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9 Benefits of the Moses in The Cradle Plant for Health and Natural Medicine

Maybe most people still don't really understand about the moses in the cradle plant, because this plant can only be found in places where the temperature is not too hot and a humid atmosphere.

But the fact is that until now the moses in the cradle plant is one type of plant that often adorns office or residential rooms. Because indeed the moses in the cradle is an ornamental plant.

Although moses in the cradle is a type of ornamental plant, besides its beautiful shape, there are many important benefits in it. So for those of you who don't understand, on this occasion I will explain a little about the benefits of the moses plant in the cradle for body health.

Getting to Know About the Moses in the Cradle Plant

The moses in the cradle plant is a type of plant originating from the Americas, precisely in Mexico. This plant has a height of approximately 40 - 60 centimeters. It has a rough, short, straight trunk but has no branches.

The leaf shape is also very unique, which is wide and long, has a green color on the top and a reddish purple color on the bottom. Some of the uniqueness of its shape makes this plant in demand as an ornamental plant that is placed outdoors or indoors.

Benefits of the Moses in the Cradle Plant for Health

Although the moses in the cradle plant is well known as an ornamental plant, this plant is one of the natural remedies for various diseases. If you don't know what diseases can be cured with this plant, you can read this article to the end.

1. To Treat Bronchitis
If you have health problems such as bronchitis, you don't need to worry, because the content of the moses in the cradle plant has benefits for treating bronchitis naturally.

To treat bronchitis by using the moses in the cradle plant, drink boiled water from this plant regularly. Drink as much as 2-3 times a day for maximum results.

2. Treating Bloody Cough
Coughing up blood is a disease that is very dangerous if not treated immediately. Because coughing up blood will continue to make things worse for people with this disease.

A cough that doesn't get better, of course, you have to do regular treatment. As first aid for sufferers of coughing up blood is to give them boiled water for flowers or leaves from the moses in the cradle plant regularly until they are completely healed.

3. Treating Dysentery
Dysentery is a disease of the digestive tract that causes wild pain for sufferers, besides this disease also causes bloody diarrhea for sufferers. To overcome this, natural remedies that have been used for a long time are consuming boiled water from the moses plant in the cradle.

4. Treating Diarrhea
Not only is it able to treat dysentery, it turns out that the moses in the cradle plant is also able to cure diarrhea. The content of substances in this plant can reduce the intensity of defecation, so that it will slowly cure your diarrhea. The way to treat it is quite easy, namely by drinking boiled water of the moses in the cradle plant either on flowers or leaves regularly until it is completely healed.

5. Treating Red Blood Deficiency
Lack of red blood or so-called anemia, is a condition in which the production of red blood cells does not run optimally. Anemia can cause the body to feel weak and this condition can interfere with your activities.

To prevent and also overcome anemia, you only need to consume boiled water from the moses in the cradle plant. Because this plant contains iron which is useful for optimizing the production of red blood cells in the body.

6. Treating Joint Pain
Joint pain or rheumatism is a disease that attacks the joints. This disease often affects older people who are over 35 years of age, but there are also young people who can get this disease.

This disease can recur at any time, especially if a person consumes foods that are prohibited by a doctor. The problem of joint pain can actually be overcome with the moses in the cradle plant, this method is quite easy to do for sufferers of joint pain.

The treatment method is very easy, namely by heating the leaves of the moses in the cradle plant until it withers, when it is attached to the painful joint. Do this method until it is completely healed, this method is quite effective for dealing with rheumatism.

7. Preventing Tumor Diseases
Tumor is a dangerous disease, this disease is like flesh that grows in the body. If the treatment is not done effectively, it will be bigger and more malignant in the body.

To prevent you from getting a tumor disease is to consume the moses in the cradle plant either on the flowers or on the leaves. This method has proven effective in preventing this dangerous disease from developing in the body.

8. Accelerate Skin Regeneration
When you are hit by a sharp object or fall which causes a lot of bleeding, of course having a fast skin regeneration is one solution. Giving it mashed leaves of moses in the cradle, then sticking it to the bleeding area is the best way to quickly stop bleeding in the wound.

9. High in antioxidants
Moses in the cradle is a type of plant that is believed to be able to treat various diseases, but other than that this plant is a high source of antioxidants. The benefits of antioxidants, among others, are to strengthen the body's resistance so that it is not susceptible to disease.

Providing natural antioxidants contained in plants, fruits, or vegetables is the best way, because besides having no bad side effects, consuming antioxidants naturally will be much safer.

How to Use the Moses in the Cradle Plant

There may be 2 ways to use the moses in the cradle plant, and you can use the flowers or leaves of this plant. For use, it can be treated on the outside, or it can also be done on the inside.

The Outer Way

For the external method, it can overcome several problems such as sprains, bruises, wounds that cause bleeding, rheumatism etc. The trick, you need to smooth the leaves or flowers of the moses in the cradle plant, then place them on the affected part, so that they don't easily come off with a cloth until they are tight.

The Inner Way

  1. Whooping cough, cough with phlegm, flu, dysentery: can boil 20-30 moses flowers in the cradle, then boil and drink the water 3 times a day until completely healed
  2. Glandular tuberculosis, nosebleeds: you need to boil 30 grams of moses leaves in the cradle and drink regularly.
  3. Bronchitis and Vomiting Blood: you can boil 10 leaves and 20-30 moses flowers in the cradle, add rock sugar and drink regularly until healed.
  4. Melena: 10-15 fresh leaves and 20-50 moses in the dry cradle, boil and add palm sugar, drink regularly until healed.
Those are some of the benefits of the moses in the cradle plant for body health and also to treat various external and internal diseases. Hopefully this article can be the latest insight for you, and can be useful for all of us. Regards