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18 Benefits of Plums for Men

Plums are a fruit that is very good for consumption by both men and women, but on this occasion I will discuss the benefits of plums for men that maybe many of us don't know about it.

Plums are still in the same family as peaches and apricots. But many of us also know more about dried plums or commonly referred to as Prunes which are usually used as cake preparations.

18 Benefits of Plums for Men

Benefits of Plums for Men

Although plum trees are currently very rare, it turns out that this one fruit has tremendous benefits, especially for a man. Therefore, if you don't know what are the benefits here, I will discuss all the benefits of plums for a man.

1. Is a Super Fruit
Plums are one type of fruit that is included in the "Super Fruit" category. Why is that? Because this fruit contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals compared to other fruits. Apart from that, plums also contain good antioxidants.

2. High in Vitamin C
Plums are known as a family of peaches and apricots, which are known to have a high vitamin C content. And Vitamin C itself is very important for the health of the body.

3. High in Antioxidants
Plums do contain antioxidants, because they are high in Flavonoids and Vitamin C. In addition, the red color of these plums indicates that there is a lot of beta carotene and Vitamin A content.

4. High in fiber
Apart from having a very high vitamin and mineral content, it turns out that plums also have a high fiber content. The benefits of fiber in plums are to smooth the digestive system, improve bowel movements and prevent constipation.

5. Able to Increase Stamina
For a man, having more stamina is important, because when he works it will drain his stamina. Therefore, if you are a hardworking man, it is highly recommended to consume plums regularly so that your stamina can increase.

6. Stabilizing Calcium Absorption
Plums have a unique content that is not shared by other fruits, this content is citric acid which is believed to be able to optimize calcium absorption for a man.

7. Able to Prevent Baldness
Maybe baldness is a disease that is often experienced by most men. Whether it's because the mind is too stressed or even age and heredity. However, consuming plums regularly can reduce baldness to the maximum.

8. Prevent Premature Aging
Premature aging can not only affect a woman, but a man can also get this disease. The content of antioxidants and flavonoids work together to help regenerate cells so that the aging process is inhibited.

In addition, plums also contain Vitamin C which plays an active role in increasing the amount of collagen in the body so that skin health is maintained, and is able to prevent skin wrinkles.

9. Preventing Fluid Deficiency
Dehydration or lack of fluids often afflicts a man who is working, this is due to the large amount of sweat that comes out of a man's body without drinking enough water.

To prevent dehydration, especially in a man, you just need to consume plums regularly. Because plums also contain enough water to prevent dehydration.

10. Prevent UV Rays
For men working outdoors, they are often exposed to direct sunlight. On the other hand, a man also never uses Sunscream as a skin protector from the sun.

To keep your skin safe from the sun's UV rays, just consume plums. Because the potassium content in this fruit plays an active role to protect the skin from the bad UV rays of the sun.

11. Able to Prevent Stress
Stressful thoughts are one of the causes of baldness in men. The potassium content in plums is also very good for preventing stressful thoughts due to work, environmental or even family problems.

12. As a Natural Deuretic
Urinary Tract Infection often occurs in a man, this disease is usually caused by holding back bowel movements too long. To fix this, you just need to regularly consume plums, because plums also function as a natural deuretic.

13. Stabilizing Red Blood Cell Production
Plums also contain iron which is of course very good for optimizing the production of red blood cells. Because if you lack red blood, of course it can cause anemia.

Although currently there are many blood-boosting supplements or drugs in drugstores around you, what's wrong if you consume plums which can increase red blood cells naturally.

14. Maintaining Ideal Body Shape
It turns out that not only a woman wants to keep her body in shape in order to stay ideal. But some men also want to have the ideal body posture. Because it is a satisfaction in itself for a man.

15. Able to Balance Electrolytes
If the electrolyte content in the body is not maintained in balance, it can cause several diseases in the body. To prevent this, you only need to consume plums regularly so that your electrolyte needs can be balanced.

16. Improve Nerve Health
Having health, especially on the nerves is one of the obligations for every man. Because nerves are the ones that are often used when they are at work.

To maintain the health of your nerves, you can consume plums, because of the content of Trytophan which can produce neurotransmitters that are able to maintain and improve nerve health.

17. Able to Prevent Diabetes
Plums do contain flavonoids which are believed to be able to reduce sugar levels for diabetics. Besides that, another benefit of flavonoids is to increase insulin sensitivity in the body.

18. Maintain Bone Health
Plums do contain Citric Acid which can help optimize calcium absorption, besides that, plums also have a high enough calcium content so that these two minerals play an active role in maintaining bone health and preventing osteoporosis.

Those are some of the benefits of plums, especially for a man. However, it should be noted that nowadays there are also many dried plums circulating. As you know, dried plums go through a drying process which mostly contains high salt and sugar so it is very dangerous for people with diabetes and hypertension. Regards