burlap fiber can also be used as a handycraft. Burlap fiber does look cheap in everyone's eyes, but if you have inspiration then you can turn cheap burlap fiber into expensive.

Currently, the development of handycrafts has used various things, not only fiber, but various waste can also be processed into handicrafts. Some of the handycrafts that can be found made from burlap fiber include bags, pencil cases, flower vases, etc.

Those are some of the uses for the fiber from the burlap plant, indeed burlap fiber is not a material that can withstand long exposure to sunlight or humid air, but burlap fiber can indeed be an alternative and cheap option for temporary purposes. Hopefully this article can add insight to all of us. Regards