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7 Benefits of Escolar Fish, the Best Way to Lower Cholesterol

Escolar fish is a type of fish that many may not know about. Because escolar fish is one type of fish that is rarely caught. Because to get escolar fish requires more physical strength than other types of fish in general.

Escolar fish are also often called devil fish, because to get this type of fish you need to fish at night. In addition, when the bait has been eaten by escolar fish, physical strength will be used at that time.

Because according to some people who have been fishing for escolar, they say that this fish is like a buffalo on a rampage, and is able to pull the ship and its passengers into the ocean.

7 Benefits of Escolar Fish, the Best Way to Lower Cholesterol

Know About Escolar Fish

Escolar fish is a type of fish that has the scientific name Lepydocybium Flavobrunneum. You can find this fish at a depth of 200 to 885 meters in tropical and subtropical oceans in various parts of the world.

In general, escolar fish have a black gray color on their bodies, but with age these fish will develop a much darker color. So that the darker the color of the escolar fish, the older it will be.

Escolar fish can grow to 2 meters long and weigh up to 50 kg. This fish is also a fast swimming fish, because it has strong tail ribs and has 4 - 6 finlets after the anal and dorsal fins.

Escolar Fish Benefits for health

Apart from having a fairly large body, it turns out that this type of fish is already popular with people in several countries. And here I will explain some of the benefits of escolar fish for body health.

1. Increase Brain Intelligence
Providing nutrition to the brain is something that needs to be done, especially for children who are in their infancy. It is intended that a child can have a level of intelligence that is able to think better when in school.

Escolar fish is a type of fish that contains a lot of omega 3, so it is very good for consumption for children or even parents who have entered the age of 50 years and over.

The high content of omega 3 turns out to function as a nutrient that is important for brain development, brain intelligence and also keeps the brain's performance running optimally, so that the ability to think is maximized.

2. Able to Lower Cholesterol Levels
For someone who has high enough cholesterol levels, it is necessary to pay attention to every food they consume. Especially if these foods can actually increase cholesterol levels, you need to be vigilant.

The content of escolar fish has nutrients that can dissolve cholesterol in your body. Therefore, if you consume it regularly, it can slowly eliminate cholesterol in the body.

Of course this makes good news for people with cholesterol, because cholesterol is a dangerous disease. In addition to preventing this disease from recurring, you can treat it naturally by consuming escolar fish regularly.

3. Cure Dengue Fever
Dengue fever is a disease caused by mosquito bites. In the rainy season the mosquito population will grow quite significantly due to the large amount of standing water used to breed mosquitoes.

Escolar fish has ingredients that can heal and treat dengue fever slowly. Because the nutrients in escolar fish are able to increase the number of blood platelets in the human body.

Therefore, if you have dengue fever, eat escolar fish immediately. It aims to accelerate the healing process for dengue fever sufferers.

However, it should be noted that the method of processing the escola fish must also be correct, because if you process it wrong, it will cause negative side effects for the body.

4. Increase Endurance
In the body part of escolar fish which is useful for increasing human immunity is in the fish oil. The content of escolar fish oil has an important role in maintaining and enhancing the immune system.

If the immune system increases, a person will not be susceptible to disease so that he will always be healthy. That is why many do not know about the benefits of this escolar fish, even though consuming it regularly plays an important role in increasing endurance.

5. Prevent Heart Disease
Heart disease can be caused by bad cholesterol lodged in the blood vessels. In addition, this disease can also be caused by increased blood pressure due to too much thought burden or indeed someone's congenital disease.

However, to prevent this you can consume escolar fish regularly, because this fish contains Omega 9. This content is very important to improve heart health and thus reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

In addition, omega 9 fatty acids play an active role to become good cholesterol which can reduce bad cholesterol that builds up in blood vessels, so that it will make the circulatory system smooth and reduce blockages.

6. Preventing Stroke
Apart from having the benefit of improving heart health, it turns out that escolar fish is also useful for preventing stroke. Stroke begins with a lot of blockage and buildup of bad cholesterol in the circulatory system.

The content of omega 9 fatty acids in escolar fish functions to keep the blood vessel system running smoothly, especially in the part leading to the brain. So that the body will be much healthier.

7. High in Protein
Escolar fish is a type of fish that has a high protein source. You also already know what are the benefits of protein in the body, especially animal protein. Consuming escolar fish can certainly be a solution if you need high nutritional intake.

The benefits of escolar fish are indeed very many and important, besides that the price of escolar fish is also quite high compared to the price of fish in general. This is because it is difficult to get escolar fish, even though it is fishing. Regards