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11 Benefit of Giloy, Nutrition And Side Effects fo Body Health

Giloy or Heart-Leaved Moonseed is a plant that has many benefits. This plant is very well known in parts of the world, because the Giloy plant has become an herbal treatment from ancient people.

However, until now, many still consume the Giloy plant as a natural treatment. As in China, Giloy can overcome fever, scabies and bruises on the skin.

11 Benefit of Giloy, Nutrition And Side Effects fo Body Health

On the other hand, the people of Bangladesh believe that Giloy is able to overcome the digestive system, jaundice, rheumatism, and leprosy. But what is unique in the Philippines is that it makes Giloy plant extracts as a medicine to treat flatulence, dyspepsia, and rheumatism.

Getting to Know about Giloy

Giloy plant is a plant that likes a place that is exposed to direct sunlight, so don't be surprised if you often find this plant in your yard.

Even though it has a very bitter taste, it turns out that this plant is still in the same family as the Menispermiaceae plant. Giloy has a Latin name, Tinospora Cordifolia. Giloy plants are very easy to find in the Continent of Southeast Asia and Northeast India.

According to a nutritionist from India named "Anshul Jaibharat" said that the giloy plant has important health benefits. Not only the leaves, even the giloy stems and roots can also be used.

So far Giloy is often used as a medicinal ingredient, Giloy processing is also quite diverse, such as making it as a juice, as a capsule powder and even just boiling it.

Giloy Content

Maybe many are wondering why Giloy has so many benefits, because Giloy contains lots of chemical compounds and nutrients such as:

  • Alkaloids
  • Glycosides
  • Pikroretosid
  • Harsa
  • Pikroretin
  • Tinocrisposid
  • Berberine
  • Palmatin
  • Flavonoids

Benefits of Giloy for Health

Of the many compounds essential for health, it turns out that there are lots of benefits of giloy leaves for health. That is why here I will discuss a little about the benefits of Giloy for body health.

1. Treating Gout
Gout is a disease that usually attacks someone who has entered the age of 50 years and over. Because it is at this age that a person is prone to developing gout.

Giloy has been known for a long time for an alternative medicine to treat gout. Because the content of Alkanoids and Flavonoids is very important.

Both of these ingredients have an active role to inhibit Xanthine Oxidase. What is Xanthine Oxidase? That is an enzyme that plays a role in the growth of uric acid in the human body.

2. Treating Malaria
Giloy contains an important substance that is able to treat and treat malaria. Tinocrisposid substance is an important substance found in giloy.

A case study that tested a mouse that was injected with Plasmodium Berghei, a parasite that can cause malaria. Then the mice were given Giloy extract to fix it.

From this research, it is said that bratawali can reduce the amount of plasmodium present in the bloodstream in mice. So this proves that bratawali has excellent Anti-Malaria properties to treat malaria.

3. Optimizing Blood Sugar Levels
For patients with diabetes, of course, they must avoid sweet foods or drinks. Because this can trigger an increase in blood sugar levels in the body of someone who has diabetes.

According to research, it is said that giloy plays an important role as a hypoglycemic agent and also helps treat diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. Consuming giloy juice can actually reduce blood sugar levels in the body.

In addition, Giloy is also able to stimulate insulin cells from beta cells and also absorb glucose found in muscles. So that Giloy has been tested to treat diabetes.

4. Relieves Pain
According to the beliefs of several people in various parts of the world, it is said that Giloy is indeed believed to be able to relieve pain in the body. Because bratawali has analgesic properties which cause anti-pain properties in its womb.

However, the benefits of this one is still a question mark, because some of the results of the research have not yet found a bright spot, so they still need some more research in order to provide further information.

5. Increase Immunity
Giloy is believed to be a medicine for various diseases that can boost the immune system. Because the content of Giloy can increase antioxidants in the body so that it can fight free radicals, keep body cells healthy, and clean various diseases.

Giloy is also able to remove toxins and viruses that are present in the body, clean the bloodstream from impurities, fight bad bacteria that cause disease in the body, overcome liver disease and prevent infection in the urinary tract.

6. Overcoming Digestive Problems
The digestive system is a place where all the food we consume will be extracted to meet the nutritional needs of the body. However, it is in this section that many factors can cause problems such as constipation.

Because the lack of fiber consumption causes constipation problems always occur. To treat constipation, you just need to consume Giloy plus turmeric. Drink regularly in order to get maximum results.

7. Maintain the Mood
Giloy is often used as a herbal treatment which has adaptogenic properties which can help reduce feelings of stress in the human brain. In addition, consuming Giloy regularly can improve memory in the brain, and stimulate the brain to always stay calm.

8. Troubleshooting the Respiratory System
According to research, Giloy is very effective in overcoming various respiratory system problems. Besides that, it is also able to treat several diseases that attack the respiratory system such as coughs, colds, tonsils etc. Because giloy has anti-inflammatory properties which can lead to inflammation.

9. Overcoming Asthma Symptoms
Asthma is a disease caused by a lot of dirty pollution or smoke that often enters the lungs. And until now there has not been found a drug that can cure asthma.

Even though like that, the symptoms of asthma can still be prevented so as not to interfere with the activities of people with asthma. Because when the disease recurs it can result in coughing, shortness of breath and chest tightness. By consuming Giloy and Giloy root it is very effective in reducing and overcoming asthma symptoms.

10. Improve Eye Health
According to case studies I have found that a person's vision decreases with age. In India, Giloy has been applied directly to the eye, because it can improve eye vision.

11. Overcoming Premature Aging
If you are often exposed to free radicals, dirty pollution and sun UV rays which are already very bad for your skin, it can certainly cause premature aging such as fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles and even acne. To fix this, it is enough to consume Giloy regularly in order to get maximum results.

Giloy Side Effects

Although Giloy has many benefits for treating several diseases, Giloy also has side effects that can occur for those who consume it. Some of the side effects are as follows.

- For pregnant and breastfeeding women, it is not recommended to consume giloy. Because until now there are no facts from health experts about the safety that guarantees when consuming giloy.

- Patients suffering from autoimmune diseases such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. are also strongly discouraged. Because Giloy increases the immune system so that it can make your disease worse.

- For diabetics, of course Giloy is believed to reduce blood sugar levels, but you must still monitor your blood sugar regularly at your doctor. This is needed so that the level of security can be guaranteed.

Those are some of the crazy benefits for body health. Although it has very many benefits and is able to treat and overcome various diseases, it should be noted that you should consume giloy regularly but in reasonable amounts so that we can feel the benefits. Regards