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15 Health Benefits of Mahogany Fruit

Mahogany tree is a very popular plant because the wood produced by these plants can be used as furniture. However, not many people know what are the benefits of mahogany, due to a lack of knowledge. Though mahogany fruit is an herbal medicine that has been used in ancient times.

15 Health Benefits of Mahogany Fruit

Benefits of Mahogany Fruit for Health

Although mahogany fruit is considered one eye to most people, if you know its benefits then you will be competing to find mahogany fruit. To get the benefits, you can take part of the mahogany fruit seeds, because there are so many benefits that you can get from these seeds. Here are some of the functions of mahogany seeds that you need to know.

1. Contains High Antioxidants
Mahogany fruit has flavonoids which are one type of antioxidant. The benefits of antioxidants are to ward off free radicals. In addition there are many other benefits of the antioxidants from this mahogany fruit.

2. Blood Flow
The benefits of flavonoids in mahogany are also able to improve blood flow to the body, so that the heart will work normally. This situation makes you avoid the risk of heart disease. If the blood flows smoothly, oxygen and essential nutrients needed by the body can be distributed optimally.

3. Maintain Cholesterol Levels
Normal cholesterol levels will make your life healthy, because if cholesterol levels rise it will cause heart disease, because blood flow is not smooth due to the large amount of cholesterol in the blood vessels.

4. Contains Anti-Inflammatory
The content of flavonoids in mahogany fruit is not only useful as an antioxidant that the body needs, but also as an anti-inflammatory which is useful for preventing and also overcoming inflammation.

5. Maintain Blood Sugar Levels
Sugar levels that are too high make a person prone to diabetes. Until now, no cure for diabetes has been found, but the best way to lower blood sugar levels to keep it normal is to consume mahogany regularly.

6. Balancing the pH of the body
If you have a balanced body pH it will certainly make you avoid various diseases. Of course this is very beneficial for people with diabetes and heart disease. Because these two diseases are very susceptible to complications.

7. Prevent Cancer
An important benefit if the body's pH is balanced is that you will not be susceptible to cancer. In addition, the antioxidant content in mahogany fruit also plays an active role to repair damaged nerve cells and prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body.

8. Overcoming Hypertension
Hypertension or high blood pressure is a disease that can trigger other diseases such as heart attacks and strokes. For those of you who often experience high blood pressure besides choosing the right foods, it is highly recommended to consume mahogany regularly so that your blood pressure is normal.

9. Treating Constipation Problems
If your body lacks fiber intake, it will certainly irritate your digestive system, and can even create several problems in the digestive system such as constipation. To overcome and prevent it you can consume mahogany regularly.

10. Overcoming Pain During Menstruation
When women are menstruating, they often experience pain in the stomach. Of course this situation will interfere with your activities, especially if you are a career woman who has to work hard. To deal with pain during menstruation, you can consume mahogany, which can reduce pain during menstruation.

11. Increase Female Fertility
If you are having trouble getting pregnant, and have done various methods both natural and medical and have not yet got the results, you can do other alternative ways such as consuming mahogany regularly so you can get pregnant quickly.

12. Increase Appetite
In fact, there are many factors that cause a person to lose their appetite, such as when they are still recovering from illness or other problems. According to research, health experts say that mahogany is believed to have ingredients that can increase appetite.

13. Treating Fever And Colds
If you experience fever and cold due to rain or changes in temperature and season, maybe you can consume mahogany seeds in the form of tea. You can also add honey as a natural sweetener, and consume it when it's warm.

14. Reducing Rheumatic Symptoms
Drinking herbal tea based on mahogany seeds is very effective in reducing rheumatic symptoms. For the recommendation, you can consume it at least 3 times a day so that the symptoms of rheumatism can be resolved. Because mahogany fruit contains anti-inflammatory which can reduce pain due to rheumatic symptoms.

15. Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
Actually there are several factors that can cause a person to develop Alzheimer's disease and not only because of age. To be able to prevent this disease you can consume mahogany regularly to avoid Alzheimer's disease.

Mahogany Fruit Side Effects

Mahogany fruit does have many health benefits if consumed in the right dosage. In addition, this fruit also has side effects for those of you who consume mahogany.

  • If you have just consumed mahogany seeds, there will usually be an allergic reaction, if there is nausea or a rash appears on your skin then stop consuming mahogany seeds and consult a doctor.
  • Mahogany seeds have a high saponin content, if your body consumes too many saponins it will put your kidneys at risk.

Actually you don't need to worry about the side effects that result from consuming mahogany seeds. If you consume it with the right dose and not in excess, of course you will get perfect results. In addition, you can consult your doctor first in order to get the right dose. Regards