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Fact: 15 Benefits of Quail Meat for Various Health

Chicken or duck meat is a type of poultry that is often consumed by people around the world. However, bird species are still very low in consumption by the public, even though there are several types of birds that have a delicious taste and are also delicious when consumed. Like quail which is famous for its high iron content, but until now there are still many who have not consumed it.

Know About Quail

Quail is one type of bird that is often bred because this type of bird is also very expensive when sold. In addition, this bird tends to have a small body shape but can run fast.

Quail also cannot fly for too long, because the characteristics of this bird are almost the same as that of chickens. In addition, the body is very fat and eats seeds and small insects. Besides being able to take the meat, it turns out that quail eggs also have a high protein content.

Fact: 15 Benefits of Quail Meat for Various Health

Benefits of Quail Meat

For most people who often consume large types of poultry such as chickens or ducks, of course when consuming quail they will experience some difficulties. Because quails have a smaller body compared to chickens, besides that, quail bones are also relatively small. But besides all that, quail has several important benefits for health, here are some of the benefits.

1. Become a Source of Protein
Quail is known as poultry which has a very good source of protein for muscle health. Because protein is divided into two types, namely vegetable protein and animal protein. Animal protein is a good type of protein compared to vegetable protein because this type of protein has a function for building muscle mass.

2. Contains High Iron
Quail also has a high iron content compared to other types of poultry. In addition, this iron content is useful for maximizing the production of red blood cells in a person. That's why quail is often consumed by some people who suffer from anemia.

3. Contains Low Fat
In contrast to other types of meat, quail meat has a much lower fat content. So for those of you who are maintaining your weight, of course, you can consume quail meat as a substitute for chicken or duck meat.

4. Can be consumed when dieting
The biggest problem for someone who does a diet program especially for women. Of course, it is very difficult to avoid meaty foods, because most meaty foods have a high-fat content.

Therefore, when you want to eat meat, you can consume quail meat as an alternative. Due to the low-fat content, you don't have to worry about gaining weight again.

5. Good For Heart Health
Preventing heart disease is the responsibility of all of us because heart disease is a dangerous disease regardless of age. The content of iron and potassium in quail meat functions to improve your heart health.

6. Contains High Vitamin A
Some eye problems such as Cataracts, Myopia, etc. This is a disease caused by a lack of vitamin A intake. Some of us only know that vitamin A only comes from carrots, even though quail meat contains high vitamin A.

7. Maintain Healthy Skin
If you have a skincare problem, of course, you don't need to take drugs that contain lots of chemicals. In quail meat contains Vitamin E which is believed to be very good at caring for and also protecting the skin from within.

8. Maintain Bone Health
Besides being good for skin health, it turns out that quail meat is also very good for improving your bone health, especially for those of you who have entered the age of 50 years and over who are very susceptible to experiencing broken bones.

Quail is very good for bone health because the meat contains Calcium and Phosphorus which are believed to strengthen bones and maintain bone health.

9. Troubleshooting the Respiratory System
Although quails look small, they have very important benefits. Because quail meat contains a compound that can solve several problems in the respiratory system by stimulating the respiratory cavity to make it easier to breathe.

10. Optimizing Cell Regeneration Growth
The content of Vitamin E in quail meat is not only for maintaining healthy skin from within but also functions to optimize the growth of cell regeneration in the skin. So that when you experience a wound on the skin, it will speed up healing on your skin.

11. Improve Body Endurance
When you are sick, of course at that time your immune system is working hard so that your immune system returns to normal and you can recover. Besides that, quail meat contains a compound that can improve the immune system so that you will recover and be healthy faster

12. Good Nutrition For Brain
The brain is the center of all organs in our body because the brain acts as a regulator of all problems in the body. But sometimes the brain experiences several problems such as decreased memory.

The meat and eggs of quail contain choline which is very good for nourishing the brain. Because the choline content in quail meat provides a positive role for your brain to improve memory.

13. Become a Source of Energy
In the content of quail meat, there is Vitamin B, especially Vitamin B2 which is believed to be the best source of energy. Vitamin B2 is useful for optimizing the absorption of carbohydrates and converting them into energy for the body to carry out activities.

14. Maintaining Eye Health
The eye is one of the senses that must be guarded because with your eyes you can see the whole world. In quail meat contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E which are very good for eye health and can prevent eye disease.

However, if you already have eye diseases such as minus eyes, of course consuming quail meat can keep your eyes healthy so they don't get worse.

15. Good for pregnant women
When pregnant, of course, a woman must consume foods that are high in nutrition, so that the baby in the stomach gets enough nutrition for their growth period, and can be born healthy and normal.

Consuming quail meat is highly recommended for pregnant women. Because the content of vitamins and minerals in quail is needed by pregnant women. In addition, the content of protein, phosphorus, and calcium in quail meat is very high, so the benefits of quail for pregnant women are not in doubt.

Those are some of the benefits of consuming quail meat for health, but you must know that consume quail meat in a reasonable amount because if you consume something in excess it will have a bad effect on health. Regards