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8 Benefits of Salt For Rooms And Homes

Salt is one of the food ingredients that we usually encounter in the kitchen. Because salt is the key to the taste of every mother's cooking. Because without salt, the food that is served will not taste. Besides being able to give an image of a savory taste, it turns out that salt can also be used as a natural preservative for fish, such as salted fish.

8 Benefits of Salt For Rooms And Homes

Type of Salt and Origin of Salt

Salt generally comes from sea water which is placed in a container and carries out the evaporation process. When the evaporation process takes place, it will leave salt grains which are very useful for human life.

However, with the development of human life there are also types of salt found in the mines in the mountains, namely salt minerals that have frozen.

Benefits of room salt in the house

Apart from being a mainstay spice for housewives, salt also has a variety of very important benefits, especially for the room in your home. On this occasion I will explain a little about the benefits of salt for your room.

1. To Clean Glass Flower Vases
Maybe most people use cleaning products that are sold freely in supermarkets or malls. Even though using these products does not guarantee that your home furnishings such as this glass vase are clean thoroughly.

Usually a glass flower vase has yellow dirt, or what is commonly called a yellow stain on the glass. To clean it, you can't use the product you bought.

To deal with yellow stains on glass flower vases in your home, of course you can do it naturally, like salt given water. Soaking a yellow stained glass vase in salt water can certainly clean it thoroughly.

2. Clean the Furniture
Your home furniture such as cabinets, tables, chairs, etc., of course, are usually used as a nest for various insects or even dirty by themselves. However, when you clean it, it usually leaves stains or dirt that is very difficult to clean.

Many people usually clean it with soap, even though the use of soap can certainly cause damage to your furniture. The easy way to clean it is actually only with salt water. With salt water your furniture will look much cleaner without damaging it.

3. To Wash Carpets
Laying the carpet in the room is the best way to provide a good aesthetic for your home. However, by placing the carpet in the room, it often spills liquid, and ends up leaving stains.

It is not easy to wash a rug, especially if the size of the carpet is large, of course if it is not clean, your efforts will be in vain. But if you have problems when washing the carpet, of course you can use salt when you soak the carpet so that the stains from spilled liquid can disappear.

4. Cleaning Stains On The Glass
If you have a collection of glasses that have various shapes and models, of course keeping clean is your responsibility. Especially if you use the glass to drink tea or coffee, of course it can leave marks that are very difficult to remove.

When coffee, tea or other drink stains stick to the glass, it can certainly damage the beauty of your glass. The fix is ​​quite easy, namely by soaking your glass in salt, this method is quite effective in removing stains caused by residue from coffee, tea or other drinks.

5. Cleaning the Kitchen
The kitchen is one of the places in the house that may be a very difficult place to clean compared to the bathroom or bedroom. Because in the kitchen you can see lots of dirt and stains.

Such as oil splashes on the walls, soy sauce spills or food scraps that stick. Some of these stains can be very difficult to remove with a variety of cleaning products. But don't worry because using salt can certainly clean all the stains in your kitchen.

6. Scrape Rust
Rust often sticks to metal surfaces that have not been used for a long time or even cooking utensils that are frequently exposed to water. It turns out that using salt can certainly scrape the surface of an object that is already rusty.

Even though many say that cleaning rust is very difficult without damaging the items you are cleaning, of course it becomes easy if you clean rust using salt.

7. Clean Window Glass
Windows are nests in the form of dirt, dust and bacteria attached to the glass surface. Most people who are lazy to clean certainly choose to call a room cleaning service. Even though by using salt you can clean stains on window glass and also bacteria to viruses that stick to your window glass so that your house is safe from disease.

8. Keeping the Bathroom Clean
If you have a bathup with lots of stains that really disturb your comfort while bathing in the bathroom, you don't have to worry about cleaning it.

Try to take a bath using salt water, besides being able to overcome the yellow stains in your bath, it turns out that salt water can also rejuvenate your skin naturally. Even after you take a bath with salt water, you must rinse it with plain water, because otherwise it will leave a sticky nature on the skin.

Those are some of the benefits of salt for the room that so many of us don't know yet, hopefully this article can add insight to all of us. Regards