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7 Tamanu Oil Benefits For Natural Beauty And Treatment

Now there are a lot of beauty products made from natural ingredients. Because ac
cording to the manufacturer, it is said that using natural ingredients in beauty products is now much more attractive to some buyers.

However, some don't use beauty products even though they are made from natural ingredients. They prefer to use natural ingredients directly for their facial skincare. Such as tamanu oil which is believed to speed up skin regeneration.

7 Tamanu Oil Benefits For Natural Beauty And Treatment

In addition, tamanu oil can also be used as a natural facial treatment and can overcome various skin problems so that facial skin remains naturally healthy.

What is Tamanu Oil?

Tamanu Oil can be found in the seeds of tamanu fruit the tamanu tree is one type of tree found in the Pacific islands. So using tamanu oil as skincare has become local wisdom by the residents there.

And until now tamanu oil is a source of wealth on the continent of Southeast Asia because the flowers on the tamanu tree can bloom twice a year and produce 5 kg of tamanu oil each year.

The seeds contained in the tamanu tree are dried for 8 weeks or nearly 2 months to produce the sticky tamanu oil. To get the best quality tamanu oil, press the tamanu seeds.

For the best quality, the Tamanu oil color has a dark green color. The uniqueness of tamanu oil itself is that it contains therapeutic properties which function to lighten facial skin quickly and briefly.

Benefits of Tamanu Oil for Facial Beauty

Nowadays, many women are looking for Tamanu oil as their beauty kit for their faces. Because many have proven the benefits of this tamanu oil. And here I will discuss the benefits of tamanu oil, here are some explanations.

1. For the treatment of damaged skin
Maintaining skin health is of course necessary so that your facial skin remains healthy and does not experience damage. The ability that can be produced by using tamanu oil is that it can treat facial skin to keep it naturally healthy and can cure several diseases of the skin.

Because tamanu oil has anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties that can cure acne caused by unsaturated fats, it can balance the moisture on your facial skin.

In addition, the content of amino acids in tamanu oil has the benefit of rejuvenating dead skin cells caused by wounds. That way, skin regeneration will be much faster so that the wound will heal easily.

2. Overcoming And Curing Acne
Tamanu oil has several ingredients such as Calophilic Acid, Calophylloide, and Lactone which play an important role as Antibiotic, Anti-Inflammatory, and Antibacterial which can prevent and cure acne.

The advantage of using tamanu oil compared to some other beauty products is that tamanu oil does not have side effects such as peeling skin, dry skin, or even damage to the skin barrier.

A study revealed that tamanu oil has a single unsaturated fatty acid, linoleic acid which has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent acne redness, heal wounds and remove acne scars.

3. Overcoming Hyperpigmentation
Hyperpigmentation is a condition where there are dark black spots on several parts of the face. The main reason why hyperpigmentation occurs is frequent exposure to sunlight.

According to the research says that tamanu oil has anti-inflammatory properties because the content of antioxidants and calophyllolide can protect the skin from exposure to the sun's bad UV rays.

4. Protects From Exposure to UV Rays
As I just explained earlier that tamanu oil can also protect against UV rays. Because tamanu oil contains Caoumarins and Xanthrons which are useful for maintaining integration against free radicals that come from UV rays. In addition, DNA damage caused by UV radiation is 85% of the size, so it is very dangerous if the facial skin is continuously exposed to UV rays.

5. Able to Treat Psoriasis
Psoriasis is a condition where the facial skin is exposed to the Staphlococcus aureus bacterial strain, this condition can cause an infection of the facial skin. To treat it, it is enough to use tamanu oil, because it has high anti-bacterial content such as Calophyllum Nophyllum which can treat psoriasis.

6. Overcoming Premature Aging
Premature aging is a condition where the skin develops dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. Premature aging is caused by frequent exposure to free radicals and UV rays.

To fix this, it is enough to use tamanu oil every time you leave the house. Tamanu oil not only contains antioxidants but also contains Omega 3 and Omega 6. Both of these good fatty acids content can care for skin health and prevent premature aging.

7. Eliminate Fine Lines
Even though the tamanu plant has been used for years as a natural anti-aging, it turns out that the benefits of tamanu oil are still very great. Because tamanu oil can fight acne on facial skin and also removes fine lines on your face so that you can prevent premature aging naturally.

Those are some of the benefits of tamanu oil for natural facial skincare. Because instead of using beauty products for which we don't know the basic ingredients, it's better to use natural facial treatments like tamanu oil. Islam