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12 Benefits And Side Effects Of Mangosteen Peel For Beauty

Mangosteen fruit is one type of fruit that has a lot of interest, because this fruit has a sour taste and a sweet and refreshing taste. When the harvest season arrives, not a few people are looking for it, because many people already know some of the benefits of this one fruit. In addition to the fruit which has many benefits, it turns out that recently the world was shocked by the news that said that mangosteen peel can also be used as a natural skin care, and even now there are many supplements that come from mangosteen peel extract.

12 Benefits And Side Effects Of Mangosteen Peel For Beauty

Benefits of Mangosteen Peel For Face

According to several studies and also news that spread, mangosteen peel is believed to be able to treat skin naturally. So for those of you who want to get facial skin care, of course giving mangosteen peel can be a solution.

1. Maintain Healthy Skin
According to various opinions, every woman I have met says that the key to a woman's beauty is the health of the skin on the face. So that there are many women who are willing to pay expensive fees just to treat their faces. Even though by consuming mangosteen peel extract you have done your facial skin care naturally.

2. Contains High Vitamin C
Not only does the mangosteen fruit contain high Vitamin C, but the skin also contains this content. Vitamin C in mangosteen peel plays an active role in skin care, namely by optimizing collagen production in the body and making your facial skin brighter.

3. Contains Antioxidants
For a woman who often works outside the room, of course she is very vulnerable to free radicals, bad UV rays and also dirty air pollution. When that happens a woman becomes very susceptible to premature aging. To deal with premature aging, you can consume antioxidants, because they can prevent and overcome premature aging. So that if it can be resolved naturally, your face will look easier and younger.

4. Makes Skin Firmer
One of the benefits of Vitamin C is to optimize collagen production in the body, besides that collagen itself also functions to tighten the skin to make it look more elastic. So if your face has wrinkles, fine lines, etc., you can try to do a treatment using mangosteen peel.

5. Can Be Used As A Mask
Currently, there are many beauty products in the form of disposable masks that are very easy to use and practical, but as you know that some of these beauty products contain chemicals and have their own side effects for unsuitable skin. If you are hesitant to use a mask that is sold freely, you can use a mask made from mangosteen peel, because it will not cause side effects and of course it is very natural.

6. Able to Regenerate Skin Cells
When there are so many dead skin cells, it will certainly make your facial skin look dull. To overcome this situation you need to consume nutrients that can optimize the regeneration of your skin cells. No need to be confused, because using a mangosteen skin mask can certainly optimize the regeneration of your skin cells.

7. Overcoming Allergies On The Skin
Some skins of women and men sometimes have their own allergies to seafood, eggs, milk or even the weather. When the allergy recurs, it will certainly cause the skin to become red and itchy in the area. To fix this, you can use mangosteen peel as a solution.

8. Overcoming Acne On Facial Skin
Acne is a disease that is often experienced by women, acne itself is a buildup of dirt and oil found in the pores of the skin. If you have done various ways to get rid of acne but nothing works, you can try using a mangosteen skin mask to treat acne.

9. Contains Anti-Bacterial And Anti-Fungal
Bacteria and fungi often cause various problems on the skin, fortunately the mangosteen peel contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal compounds so that when you experience your skin is exposed to bacteria and fungi, you can use a mangosteen skin mask as a natural treatment.

10. Able to Remove Black Stains
Black stains can occur due to premature aging or several other factors. Mangosteen peel contains antioxidants and vitamin C which is a natural solution to get rid of black spots on facial skin.

11. Able to Smooth Facial Skin
If you have rough facial skin problems, of course, it will create its own problems so that it makes you not confident, because bright skin is not enough to look beautiful. Using a face mask is a natural solution to various facial skin problems, especially rough skin, because there are so many vitamins in the mangosteen peel.

12. Accelerate Wound Healing
Wounds caused by sharp objects or even pimples, of course, if left unchecked, the healing process will take a long time. That's why you need to do special care so that the wound healing process is faster. You can use mangosteen peel as an alternative treatment.

Side Effects of Using Mangosteen Peel

Although mangosteen peel has many benefits for the beauty of your facial skin, it should be noted that there are some side effects when you use mangosteen peel. And if some of the side effects that I will explain can happen to you, then it is highly recommended to stop using mangosteen peel as a skin care.

  • Mangosteen peel does contain anti-allergies which are very effective in curing skin allergies. However, if it is your first time using mangosteen peel, it is highly recommended to apply it to other skins, if allergies arise then stop.
  • Currently, there are many beauty products made from mangosteen peel, but you need to be careful in choosing them. For fear of containing chemicals that are very dangerous for the health of your facial skin.
  • Before you use mangosteen peel, it is very necessary to wash it clean, and the skin used is skin that has just been peeled or skin that is fresh.

Those are some of the benefits of mangosteen peel and some of the side effects. Even though by doing facial skin care in the traditional way, of course the benefits provided will not be inferior to treatments at beauty clinics. Regards