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7 Benefits of Pineapple Core Good For You

Pineapple is a type of fruit that can be grown in tropical countries. The distinctive aroma and smell of this fruit can captivate anyone who sees it. In addition, this fruit also has various types depending on the soil it is grown on.

Pineapple is also a fruit that can be eaten straight or it can also be made into a very refreshing juice. So don't be surprised if many people like pineapples, whether it's made for snacks or desserts.

Most people who eat this fruit will be the core of the pineapple. Because it has a hard texture compared to the texture of the fruit. Even though the pineapple core has many benefits that you need to know.

7 Benefits of Pineapple Core Good For You

Core Benefits of Pineapple for Health

Actually, the pineapple meat part already has a lot of benefits, but it would be better if you know the benefits of pineapple core that are often ignored by most people, and here are some of the benefits of pineapple core that you need to know.

1. Is Anti Cancer
Pineapple is indeed one type of fruit that has been known as a traditional treatment for cancer. Compared to the pulp, it turns out that the bromelain content which acts as an anti-cancer is much more in the core of the pineapple.

Indeed, most people will discard the pineapple core because it has a tough texture compared to the pulp. Maintaining a healthy body to avoid cancer is an obligation for all of us. Therefore, try to consume pineapple core to get more benefits.

2. Making Medication Media More Maximally
Because it contains a lot of bromelains, it has a positive impact, namely suppressing the growth of cancer cells in the body. Because cancer cell growth cannot be seen if it is still in a small stage, and can be seen when it has entered a chronic stage.

In addition to having anti-cancer compounds, it turns out that the content of bromelain is also able to soften cell walls so that the use of drugs can be maximally entered into the cell nucleus, especially for cancer sufferers.

So that with maximum treatment accompanied by consuming pineapple core, it can accelerate the healing process for cancer patients and also prevent cancer.

3. Treating Narrowing of Blood Vessels
The narrowing of blood vessels is a health problem that can lead to various types of diseases. Because by narrowing the blood vessels, the heart will work harder, so this situation is very dangerous for health.

The combination of bromelain and Vitamin C which is high in the core of a pineapple can overcome the narrowing of blood vessels so that blood circulation can run smoothly. Of course, this has a very positive impact on health who are experiencing these problems.

4. Kills Cancer Cells
For people with cancer, of course, they want to get back healthy. By consuming pineapple core can help to kill cancer cells slowly but surely. That way the sufferer of this disease will gradually be healthy again. In addition, pineapple core is also believed to be able to kill cancer cells compared to chemotherapy.

5. Meet Nutritional Needs
Not only the flesh of the fruit that can provide nutrients for the body but at the core of the pineapple is also able to meet the nutritional needs of your body. Because according to research, health experts say that the core of pineapple also contains quite a lot of nutrients.

6. Lowering Cholesterol Levels
High cholesterol levels in a person's body can certainly trigger several types of diseases that are very dangerous and can also cause death. By consuming pineapple core, it is believed that it can reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

This condition has a very positive effect on health because then people with cholesterol will not panic when experiencing high cholesterol. Even though the effect is not that significant, you can try it for long-term treatment without any side effects.

7. Optimizing Nutrient Absorption
Absorption of nutrients that are not optimal will certainly make the body lack the necessary nutrient intake. Because nutrition is a component that needs to be absorbed by the body to provide positive benefits.

Because it is a lie if you consume nutritious food but the body cannot absorb it optimally. To overcome this situation, you can consume a pineapple core so that the body can absorb nutrients properly.

Those are some of the core benefits of pineapple that you need to know, all this article can have a positive impact on those of you who often throw away pineapple cores because they have a hard texture and a slightly bland taste compared to the pulp. Regards