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11 Benefits of Mango Vinegar to Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease

Maybe you are very familiar with the name vinegar, and as you know that vinegar is divided into two types, namely natural vinegar and synthetic vinegar. For synthetic vinegar, it is made from a mixture of acetic acid and temporary water. In contrast to natural vinegar, which is a fermented fruit. The most commonly heard natural vinegar is apple cider vinegar, but maybe you are very unfamiliar with mango vinegar.

Pahadal at this time mango vinegar has tremendous benefits for the health of the body. That's why I created this article to provide new insights for those who don't know the benefits of mango vinegar.

11 Benefits of Mango Vinegar to Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease

Know About Mango Vinegar

Mango vinegar is one of the mango fermentation processes that produce an acidic liquid which is better known as vinegar. Like the benefits of consuming mangoes in general, the difference here is that they have more nutritional content when they are fermented as vinegar. Natural vinegar that comes from mangoes is much healthier to consume than the synthetic vinegar that we often find in markets or supermarkets.

Benefits of Mango Vinegar for Health

Vinegar itself is usually used as an ingredient in food such as pickles, but there are also those who usually use vinegar as a fish or chicken fish odor remover.

For those of you who are already curious about what are the benefits of mango vinegar, here I will explain some of the important benefits of consuming natural mango vinegar that you need to know.

1. Rich and High in Antioxidants
Mango vinegar has several important ingredients in it, namely Phenolic Substances such as Quertecin, Fisetin, Astragalin, Isoquercitrin, and Mellylgallat. Some of these substances will form an antioxidant which is very important for the body such as scavenger of bad free radicals.

2. Reducing the Risk of Cancer
Cancer is a disease that is still very difficult to treat. However, you can prevent this by consuming some foods or drinks that contain antioxidants.

Mango vinegar contains antioxidants that help reduce the risk of developing cancer. Because antioxidants play a role in replacing some of the body's damaged cells and then replaced with new cells, it will decide the development of cancer cells in the body.

3. Maintain a Healthy Digestive System
Not only the fiber content in mango vinegar is able to maintain the digestive system. But apart from that, it contains an enzyme that plays an important role in maintaining digestive health and also helps prevent various digestive problems such as constipation and reduces the risk of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

4. Smooth Absorption of Nutrients
Health experts say that the same enzymes in mango vinegar that help maintain digestive health also help optimize nutrient absorption. The task of these enzymes is to break down protein completely so that nutrients can be absorbed easily, thus making the digestive process run optimally.

5. Contains High Natural Fiber
The fiber content in mango vinegar is fairly high, this fiber works with enzymes in the digestive system to remove several nutrients that can interfere with body health, such as cholesterol which will be excreted through the metabolic system.

6. Maintain Heart Health
Mangosteen vinegar also contains several compounds that play an important role in maintaining heart health and also reducing the risk of heart disease. In addition, mango vinegar also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E which work together to optimize heart performance.

7. Maintaining Healthy Blood Vessels
Blood vessels are one of the body's transportations to distribute various nutrients to oxygen throughout the body. So maintaining healthy blood vessels is one of our obligations.

In mango vinegar, there is Vitamin B6 which plays a role in reducing levels of Homocysteine ​​Amino Acid. Too much of this type of amino acid can cause damage to blood vessel walls. Consuming mango vinegar regularly can reduce levels of these amino acids so that the levels are always stable.

8. High in Vitamin A
Maybe many of us already know what are the benefits of Vitamin A, namely to maintain eye health. Because the eyes are the senses that we have to take care of. In addition, other benefits of Vitamin A in mango vinegar are to treat various degerative diseases of age, because the content of Vitamin A in mango vinegar is quite a lot.

9. High in Vitamin C
In mango vinegar, there is a high content of Vitamin C compared to consuming mangoes directly. The benefits of Vitamin C in mango vinegar are to maintain healthy skin from within, maintain body resistance so that it is not susceptible to disease, and optimize calcium absorption.

10. Lowering Cholesterol Levels
Mango vinegar contains Vitamin C, Fiber and Pectin which are believed to be able to effectively reduce bad cholesterol in blood vessels without reducing good cholesterol. So that the main function of good cholesterol is still working optimally to support the metabolic system.

11. High Potassium
Most people do not know that eating foods that contain potassium can make the heart healthier. In addition, various heart health problems can all be overcome by consuming foods or drinks that contain potassium. According to health experts, mango vinegar contains high enough potassium so it is very effective in meeting your daily potassium needs.

Those are some of the benefits of mango vinegar that you need to know, but as you know that mango vinegar has a high enough acid level so that people with stomach acid should not consume it.

In addition, diabetics are also advised to consult your regular doctor to ensure that it is safe to consume mango vinegar. Hopefully this article can be useful. Regards