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Monitor Lizard Meat : Benefits, Nutrition and Side Effects For Men

For wild animal food lovers, of course it may be familiar to hear the lizard in their ears. Because monitor lizard meat is often consumed by those who have done camping in the forest. Even though it looks extreme to eat, it turns out that monitor lizard meat has important benefits and nutrients, especially for a man.

Monitor Lizard Meat : Benefits, Nutrition and Side Effects For Men

Nutritional Content of Monitor Lizard Meat

The content of monitor lizard meat is the same as the content in animals in general, such as goats and cows which contain very high protein, iron and zinc. So that indirectly, monitor lizard saging is very suitable for consumption for those who have problems with heart and cholesterol.

Benefits of Lizard Meat for Men

In addition to being beneficial for those who have a history of heart disease and cholesterol, it turns out that it has its own benefits for a man. On this occasion I will discuss a little about the benefits of monitor lizard meat for a man.

1. Contains High Protein
Of course, many proteins already know its benefits, because protein itself is useful for building muscle mass. Because most men who have the ideal body shape with strong muscles are the most desirable things.

Therefore, for those who frequently go to the gym, consuming foods that have high protein is an obligation for them. Because to get the ideal body shape quickly, of course, it must be accompanied by consuming foods that are high in protein.

Therefore, when you do the Body Building program but on the other hand the diet is not regulated optimally without being accompanied by sufficient protein intake, getting to the ideal body is also relatively very difficult.

2. Contains High Iron
Like the meat content in general, monitor lizard meat also contains high iron. The benefit of iron itself is to increase the production of red blood cells in the body, so that it prevents a man from developing anemia and low blood pressure. In addition, the iron content in monitor lizard meat is certainly useful for optimizing a man's intimate organ program while engaging in a sexual program.

3. Increase the Immune System
Having a high immune system is certainly a man's obligation so that he is not susceptible to disease, so as not to become an obstacle while working to provide for his family.

Consuming monitor lizard meat is certainly the best solution for you, because monitor lizard meat contains iron and vitamin B which functions to increase a man's immune system.

 In addition, the benefits of vitamin B are to optimize the absorption of carbohydrates that enter the body to convert them into energy needed by a man for activities.

4. Increase Stamina
Being a man, of course, you must have high stamina, so that when you are on the move and at work you don't get tired easily. Because stamina is a strength for men when they need a lot of energy.

A man is used to doing work that requires high energy and stable stamina is very important. Some people who have consumed monitor lizard meat said that they felt their stamina was much more stable and they did not tire easily.

5. Become a Source of Energy
Some foods that contain energy are some animals that have red meat such as Cows and Goats. Because the meat contains carbohydrates and protein which are used as an energy source.

Lizard meat is also a type of animal that is a source of protein and also a relatively high source of carbohydrates. So it is very suitable for consumption for men who work in the morning or even at night.

Those are some of the benefits of monitor lizard meat for a man, but there are several other benefits of this animal when consumed regularly, some of the benefits are as follows.

- Some people who have eaten monitor lizard meat regularly are able to overcome various diseases of the respiratory system such as asthma.

- Lizard meat is also able to treat various skin problems such as allergies, itching and irritation.

The dangers of consuming Monitor Lizard Meat

Although monitor lizard meat has benefits, it also has its own dangers when consumed. Because according to some health experts, there are several dangers that threaten when consuming lizard meat too often. And here are some of the problems as follows.

- According to research says that monitor lizard meat contains a lot of parasites found in the meat. This parasite if it enters the body is very dangerous, because the parasite in monitor lizard meat cannot be killed so it can cause infection, especially in the human intestine.

- Lizard meat can also cause cyst disease due to a type of parasite in monitor lizard meat called Pentastomiasis.

- Some health experts argue that monitor lizard meat is also able to maintain healthy skin. Due to the fact that monitor lizard meat is very dangerous for skin health, because the lizard meat contains bacteria called Mycobacterium which can actually cause several skin diseases.

Those are some of the benefits and dangers of consuming monitor lizard meat for men. Indeed, for lovers of extreme food such as monitor lizard meat, of course, you can eat it once or twice. Because we can see that there are several dangers that threaten us if we consume lizard meat too often. Regards