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9 Benefits of Plums For Facial Care Naturally

Having a white and clean face is a dream for every woman, because many of us dare to pay dearly just to get a beautiful and bright face. However, many also overdose due to the many chemicals in the beauty products they use.

That is why women should treat their faces naturally, because in addition to not causing side effects, these steps are also very good for keeping the face naturally beautiful. Then how to treat your face naturally? You need to consume nutritious and nutritious fruits for the face, such as plums which are believed to be able to treat faces naturally for a long time.

Because when you consume plums you don't need to be afraid of the risks or side effects that are given. This is different from beauty products that contain quite a lot of chemicals.

9 Benefits of Plums For Facial Care Naturally

Benefits of Plum Fruit For Natural Face Care

For those of you who will switch to using plums as a natural method of facial skin care, you can read the benefits of these fruits, on this occasion I will discuss the benefits of plums which are especially for treating the face.

1. Able to Prevent Premature Aging
Premature aging is a condition in which the skin on the face looks like it is old, even though it is still young. This can be due to too often being exposed to UV rays from the sun, exposure to free radicals and lack of nutrients that the skin needs.

Premature aging will cause several facial problems such as wrinkled skin, fine lines, flabby skin, etc. To prevent that all you need to consume fruits that contain Vitamin E, such as plums.

The content of Vitamin E in plums itself functions as a natural antioxidant, so that it can increase the metabolic system of damaged skin cells without fear of side effects resulting from the plums themselves.

2. Able to tighten the skin
Having firmer looking skin is one of the main goals for every woman over the age of 40. Because at that age the skin will look older than at the previous age.

To overcome this problem you also need to provide nutrition for your skin, either the skin on your body or the skin on your face. You can consume plums regularly to be able to maintain skin elasticity to keep it tight and look younger.

3. Able to Prevent Skin Wrinkles
As I explained earlier that in addition to keeping the skin tight, it turns out that plums are also able to prevent wrinkles. Wrinkled skin can also be caused by premature aging or even increasing age.

According to the myth, wrinkled skin can also be caused by someone getting angry too often. So for those of you who have this problem, you can prevent it by consuming plums regularly.

4. Able to Brighten Facial Skin
If you often work outdoors, you will be exposed to sunlight too often, which is currently in very bad conditions. Things like that can cause the skin to look dull, even though you have covered it with a cloth or applied various beauty products.

But what do you get? Your facial skin still looks dull and mottled. To keep your face bright, of course you can consume plums, because their content can stimulate the production of the amount of collagen which functions to brighten the face.

5. Prevent Hyperpigmentation
Hyperpigmentation is a skin problem that often occurs in women who are often exposed to sunlight. This problem will make the face dull and add to the presence of black spots on the face area.

Plums do contain high Vitamin E which functions to keep the skin from exposure to sunlight and keep the skin from looking dull. In addition, Vitamin E in plums also functions to reduce melanin production, so that your skin will be protected from dull skin and black spots.

6. Overcoming Dry And Rough Skin
Dry and rough skin can occur due to unsuitable beauty products, such as lotions, powders, masks, etc. If you have such a problem you can avoid some skin treatments that contain chemicals.

If you have done this but dry and rough skin problems still occur on your skin, then you can use natural methods such as providing nutrition to the skin from the inside by consuming plums regularly.

Plums do contain high antioxidants, and as you know that antioxidants in addition to overcoming premature aging can also make the skin, especially on the face, always moist, so as to prevent dry and rough skin.

7. Rejuvenate Skin Naturally
To rejuvenate your skin, you can choose natural methods or with other methods. However, if you choose the natural method, you just need to consume plums regularly but in reasonable amounts.

Plums contain lots of Vitamin C so it is very good for maintaining healthy skin. The benefits of Vitamin C in plums are useful for increasing the amount of collagen in the body.

Collagen itself is a substance that is useful for keeping skin healthy. In addition, plums also contain antioxidants which function to replace some of the damaged cells with new ones, thus making the skin look young.

8. Prevent Acne On Face
Acne is a skin problem on the face that is very annoying. Acne is caused by the presence of oil, bacteria, dirty dust and air pollution that enters the pores of the facial skin. Besides cleaning it with facial soap, you can also consume plums to prevent acne from within.

Plums contain Vitamin C which can prevent bacteria that cause acne. You can use plums as a mask or scrub that can prevent the skin from acne problems naturally.

9. Eliminate Acne Scars
Plums are believed to be able to prevent and treat acne naturally. However, plums are also able to disguise black spots due to acne on your face.

The abundant nutritional and vitamin content in plums helps to regenerate the skin and also keeps blood flow to the skin smooth, so that it is able to repair all damaged skin tissue especially on acne scars.

Plums do have many benefits for skin health. You can consume plums regularly to get natural skin care, or you can even use them as a skin care on the outside such as masks for body and facial skin.

Those are some of the benefits of plums which are very good for skin care naturally, and indirectly you can get out of various beauty products that are expensive. Regards