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15 Benefits of Drinking Mango Juice Mixed With Pineapple to Prevent Cancer

Mango and pineapple are the two types of fruit that you can find in tropical countries. You can get mangoes when it is in season, because this fruit can only bear fruit once a year. However, it is different from pineapple, because this fruit can bear fruit in various seasons, so don't be surprised if it is easier for you to get pineapple than mango.

Although mango is a fruit that can bear fruit once a year, there are several types of mangoes that can bear fruit regardless of the season. Talking about mango and pineapple, it turns out that you can combine these two fruits as a refreshing drink in the form of juice. When the dry season comes, consuming refreshing drinks such as mango juice mixed with pineapple is an alternative to refresh the body.

15 Benefits of Drinking Mango Juice Mixed With Pineapple to Prevent Cancer

Benefits of Drinking Mango Juice Mixed with Pineapple

Even though it is refreshing, it turns out that there are many benefits that you can get when consuming this drink. So for those of you who don't know what are the benefits of consuming mango juice mixed with pineapple here I will explain some of the benefits.

1. Contains High C Vitamin
The content of Vitamin C in mangoes every 100 grams contains 41 mg of Vitamin C. However, in contrast to pineapples which contain higher Vitamin C than mangoes, 100 grams of pineapple contains 50 mg of Vitamin C. This amount is sufficient for the daily requirement of Vitamin C for adults.

2. Contains Natural Antioxidants
It is undeniable that antioxidants are very important ingredients for the health of the body. Exposure to cigarette smoke, bad air pollution to bad UV rays makes the body very susceptible to free radicals. However, you need to know that the body does not produce enough antioxidants, so you need to consume foods or drinks that contain antioxidants. Like drinking mango juice mixed with pineapple is an example of a drink that contains high antioxidants.

3. Maintain Heart Health
Mango contains iron, while pineapple contains vitamin C which is useful for optimizing heart performance by increasing the production of red blood cells and vitamin C for absorption of iron needed by the body.

4. Increase Endurance
Maintaining the immune system to stay strong is our obligation, because then you will not be susceptible to disease, especially if the weather changes frequently. Consuming mango juice mixed with pineapple turns out to be able to increase endurance, because both fruits contain high Vitamin C.

5. Maintain Eye Health
Mango and pineapple both contain beta carotene which is Pro Vitamin A. As you know, this vitamin is very good for maintaining eye health. Because Pro Vitamin A itself is also able to regenerate eye cells.

6. Maintain a Healthy Digestive System
It is no longer a secret, because mango and pineapple are fruits that contain high enough fiber so that it is very good for maintaining a healthy digestive system and also preventing various digestive problems such as constipation problems.

7. Accelerate the Healing Process
When you have just recovered from a disease that you just experienced, of course your appetite is still disturbed, even though your body really needs nutrition so that you recover quickly. Mango and pineapple contain Vitamin C and Antioxidants which are believed to be able to accelerate the healing process. Because if you recover soon, of course you can carry out normal activities.

8. Good to eat When Dieting
When you are doing a diet program, of course you have to choose the foods that you will consume, don't let these foods actually increase your weight. Drinking mango juice mixed with pineapple can certainly be a solution, because apart from having the nutrients your body needs, it turns out that drinking this juice will not make you fat.

9. Able to Lower Cholesterol
Cholesterol can cause various diseases that can threaten your health. Even though cholesterol is divided into two like good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, of course you have to balance it so that it doesn't invite disease. Consuming mango juice mixed with pineapple on a regular basis can also reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

10. Contains High Iron
As you know that iron will play an active role for health in producing red blood cells. Because if you experience a lack of red blood cells, it will certainly cause anemia. In the mango content, it turns out that there is quite a lot of iron.

11. Prevent Cancer
Cancer is a disease that is very deadly, and there are even some types of cancer that are very difficult to cure so that they can cause death. The content of mango and pineapple turns out to have high antioxidants, which are very useful for preventing cancer.

Due to the high content of antioxidants in mangoes and pineapples, it is able to regenerate damaged cells due to the effects of free radicals that can grow cancer cells in the body. So it is highly recommended for you to consume mango juice mixed with pineapple to avoid this disease.

12. Maintain Healthy Skin
Who says to do skin care you have to provide beauty products? Or even taking drugs which of course contain chemicals and side effects that have a negative impact. Whereas by consuming mango juice mixed with pineapple on a regular basis, it can also treat skin naturally. This is evidenced by the presence of Vitamin C in mangoes and pineapples.

13. Maintain Bone Health
The advantage of consuming mango and pineapple juice is the mineral content found in pineapples which is useful for maintaining health plagues and also for solidifying bones. In addition, this method is also quite effective in dealing with several diseases related to bones.

14. Overcoming Arthritis Disease
According to several health experts, mango and pineapple contain anti-inflammatory properties which are useful for keeping the body from arthritis and inflammation.

15. Maintain Blood Sugar Levels
If someone has been diagnosed with diabetes, it would be very difficult for them to choose the foods they should consume. However, this warning does not work on pineapples and mangoes. Because if you consume mango juice mixed with pineapple regularly it turns out to be able to control sugar levels to keep them stable.

Although consuming mango juice mixed with pineapple has many benefits, it should be noted that consuming it in excess can actually cause irritation of the throat. To know the symptoms are an itchy tongue and swollen lips. Even though it is not a dangerous disease, you need to see a doctor so that it is treated immediately. Regards