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7 Benefits of Guppy Fish for White-rumped Shama Bird, Cheap but High in Protein

For lovers of chirping birds, it may be routine to provide the best food for their pets. The White-rumped Shama bird is one of the most popular types of birds as pets because it has a very melodious voice.

Compared to other chirping birds, the White-rumped Shama is indeed the special which is often used as a bird chirping competition. Some people also give their best food so that the stone magpie can sing loud and melodious.

Feeding birds of this type is not arbitrary, but you also have to pay attention to the nutrients contained in the food you provide. Here I highly recommend giving food in the form of guppy fish which has a high protein content.

7 Benefits of Guppy Fish for White-rumped Shama Bird, Cheap but High in Protein

The Best Food For White-rumped Shama

The White-rumped Shama, which has the scientific name Copsychus Malabaricus, is a type of bird that eats insects. However, it is different at this time, when the White-rumped Shama bird became the center of buying and selling, it turned out that many gave it seeds or nuts as a substitute.

In addition, this type of bird is also often given meat by its owner in order to get good nutrition for his beloved bird. In fact, to get nutrients such as protein you need to give guppy fish, because guppy fish is known as a type of high protein fish.

Benefits of Guppy Fish for White-rumped Shama Birds

Although guppy fish at first glance have the same physical form as betta fish, in fact the two types of fish are very different. But even though it is like that, giving guppy fish as food for White-rumped Shama has several benefits and advantages as follows.

1. High in Protein
If you want your White-rumped Shama to get enough protein, of course giving it guppy fish is the best solution. Because even though the guppy fish looks small, thin and has hair that does not grow optimally, it turns out that the protein content in guppy fish is still high. So that this can be a solution for your beloved bird so that it doesn't lack protein.

2. Keeping Your Voice To Stay Tunable
To get the sound of a melodious White-rumped Shama birds, of course you have to make sure that the food you provide is quality and healthy. Although nowadays there are many supplements or foods that are high in nutrients for chirping birds, are you sure about the content in them.

If you are unsure about various bird foods that are sold freely, of course you can choose to buy guppy fish as White-rumped Shama bird food. Because it is not only high in protein, but in the content of guppy fish, there are various nutrients that are very good for White-rumped Shama.

3. Maintain Healthy Fur
You can see the conditions in which the White-rumped Shama birds lacks protein from the feathers on its body, because when the bird is deficient in protein it will result in feathers that fall out easily, feathers that grow imperfectly and also feathers that are not orderly arranged.

When your beloved bird experiences something like this, it indicates that the White-rumped Shama lacks protein. To fix this, you just need to give guppy fish regularly so that the White-rumped Shama bird can meet its protein needs.

4. Optimizing the nutritional needs of birds
The White-rumped Shama apparently has an allergy to certain substances which can actually make it look unhealthy, its growth is not optimal, the feathers on its body do not shine and look often sick.

When that happens you need to fulfill the nutritional needs of the White-rumped Shama bird so that its health can be maintained. To keep the White-rumped Shama bird healthy, give guppy fish so that its nutritional needs are fulfilled and the birds sing healthily.

5. Have a Low Price
Nutritious food does not mean that it has to be expensive, but the content in it that affects the growth of White-rumped Shama bird. Guppy fish is a bird food that has a very cheap price compared to bird food in general.

That is why many choose to give guppies as food for White-rumped Shama bird. Because it has a low price but contains important nutrients that are very good for bird health.

6. Easy to Search
As you know, if you go to the market or pet food store, of course you will find a variety of bird food with various types and various brands. But it would be better if you always provide natural food for White-rumped Shama birds.

At present many also provide guppy fish for White-rumped Shama bird, because in addition to having important nutrients, it turns out that many also cultivate guppy fish as food for White-rumped Shama bird.

Because those who breed guppies have satisfaction with the results given when giving guppies for White-rumped Shama bitd food.

7. Liked by the White-rumped Shama Bird
Providing food for birds is not only that which has high nutritional content or has a low price, but you must know whether this food is preferred by White-rumped Shama bird or not.

According to the original habitat of the White-rumped Shama bird, besides eating small insects, it turns out that the White-rumped Shama bird also does not refuse to eat small fish such as guppy fish.

For those of you who love birds chirping, of course having a stone magpie that can sing beautifully is a comfort in itself. Because maintaining the health of birds by giving guppies which are high in protein is very important. Because as I have explained that guppy fish is a White-rumped Shama bird food which has important benefits for White-rumped Shama and is highly recommended for those of you who have a hobby of keeping chirping birds. Regards