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10 Benefits of Drinking Mango Juice Mixed With Bananas And How to make it

Drinking mango juice mixed with bananas is not only refreshing but also has various benefits, besides that when consuming it you will get the intake of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other important substances that are very much needed for a healthy body.

Some fruits that are often used as refreshing juices are mangoes and bananas. Then have you ever combined these two fruits to make a healthy yet refreshing drink? And do you know what are the benefits of consuming mango juice mixed with bananas?

10 Benefits of Drinking Mango Juice Mixed With Bananas And How to make it

Benefits of drinking mango juice mixed with bananas

Mango is a fruit that has a nice aroma and sweet taste. Banana fruit also has a soft texture and is not too sweet. Both of these fruit combinations will give you a thick juice texture so that it will keep you full for quite a while.

For those of you who are curious about what are the benefits of consuming mango juice mixed with bananas, you can read this article, so you can add to your insight when making mango juice.

1. As a Healthy And Practical Breakfast Solution
Bad habits that often occur in the morning are consuming foods that contain too many carbohydrates. Even though when you consume mango juice mixed with bananas, it is sufficient to provide stamina.

Because bananas themselves are a source of energy, so you will get the stamina that is found in bananas. In addition, mangoes contain Vitamin C which can accelerate the body's metabolic system, so that the body will get a lot of stamina but does not have a drowsy effect.

2. Recommended For Pregnant Women
When a woman is pregnant, of course, she must pay attention to the nutritional intake she consumes, because it has a huge impact on the fetus she is carrying. It is highly recommended to always consume mango juice mixed with bananas regularly.

Although it is considered a fruit that has a cheap price, bananas themselves contain folic acid which functions for the development of the brain and nervous system in the fetus. In addition, mangoes themselves contain iron which can produce red blood cells, so that the fetus can develop perfectly.

3. High in Vitamin C
Lack of vitamin C intake can cause several health problems such as easy pain, headaches, and the body feels tired quickly. This is because the absorption of nutrients in the body does not run optimally.

Consuming mango and banana juice regularly can optimize the absorption of nutrients that enter the body, thus making the metabolic system work optimally. Because the main benefit of Vitamin C itself is to facilitate absorption of nutrients.

4. Overcoming difficulty eating children
When you as a parent you often feel restless if you have children who are very difficult to eat. Although currently many appetite-enhancing supplements are circulating, there is nothing wrong if you give mango juice mixed with bananas.

Besides having a texture that is suitable for children, the combination of the two fruits has a sweet taste, so it is very liked by your children. In addition, the nutritional content of the two fruits is very large so it is good for consumption for children who have difficulty eating.

5. Suitable for consumption when dieting
When you are on a diet program and it is very difficult to control your appetite, there is nothing wrong with consuming mango juice mixed with bananas. Apart from being healthy, the nutritional content of the two fruits is very large but very low in calories. So that your stomach will be full longer.

6. Safe for consumption for diabetes sufferers
For diabetics, of course, have to control their food so they don't consume foods or drinks that contain glucose. Therefore, consuming mango juice mixed with bananas can be an alternative, because by consuming this juice your stomach will feel full longer so that it makes you not interested in consuming excessive food.

7. High in Antioxidants
Mangoes and bananas contain Vitamin C, Beta Carotene to several B complex vitamins, some of which are strong indicators that both fruits are high sources of antioxidants. In our bodies we cannot produce enough antioxidants, so you must consume foods or drinks that contain antioxidants.

8. Maintain Eye Health
As I just mentioned earlier, mangoes and bananas contain Beta Carotene which is Pro Vitamin A. The benefits of these vitamins are very much for health, especially for maintaining eye health.

9. Maintain Digestive Health
All types of fruit or vegetables that contain high fiber are very good nutrients for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Like mangoes and bananas are examples of fruits that have a high fiber content. In addition, many types of bananas are often used to clean the stomach when recovering from diarrhea.

10. Maintain Body Resistance
If you have a strong immune system, you will not be susceptible to various diseases, but when you have a disease it will be easy to cure. Mango contains Vitamin C, Pro-Vitamin A, and Antioxidants which can keep the immune system strong.

Recipe for Making Mango Juice Mixed with Bananas

To make mango juice mixed with bananas is very easy, but if you still can't make it, I will give a few tips for making it.

Prepared materials

  • 1 Mango
  • 2 Bananas
  • 50 ml Honey
  • 200 ml of water
  • Can Add Ice

How to make

  1. Cut the mango and banana cubes for easy mashing
  2. Puree the mango and banana first until really smooth
  3. Add water and honey
  4. Blend again until it is completely smooth and has no fiber
  5. You can add ice if you want it to be served cold, but you can also add honey if it's not sweet enough
Consuming mango juice mixed with bananas is indeed very much, although the fiber content in mangoes will decrease but not completely disappear. In addition, giving honey is highly recommended compared to sugar or creamer which can increase the calories in the juice you make. Regards