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11 Benefits Eating Cashew Fruit For Pregnant Women And Fetus Growth

Cashew fruit is a fruit that has the Latin name Anacardium Occidentale and is a type of plant from Brazil. In addition, both the fruit and seeds can also be consumed, the fruit has a sweet taste and a little sour taste, and the seeds have a savory taste.

Cashew fruit is a very rare fruit to find, which is why the price of the fruit or seeds is very expensive. Guava has different types of fruit in general, usually, the fruit seeds are inside, but different from this one fruit that has seeds outside the fruit.

This cashew nut is often referred to as cashews and is often processed with chocolate because their delicious taste makes them a lot of enthusiasts. But did you know that this cashew fruit has benefits for pregnant women and the fetus in the stomach? If you don't know, you can read more about this article.

Cashew Fruit For Pregnant Women

What is Cashew Fruit?

Cashew fruit is a fruit that is not included in the category of guava in general, such as Myrtaceae, and also not in the category of nuts or Fabaceae. But the type of fruit that is closely related to mangoes, namely Anacadiceae. This fruit is unique in that it has an oval shape with an orange or red color, and a seed that hangs outside the fruit.

Benefits of Cashew Fruit for Pregnant Women

But don't get me wrong, because what I mean here is the benefit of the seeds, not the fruit. So what has important benefits for pregnant women is cashews, and here are some of the benefits.

  1. Prevent anemia or low hemoglobin levels, because conditions like this are very common in pregnant women, either at the beginning of pregnancy or going into labor.
  2. Maintain blood pressure to remain stable so that hypertension or anemia will not occur.
  3. Strengthens blood vessels and muscle nerves so that pregnant women do not experience spasms or paralysis in the legs.
  4. Preventing Avitaminosis, which is a condition where a person lacks minerals that are necessary for the development of pregnant women and the fetus.
  5. Strengthens and maintains bone tissue in pregnant women and fetuses who are developing.
  6. Being one of the stimulations of the digestive system for pregnant women and the fetus.
  7. Provides a positive effect on liver function in pregnant women.
  8. Provide intake of Vitamin E which is an important supplement for pregnant women to be able to maintain normal fetal development.
  9. Prevent various problems in the gums and also strengthen teeth, because problems like this are very common in pregnant women due to hormonal changes.
  10. Provides a calming effect on pregnant women so as not to feel nervous, sleep well and improve brain activity.
  11. Increase endurance in pregnant women so they are not susceptible to various diseases.

Content of Cashews Fruits

Some health experts say that a pregnant woman should avoid consuming peanuts because it is feared that there will be an allergy to peanuts in the baby. However, cashews have been shown to provide essential vitamins and minerals for pregnant women and fetuses. Although it should be avoided if a pregnant woman consumes it has an allergic reaction. The content of cashews that provides benefits to pregnant women is as follows.


Cashews contain good fats which of course have a very positive effect on pregnant women and their fetuses. Because 1 gram of cashews will contain 4.3 grams of protein which is a good source of amino acids for fetal development.

In addition, the content of cashews contains 13 grams of fat which is a source of energy for pregnant women and fetuses, besides that it also plays a role in lowering cholesterol levels which causes heart disease.

Every 1 ounce of cashews also contains 9 grams of carbohydrates which can be consumed for women who are on a diet program or are losing weight.


Pregnant women will need an iron intake that is higher than usual because the body will produce more blood for the developing fetus. Because if a pregnant woman is deficient in iron, it will certainly cause fatigue and will also affect the fetus which is in its development period. And it is highly recommended to consume cashews at least 27 milligrams per day so that iron needs can be met.

Vitamin K

Because the body will produce more blood for pregnant women and the growth of the fetus, the body must be able to work optimally, that's why pregnant women also need a lot of vitamin K intake.

The benefit of Vitamin K itself is to optimize the blood so that it is formed perfectly. Each 1 ounce of cashews will contain 9.8mcg, and when pregnant you should consume at least 90mcg each day.

When a pregnant woman gets proper vitamin K intake, it will reduce the risk of bleeding in the fetus when giving birth. So consuming cashews when pregnant is highly recommended.

Contains Copper

Copper is a mineral that has an important role for pregnant women. Because the benefits of these minerals are to maintain healthy blood, blood vessels, nervous system, and heart. And it is highly recommended to consume 1 milligram of copper regularly for the health of pregnant women and the fetus.

 However, it should be noted that consuming excessive amounts of copper will lead to several health problems such as headaches, diarrhea, and heart disease.

Those are some of the benefits that I can explain on this occasion, but please note that cashew fruit has an allergic reaction. If you experience an allergy problem when you consume it, you can stop it at that time. Regards