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6 Benefits of Saffron Flowers To Get Beautiful Face Natural

Having a beautiful face is a dream for all women in the world, many are willing to pay a fortune to get maximum facial skin care. Though things like that can damage the face slowly, because some beauty products use a lot of chemicals. Nowadays, there are many people who switch to using natural methods to get a beautiful face naturally, such as using saffron flowers.

6 Benefits of Saffron Flowers To Get Beautiful Face Natural

What Is a Saffron Flower?

Saffron flowers are a type of spice that comes from the Crocus Sativus L plant. Many people use saffron flowers, because they are believed to be good for body health and facial health.

Besides that, saffron flowers are also often used as herbal medicine, because they can cure several diseases such as cough and cold. Although it can be used as medicine, it turns out that saffron flowers can also be used as a natural dye, because they can produce a yellow color.

Benefits of Saffron Flowers For Face Naturally

Lately, many have questioned whether saffron flowers can be used as a natural facial treatment, or whether saffron flowers can be used to make a beautiful face. Take it easy, because on this occasion I will discuss the benefits of saffron flowers for the face, here are some of the benefits.

1. Overcoming Irritation of the Skin
Basically, saffron flowers are believed to be able to treat various skin irritations. Because saffron flowers have anti-inflammatory properties such as Antioxidants, Crocin, Crocetin, and Kaempfenol.

Some of the benefits of anti-inflammatory substances present in saffron flowers have several benefits such as overcoming and reducing irritation, skin rashes, and also swelling of the skin.

For how to use saffron flowers, this is usually used as a mask that is given a mixture of milk, or now there are also many masks made of saffron flower as a base.

2. Fade Acne Scars
Acne can affect anyone, be it a woman or a man. Acne itself is divided into two, namely acne that does arise due to puberty or acne that occurs due to oily skin, dirty pores, exposure to free radicals, etc.

Using saffron flowers is very effective for fading acne scars and also getting rid of them. The trick is to simply use it as a mask and mix it with milk, because milk can also remove dead skin cells on the face.

How to use a mask made of saffron flowers is very easy, namely by soaking the strands of saffron flowers in milk, waiting for the saffron flowers to absorb well within 2 hours. If you have applied it on the face and neck for 10-15 minutes. Do this 3-4 times a week to get rid of acne scars.

3. Overcoming Panda Eye Disease
Eyes on is a type of disease caused by someone who often stays up late. This disease is a black color that circles our eyes, and looks like the eyes of a panda animal.

Many use saffron flower masks to reduce black around the eyes. This method is quite effective and effective because many have proven it.

How to use it is very easy, namely take a few strands of saffron either 2 or 3 strands, then mix in a tablespoon of water and wait overnight. After that add a tablespoon of milk and 2-3 drops of coconut oil and olive oil and add a little sugar.

When all the ingredients are mixed, apply all of the ingredients to the part of the eye that has the panda eye. If it has been applied then wait for it to dry, when it is done then rinse it off with clean water. To get maximum results do this method regularly.

4. Able to Brighten Face
Having dull facial skin can certainly reduce a woman's level of confidence. Because basically every woman wants bright and radiant facial skin. To get that, of course, only using saffron flowers is the solution for you.

How to use it is very easy, namely by taking a few saffron flowers and then mixing it with milk and also a tablespoon of lemon juice. When it is mixed, let it sit for one hour so that all the ingredients of the 3 ingredients are mixed.

When done, apply it evenly on your facial skin, let stand 5 minutes. This method is very effective for brightening the skin, because this method is able to improve blood circulation to the face so that it can brighten your face. To get maximum results do this method every morning.

5. As a Natural Antioxidant
Exposure to free radicals is very dangerous for the health of the skin, because if too often it can cause several skin problems on the face such as premature aging, irritation and acne. Using a saffron flower mask regularly can certainly prevent the exposure of free radicals to your facial skin.

6. Protect UV Rays
Keeping facial skin from UV rays is your obligation for a woman. Because UV rays are very dangerous for skin health and can have a burning effect on skin that is exposed to UV rays.

To prevent some of the problems caused by UV rays, of course, you can use a saffron flower mask regularly when you are going out. Besides being able to ward off free radicals, it turns out that several case studies have shown that saffron flowers can protect your skin from exposure to UV rays.

Those are some of the benefits of saffron flowers, now you don't have to worry about getting saffron flowers. Because nowadays there are so many selling dried saffron flowers or beauty products based on saffron flowers. Regards