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8 Benefits of Baby Soap for the Health and Hygiene of Feminine Organs

Maintaining the health and cleanliness of female organs is an obligation for all women. However, many prefer to use cleaning products made from betel leaf or other ingredients.

Most women use these products because they are more practical for how to use them. But did you know that some female organ cleaning products certainly have side effects which are certainly very dangerous for women who have sensitive female organs.

8 Benefits of Baby Soap for the Health and Hygiene of Feminine Organs

Benefits of Baby Soap for Female Organs

According to some health experts, if you have trouble choosing a product to clean your female organs, you can use baby soap as an alternative. Maybe for those of you who just found out, you must be wondering what are the benefits of baby soap for the female intimate organs? And is it safe to use on the female sex organs? Relax, because on this occasion I will explain some of the benefits.

1. Has a Soft Content
As you know, baby soap is specially formulated for very sensitive baby skin, so the ingredients used contain very low chemicals. Because to keep baby's skin healthy and safe.

If you have trouble finding a safe female organ cleaning product, there is nothing wrong with using baby soap as a cleanser. Because baby skin and female intimate organs both have a very sensitive texture and their health must really be taken care of.

2. Safe from Irritation
Some women often feel irritation on the female sex organs, one of the causes is the inappropriate use of soap which cannot maintain moisture and pH in the female sex organs.

However, it is very different from baby soap, because it will not cause irritation. Because baby soap is formulated for baby's skin which is very susceptible to irritation. That's why using baby soap to clean a woman's intimate organs is very safe.

3. Maintaining the Health of the Female Intimate Organs
As I have previously explained, baby skin and female sex organs are very sensitive. Although they are different in terms of texture, they both have these properties. Therefore, using baby soap as a hygiene treatment for female intimate organs is highly recommended.

4. Contains pH Safe For Female Sex Organs
The benefits of pH are really needed by the body and sex organs of women, because it can balance floral in the female sex organs. A situation like this is certainly very disturbing if a woman's intimate organ cleansing soap uses chemicals that have side effects. The baby soap contains pH which is very safe for sensitive baby skin and female intimate organs without disturbing the flora balance.

5. Does not Contain Hazardous Chemicals
As I explained earlier, the floral balance of a woman's intimate organs can be disturbed if you use a cleanser using harmful chemicals.

However, it is different from baby soap which is specially formulated to maintain the softness and health of sensitive baby skin. That is why baby soap does not contain harmful chemicals.

6. Natural Based
Baby soap does not contain harmful chemicals, so it can maintain moisture and pH in the female sex organs. Because most of the ingredients contained in baby soap are natural ingredients which are of course very good for maintaining the health of sensitive organs.

7. Do not use Fragrances
As you know, baby soap does not have a fragrant smell, because baby soap contains natural ingredients. This is of course very suitable for use on the female sex organs, because there are no other harmful chemical additives that can harm the condition of the female sex organs.

8. It is Recommended by a Specialist
It turns out that compared to using betel soap, using baby soap is highly recommended by Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Although betel leaf soap contains anti-bacterial properties, it turns out that this content can actually kill the good bacteria found in the female sex organs and vice versa, bad bacteria can also develop. Instead of using the betel leaf directly, it is advisable to boil the betel leaf and drink it.

Things You Need to Know

However, it turns out that the use of baby soap can also cause its own side effects, and here are some explanations.

  • You need to know that baby soap has various brands, so make sure you choose a brand that is completely safe to use, be it for baby skin or female intimate organs.
  • When you use it, don't use it too much, because these conditions can affect the pH balance in a woman's intimate organs.
  • You can use liquid or solid soap, but please note that if you use solid soap, don't directly stick it to the female sex organs, but you have to make a foam and then rub it on the female sex organs.
The most important thing to note is that when you have just used baby soap to clean a woman's intimate organs, wash it with clean water until the soap foam is completely gone. Because if the foam is still left on the female sex organs it will cause irritation. But please note that if you feel itching or vaginal discharge that is not normal in the female sex organs, you can stop using it, because everyone has different side effects. Regards