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10 Benefits And Side Effects of Earthworms for Maintaining Heart Health

Most people consider worms to be very disgusting animals. Even though this animal is very useful for making the soil fertile and sometimes many also make bait to lure fish using worms. However, according to several health experts, have conducted a study that these animals have benefits for heart and body health.

10 Benefits And Side Effects of Earthworms for Maintaining Heart Health

Know About Earthworms

Earthworms are one of the invertebrates or animals that do not have a backbone that have life in the soil and eat organic materials. Even though it is considered a disgusting animal, it turns out that worms are well known as very good animals for maintaining a healthy body. And recently, many studies have stated that earthworms have benefits for maintaining heart health.

Benefits of Earthworms for Heart Health

Although some studies say that earthworms are beneficial for heart health, this news is not surprising, because some health experts say that worms have a very high protein content. Therefore, on this occasion I will explain some of the benefits of worms for health, especially the heart.

1. Contains High Protein
To maintain heart health, of course, you must meet the protein intake your body needs. In earthworms it has a very high protein content, besides that by consuming worms it turns out to be able to meet the needs of animal protein and vegetable protein. Because the worm's body consists of 60-70% protein which is needed by the body.

2. Contains Fibrinolytic Enzymes
For those of you who don't know about fibrinolytic enzymes, which are compounds that are often used as a natural treatment to prevent heart disease and Cerebro Vascular disease. In addition, health experts also say that the enzyme content has been proven safe when consumed by humans.

3. Is a source of Antioxidants
Manh earthworms are believed to be a very good source of antioxidants for the body's health. Because the benefits of antioxidants are to prevent some chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

4. Contains Anti-Microbial
Maybe you already know that the main food of worms is microbes, so worms are proven to contain anti-microbial substances which are useful for maintaining a healthy body, maintaining health and optimizing heart performance.

5. Blood Circulation
Consuming worms directly or in the form of worm extracts is able to improve blood circulation. When the blood circulation can run smoothly, it will make the heart not work hard so that it keeps the heart working normally, thus making the heart healthier.

6. Maintain Body Resistance
If you want your body not to be susceptible to disease, of course you must have a strong immune system. Therefore, consuming worms regularly turns out to be able to maintain endurance and also maintain health and optimize heart performance.

7. Contains Anti-Inflammatory
Many do not know that inflammation is a disease that can trigger various diseases, one of which is heart disease. Earthworms do contain anti-inflammatory properties which are able to prevent inflammation, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

8. Maintaining Healthy Blood Vessels
In the content of worms, it turns out to have compounds and enzymes that are able to maintain healthy blood vessels. Because when there is a disturbance in the blood vessels, the two contents of the worm are able to regenerate the damaged nerve cells so that they are able to work normally again.

9. Converting Fat Into Energy
If a person has a lot of fat in the body, it can certainly lead to heart disease. Because this is because the blood vessels will have a lot of fat so that the heart will work hard to pump blood. Conditions like that can cause some people to often develop heart disease.

Regularly consuming worm extracts is able to reduce fat buildup both in the body and in blood vessels. The existing fat will be immediately converted into a new energy.

10. To Treat Wind Sitting
Wind sitting is a condition that can trigger heart disease, especially heart attacks suddenly and can even cause death. Such events occur due to a lack of blood supply that carries oxygen to the heart.

Benefits of Earthworms for Health

For the explanation this time it will provide knowledge for you to process earthworms properly and correctly so that they can be consumed as medicine. However, if you are confused or hesitant to process it, you can immediately buy a capsule that contains worm extracts to get health benefits. However, there are a few things you should pay attention to when taking worm extract, and here are a few things you should know.

  • Make sure the supplement product you buy is completely safe and hygienic, not made from home products that don't necessarily guarantee its health. 
  • Consuming worm extract is believed to be very effective for maintaining heart health and overcoming several problems. However, it is highly recommended that when you take a worm extract supplement you don't take heart medication, because it is feared that it will cause negative effects. Consult your doctor first.

  • The important thing is to pay attention to the dosage when you consume worm extract, because if you consume it excessively it will certainly cause health complications.

Indeed, not many people know that besides being able to fertilize the soil, it turns out that worms are also very good for maintaining heart health. Apart from being high in protein and antioxidants, worms also contain enzymes and compounds that are important for heart health. Regards